At Kanguro store in Belluno, EPTA installs ECO2-Small – a new refrigeration system - totally natural

search 05 Dec 2012


<p>26th October 2012: Opening of the innovative, totally green Kanguro supermarket in Belluno! This project, first of its kind in Italy, was developed by <strong>Costan</strong>, an Epta Group brand, and it’s a transcritical all-CO2 refrigeration system, covering both positive temperature units and the frozen food section, designed for a proximity store.</p>
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<p>A project inspired by environmental sustainability, prime interest of this client, who has chosen for the approximately 1500 m2 store a total  natural refrigeration technology, now possible also for countries like Italy with its Mediterranean and therefore relatively hot climate.Heart of the system is <strong>ECO2-small</strong>, Epta’s Full Booster CO2, running on MT and LT carbon dioxide, with optimised control of transcritical functioning (summer). Exclusively available in a plug-in all-in-one version, which means complete with power panel for monitoring and control of CO2 refrigeration circuit.</p>
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