search 14 Jul 2023


It is time for new energy efficiency limits for commercial refrigeration equipment used to display and directly sell fresh and frozen articles. From 1 September 2023 refrigerating appliances in class G and deep freezers for ice cream in class E, F and G, will be phased out in Europe.


A guide to energy performance

The Energy Labelling Regulation, introduced in March 2021, introduces the energy classification of products based on a scale of 7 efficiency levels, from A to G, which must be indicated on the energy labels, that supports Retailers in making a responsible and informed choice during the purchase phase.


It is important to underline how the energy class does not depend exclusively on consumption, but also on the characteristics of the cabinet and on the preservation temperature, in order the make the different models equivalent. What are the advantages of Energy Labelling?

  • Economically, an energy efficient product guarantees less consumption and operating costs.
  • Environmentally, greater energy saving is reflected in a reduction in polluting emissions.
  • With a view to sustainable innovation, it promotes the development of solutions that are increasingly advanced.


“The information on the efficiency of the equipment is made available to Retailers thanks to the QR shown on the energy label, from where it is possible to access the EPREL database (European Product Registry). A simple and immediate way to have the key information on the energy performance of the products”. Comments Francesco Mastrapasqua, the Institutional Affairs Manager of Epta, who continues “The class G phase out for all refrigerating appliances with a sales function and classes E, F and G, for ice cream freezers is just one of the steps along the route directed at continuous improvement of the environmental performance of our products. A journey in which Epta is at the forefront with a complete range of products positioned in the best energy classes.”