Plug-in digitization: IARP case history on the advantages of the online world in physical spaces

search 15 Feb 2022

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In the era of digitization, it is increasingly important for bars to offer the advantages afforded by the online world.

IARP—an Epta Group brand which has been operating for years in the field of commercial refrigeration—has taken on the challenge of offering its clients refrigerated display cases that can capitalize on the advantages offered by IoT.

The edge given by digital display cases means being able to establish a continuous and customized relationship with the consumer who is always in search of new stimuli.


IARP’s answer to digitization

Howthen, can we tackle the issue of setting up a physical space, such as a bar or service station, that aims to stand out and meet the needs of increasingly digital consumers

Starting from these needs, the IARP brand designed display cabinets that can entertain consumers with digital accessories, such as apps and interactive screens.

Introducing the Effe SmartScreen, a refrigerated display cabinet with interactive screen that can offer functions that were unthinkable until recently, such as:

  • Displaying promotional ads on the screen;
  • Intercepting the consumer who downloaded the dedicated app, displaying customized content on the screen;
  • Stopping promotional messages as soon as the consumer reaches the display case.


The features of the Effe SmartScreen plug-in

In terms of features, the Effe Smart Screen by IARP offers a truly unique purchase experience, one that can impress the consumer due to its high interactivity.

The plug-in comes with a clear, full HD screen integrated into the glass door and an audio system. Both are activated by proximity sensors, to convey promotional content and effective campaigns without in any way compromising the visibility of the products displayed.

And that’s not all: Effe SmartScreen can create a dialogue with the customer through an exclusive mobile app that aims to maximize Digital Customer Engagement and Dynamic Digital Signage.

This is a multichannel platform that can be customized by the client company and integrated through the app of the respective brand.

The system interacts with the display cabinet and enables, through special sensors placed on the front, offering  consumer dedicated discounts and offers, selected according to their usual preferences.


IARP technology at the service of their clients

As the Effe SmartScreen features demonstrate, IARP can offer client companies the best solution for small sales areas, thanks to an exclusive and compact design, making use of see-through display technology for next-level merchandising.

Additional assets offered:

  • Optimization of the ratio of display volume / area occupied on the ground;
  • Improved merchandising and improved promotion of the product displayed thanks to see-through display technology for promotional videos.