Custom refrigeration: IARP and digital printing on sheet metal

search 10 Feb 2022

stampa digitale su lamiera

Personalising the shopping experience has become a crucial element for companies that wish to stay relevant in today's fast-paced market.

As technology progresses, this phenomenon is moving towards the hyper-personalisation of items available for purchase, where the purchasing data, information, opinions and behaviours as well as social connections are analysed in ever-more depth to then be applied to custom refrigeration.

The most cutting-edge players within the food & beverage and HoReCa industries are adopting solutions designed to offer clients a customised, dynamic experience.

From traditional shops to concept stores, distribution is changing. Store owners are increasingly feeling the need to transform the physical look of their sales points as well as the services they offer, to ensure customers a top-level experience while optimising costs at the same time.


IARP's tailor-made solutions

Within the Epta group, IARP operates in the commercial refrigeration sector, a leader in the production of incorporated group cases (plug-ins).

IARP aims to guarantee consumers service that’s oriented towards maximum integration and practicality. Maximising the shopping experience is a must, done through a specific focus on innovative concepts that are sure to impress consumers.

IARP recently proposed the Cool Emotions range, reinforcing the company's ability to combine cutting-edge technology with expertise in tailor-made, custom refrigeration design, offering customers a new, engaging experience.


IARP's fully customised digital printing on sheet metal

The solutions offered by Epta under the IARP brand, such as those designed and realised for a prestigious energy drink brand, truly make an impression thanks to captivating design and colours that perfectly match the way each brand communicates with its consumers.

 Composed of the Glee, Delight and Joy 30 plug-ins, the Cool Emotions range is just one concrete example of the infinite ways to customise refrigerator displays thanks to IARP's new ability to print directly on metal sheets. A user-friendly line characterised by elegant, hi-tech design, it plays an essential role in encouraging impulse buying.

More specifically, the line has been designed for personalisation, to satisfy the needs for display versatility and flexibility, no matter the location. In doing so, these plug-ins bolster the image and income of food & beverage and HoReCa businesses.