Increasing sales thanks to plug-ins in the store’s strategic points: IARP case history

search 28 Feb 2022

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The case history presented analyses an aspect that is particularly felt in the Food&Beverage market: the strategic positioning of displays in physical stores.

Specifically, a famous company that manufactures ice cream industrially, had the goal of consistently increasing pre-packaged ice cream sales in coffee bars.

After an internal assessment, the company estimated that refrigerated ice cream displays were located in areas of the point of sales that were not fully suitable or were hidden.

To find a solution, the company contacted the consultants of the IARP brand, a specialist in the production of plug-in (self-contained) display cases.


The starting solution

From the analysis made, the coffee bar counter seems to be the area with the highest drawing power within the store-layouts examined. A location where small snacks, such as chocolate bars and candies, are displayed.

What would happen if, instead of traditional snacks, the consumer saw a refrigerated display case with pre-packaged ice cream in it? Would sales increase resulting in higher commercial results?

These were the initial gambles.


IARP’s tailor-made solution

With these premises in mind, the IARP brand suggested developing an innovative refrigerated display case to its partner: tailor-made, in considerably smaller dimensions, so much so that it could be placed on the counter of a coffee bar, against the cash registers.

IARP launched this process starting from a completely new concept. The idea led to creating a below-zero plug-in, smaller in size, in an attractive shape, while offering top visibility to the brand and its products.

Thus Excite was born, a plug-in that falls in the innovative range Cool Emotions by IARP, to offer the best possible exposure to ice cream snacks in coffee bars.

The solution was enthusiastically welcomed and adopted by the client company, who increased their ice cream sales, brilliantly reaching their set goals.