search 19 Jul 2018


E.Leclerc confirms its trust in Epta France for the digital modernisation of the services offered by installing 77 #EPTABricks refrigerated lockers in Anglet, Nouvelle Aquitaine.

This is the outcome of a long and successful partnership between the Brand and Epta France which stems from the desire of the owner of the E.Leclerc store in Anglet to contribute directly to the ambitious project of modernising the town centre. This product combines an eco-friendly and technological soul paying maximum attention to the needs of a modern customer who is in search of a more flexible and practical shopping experience.

The #EPTAfreshbricks, #EPTAmbienteBricks and #EPTAfrozenBricks versions proposed allow 24/7 access so customers can be totally flexible when they pick up their shopping (even when the store is closed) of fresh, frozen and dry articles ordered online during the day through the E.Leclerc eCommerce platform. #EPTABricks are a perfect alternative to the Drive-in service which allows customers to pick up their shopping by car. They have been installed in a strategic position, inside an indoor space adjacent to the E.Leclerc store and opposite the bus stop of one of the tram lines that crosses the city. The objective achieved is to secure the loyalty of a large catchment area, which ranges from local residents to commuters and tourists. The lockers are stocked 2-3 times a day with shopping worth an average of €90 by E.Leclerc staff.

This revolutionary solution allows the Brands to move closer to their Customers, while at the same time reduce the carbon footprint. This is done by eliminating home-deliveries on one side and by using propane as eco-friendly refrigerant and minimum GWP on the other. 

Finally, a further advantage is Epta’s ability to manage the entire project. In addition to supplying the lockers, it has cooperated in modernising the premises where the #EPTABricks have been installed, managed the personalization with the Brand’s colours and, above all, connectivity. Epta remotely monitors each single locker from its Digital Innovation Centre and has developed the interface with the API of the E.Leclerc eCommerce platform.