Custom displays to increase impulse shopping

search 01 Nov 2021


The evolution of visual merchandising techniques has made it possible to significantly improve impulse sales in store. In view of optimising the consumer’s shopping experience, it is essential to take care of details, study the positioning of the displays and their customization.

In-store visual merchandising: an increasingly emotive experience

According to the most advanced visual merchandising techniques, the store has become much more than simply a place to shop at.

The store—from specialist boutique to superstore—represents an emotive point of contact, in the principle of inspiring the impulse sales process.

The impulse is provoked by those emotions that both the products and the brand must inspire in the buyer through a mix of visual and sensory elements.

Strategic display positioning

Speaking of visual strategy, it’s therefore essential to properly position the display within the store.

At this point, we should ask ourselves:

which are the focal points, i.e. those points where the consumer is most willing to purchase?

Let’s look at a couple of examples.

  • Within a supermarket, a semi-vertical display or counter display unit, of suitable size, if positioned next to the cashier, has the ability to greatly affect the propensity towards impulse purchases.
  • The situation is different, for instance, at a bar, even though dealing with the same beverage market segment.. Here, the most functional strategic positioning is a point where customers walk by. In this case, it’s especially important that the plug-in design be able to coordinate with the layout of the premises, so that it complements the setting and doesn’t look out of place.

Winning shapes and sizes

In order to maximise sales, the display should therefore be in the optimal size to enable displaying the items effectively, as well as promoting the brand.

It’s important to be able to occupy the store’s strategic points, which is why it’s necessary to have displays available in several sizes and shapes, that can suit any space requirement and the store’s functional requirements.

Currently, the market rewards those companies that can provide solutions that can optimise limited floor space, allowing high product load capacity, along with ensuring they have broad visibility.

Brand communication and display customization

Let's not forget the additional aspect that, along with versatility, helps make the purchase process an emotional one. We’re talking about plug-in customization, equipment tailor-made to the client’s brand communication, i.e. capable of conveying messages, values and emotions tied to the products’ brand.

The choice of displays/tools, as for instance refrigerated display cabinets, must be branded and customizable, as much in terms of aesthetics as in the structural design features, even for small retailers in order to offer maximum ease of movement, providing display flexibility.

Customization and optimal display capacity, together, represent the future of visual merchandising.