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search 31 Mar 2022

customized refrigerated display cabinets | epta and iarp

EPTA, a multi-national group that specializes in commercial refrigeration, boasts a solid global competitive position, one that is well-balanced both geographically and in various business areas, thanks to its brands Costan, Bonnet Névé, George Barker, Eurocryor, Misa, IARP and Knudsen Køling.

The Group’s core business is the production and sale of complete systems for commercial refrigeration, made possible thanks to the integration of specific product lines offered by its brands. From traditional cases with positive and negative temperature, to self-contained display cases (plug-ins).

Epta has a  broad and diversified offer, perfect for retailers who wish to rely on a single contact to create structured, turnkey projects on a global scale.


EPTA’s strengths, from innovation to custom solutions

Over the past few years, one of the most far-reaching social and technological transformations the retail industry has ever experienced has been underway. This market’s future is destined to evolve towards new retail formats where the customers’ shopping experience becomes a priority.

There are three pillars in this new order: innovation, sustainability and tailor-made solutions. First, technological innovation is a defining feature in products from the EPTA Group, with major milestones reached in safeguarding energy resources and reducing environmental impact, thanks to the adoption of natural refrigerants and new technologies, in line with the F-Gas Regulation.

The group also excels in customizing the offer, combining merchandising with the latest-generation refrigerating systems. The IARP brand solutions, for instance, are particularly flexible as they can meet any of the customers’ specific needs, along with the market’s most cutting-edge trends.


IARP, the leading brand in the Beverage sector

IARP is an EPTA brand with a clear aim towards innovation in commercial refrigeration for the Food&Beverage sector.

Since 1983, in fact, IARP has been a brand capable of establishing itself in this sector thanks to its high degree of specialization in the production of self-contained display cases (plug-ins).

This brand became part of the EPTA universe in March 2013, completing the Group’s offer with a range of products that stands out for its high standard of flexibility, innovative ability and reliability.

IARP constitutes an outstanding partner for many brands, with which they actively cooperate, developing new display solutions together that perfectly meet their needs. These solutions, which are made to measure, are then customized with graphics that fully reflect the corporate branding of the company or that of the specific products displayed.

This leads to a bold appeal that these self-contained display cases have on consumers, so as to prompt impulse purchases.


IARP: customization coupled with innovation and reliability for the Beverage sector

IARP’s solutions are particularly flexible, as in they can meet any of the customers’ specific needs, along with the market’s most cutting-edge trends.

IARP’s competitiveness shines through in the development of innovative technologies, aimed at consistently improving their products’ performance, whose quality is renowned in this market segment.

A mindset that also aims to develop sustainable solutions and optimize energy consumption as much as possible, while fully protecting environmental resources.


The IARP innovative solutions for sodas and wines

Recently, IARP offered the new Cool Emotions range, an exclusive line of plug-in solutions designed to meet the requirements of the Food&Beverage and the Food Service industry sectors, which are witnessing the emergence of a sweeping diversification of refrigerationsupply.

This range is the fruit of Plug-in Power, a claim that sums up the IARP brand’s philosophy and strengths: innovative ability, top-notch reliability and first-class flexibility, ensuring the display of items with enhanced appeal.

Featuring clean lines and a high-tech look, the IARP Cool Emotions range consists of several models for displaying sodas and ice cream. In particular, Joy was designed to display sodas; the vertical Glee was instead designed to display both sodas and ice cream; the special concept Winery, meanwhile, is for displaying wines. This range also includes Delight, a case designed to display and sell ice cream by the scoop, and Excite, made to be placed atop a coffee bar counter and display packaged ice cream.

These innovative IARP brand display cases share the same aesthetics, with squared off shapes and special high-tech, blue LED lighting on the outer profiles and the lower grille.

Details crafted for better consistency of displays at any business and that can emulate a futuristic and bold yet elegant tone with huge appeal, enhancing customers’ shopping experience.

Lastly, these plug-ins use Propane R290 exclusively, which is more efficient and environmentally-friendly than traditional refrigerants, for the utmost respect for the environment and first-rate energy savings.