ATMOsphere Europe 2012

search 31 Oct 2012


<p><strong>5 - 7 November - Brussels, Crowne Plaza Le Palace Hotel</strong></p>
<p>NATURAL REFRIGERANTS - SOLUTIONS FOR EUROPE: Already in its fourth year, this interactive workshop and conference on Natural Refrigerants (CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons, water, air) will be organised in Brussels from Tuesday to Wednesday, 6-7 November, with a pre-event on 5 November. This year the emphasis will be on case studies, experiences, and discussions - meaning solutions - to how natural refrigerants can be viable alternatives to f-gases across Europe.</p>
<p>A main topic of this year's ATMOsphere Europe will therefore be the new F-Gas Regulation that the European Commission intends to present shortly before the event. This proposal will have a significant influence on the future of natural refrigerants in Europe and the 200+ key policy and industry experts attending will have the opportunity to discuss it and give their input directly to the European Commission and Parliament representatives.</p>
<p>Epta will be present at the event, from from 5th of Novembre to the 7th.</p>
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