Cooperative Compliance: Epta is promoted by the Italian Tax Authority

search 12 Feb 2023

Header Adempimento collaborativo

Epta is proud to announce that it has been admitted to the Cooperative Compliance regime (under Leg. Dec. 128/2015). 

This marks the beginning of a relationship of trust and collaboration, based on constant and transparent communication between the Italian Tax Authority and the Group, for a higher level of certainty on relevant tax issues.

Tax Control Framework: Epta chooses transparency and security

Admission to the regime, as and from 2021, comes at the end of the positive outcome of the assessment on the adequacy of the Group’s Tax Control Framework, namely the system for detecting, measuring, managing and controlling the tax risk.

A goal aimed at responding to the needs of security and stability in applying the tax law, but also to mitigate and reduce litigation, through continuous dialogue between Authority and Company.

Corporate social responsibility to protect customers and suppliers

A responsible approach, always pursued by Epta, which positions the tax strategy among the key elements of its business model. It is also an essential factor in assessing the ESG factors of Governance, related to the tax variable.


“Adherence to this regime is further demonstration of a business culture founded on correctness, transparency and respect for the laws. This is a component within a broader financial strategy, always based on preventive risk management”, states Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta. “It is a route undertaken by Epta which aims for the highest quality and security of our organisational models, and which demonstrates the virtuous commitment of the Group to Employees, Customers and Suppliers”.