From visual merchandising to brand communication

search 05 Nov 2021

visual merchandising and brand communication in refrigeration

Visual merchandising as a support for sales

Before any in-depth analysis on the correct techniques for displaying products, we should remember a core principle: visual merchandising is first and foremost a sales support tool. It starts from the principles of visual communication, applying them to the arrangement of products within the point of sale.

The core variables on which visual merchandising operates are:

  • Choice of the product and ideal quantity
  • Product positioning: where it should be placed
  • Product exposure times: in what period and for how long

There is the general rule of “I see, therefore I buy; I don't see, therefore I won’t buy”.


Sensory and emotive aspects related to visual merchandising: the shopping experience

The engagement of the potential buyer is achieved via the most thorough stimulation of the sensory channels that act directly on the subconscious.

Visual merchandising, specifically, is a combination of aesthetics, psychology and marketing. These elements, combined, make it possible to enhance the products inside the point of sale, emotionally engaging the consumer.

Today, more than in the past, it is necessary to change the sales concept at its root, shifting from the POS (Point Of Sale) where the customer simply buys the products, to the POP (Point of Purchase) where the focus is on those impulses that push the consumer to make the purchase.

In all this, the brand becomes increasingly important.


The key role of brand communication in in-store sales

Customers must be able to perceive the brand through the visual components that surround the product.

Visual merchandising has a central role in being able to convey the philosophy and values of the brand. Taking care of the details, starting from the displays through which the products are presented, automatically generates a process of brand awareness, as well as encouraging the consumer’s loyalty to the brand.

Visual merchandising, together with the principles of brand communication, produces the overall effect of drawing in customers, increasing the opportunities for purchase.