Low customer engagement in the store? Here’s how to improve their shopping experience

search 15 Jan 2022

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Low customer engagement in the store? Here’s how to improve their shopping experience

A generic store experience cannot create positive memories for the brand.

The difficulties in being remembered are often due to failure to use suitable tools for the utmost exploitation of the areas and hot points identified within the retail spaces.

In these circumstances, the main challenge for every Marketing Manager lies in structuring a communication strategy focused on highlighting Brand Image (company side) and Brand Experience (consumer side).

In addition to the fundamental knowledge of one’s own target audience, a good strategy should also thoroughly understand the language used by one’s audience to express themselves and, above all, the main locations frequented by them.

The first step in creating a true brand experience is handling the relationship with customers, which is key to gaining their trust.

The clarity of displays and display cases, capable of highlighting the benefits, the strong points of the products and the information customers need, is a starting point towards transparency for customers.

To encourage the independent discovery of information by customers, it’s advisable to introduce totems that enable learning more about the products with technical sheets and related multimedia content.

But that’s just the start; in order for consumers to remember a brand, it’s necessary for Points of Sale to transform into true Points of Experience.

A visual presentation, with a high emotional impact, creates greater attention by the customers, and in turn will increase the sales volume and bolster the corporate image.

This, in short, is the goal of Visual Merchandising techniques.

But how?

One initial suggestion we can make is to create branded corner displays, using custom refrigerated displays and display cases, where people can perhaps relax as well, and take a break from the hustle of daily life.

With this approach, we can therefore create positive associations with the brand.

How can we best exploit these areas?

The use of custom distributors, with shapes, graphics and brand logo, are an essential tool to highlight the brand, distribute one’s products, and foster an increase in one’s brand awareness, allowing us to exploit a break or a moment of peace for people (who are therefore more receptive to stimuli).

Latest generation displays share a message via backlit screens, with moving content featuring slogans or advertisements on the product's brand.

An additional piece of advice is given by Emily Scott, an expert in Visual Merchandising, who states:

“Let your best sellers do the heavy lifting for you; we put our most popular products front and centre so that people see them immediately”.

This approach has a dual effect:

  • Increase the flow of people to the products
  • Bring lesser known products to the audience’ attention, if arranged so they are easier to see

All this can be supported by the use of interaction techniques with the audience, such as prize competitions, an opportunity for the audience to create custom versions of the product, etc.

The possibilities offered by Visual Merchandising, to improve the shopping experience and draw the attention of visitors more, are endless.

To discover which intervention is the best suited to your brand and measure the effectiveness of the display activities already implemented, download the guide on the benefits of Visual Merchandising.