How to increase Brand Awareness with effective Visual Merchandising

search 10 Dec 2021


Increasing Brand awareness is the goal of every company interested in strengthening their position on the market and in customer’s minds. To reach it, brick & mortar stores are a valuable element.

Every display area in-store and outside of the store plays the role of brand ambassador, able to communicate the brand's personality and create an immersive experience for the customer.

The breakthrough power of the physical experience lies in the very high number of receptors involved. Each of these is essential for generating extremely vivid mental and sensorial associations.

A colour, an element, a branded display, all contribute to increasing the recognisability of the brand presented.

Note: The weight of the sensorial factor increases significantly in the case of Food&Beverage products, as sight, smell and touch are of paramount importance.

Even today, the so-called “Moment of truth” comes right at the store, when the sensory experiences, enhanced by effective Visual Merchandising, enable changing opinion in favour of the brand displayed.

Effective visual merchandising: the perfect support for raising Brand awareness

Visual merchandising must involve all the elements that can influence the human imagination, as much inside the store as at a strategic external location; this way, the shopping experience will be complete and the brand will be enriched with further bolstering in the customers’ minds.

What tools can be used? Lights, colours, smells, images, how the areas are arranged and prepared, information, interactive installations, and much more.

However, to make your visual merchandising effective, it’s necessary to go beyond mere tools and ask the right questions:

  1. Do the text and images tell a story that’s easy to understand?

The content must be able to grab attention and stop the customer in a few seconds. Simple, compelling and relevant are the three commandments to achieve understanding and be effective.

  1. Are the design and layout of the display tools customized?

In such an extremely competitive context as the current one, every corner, every sign and every display must be customized, in line with current campaigns and with the brand’s visual communication. The elements in a store are limited, as is the customer’s attention: maximising the chances of drawing in via customization is today a necessity.

  1. Can consumers interact with the installations and display materials?

Screens built into the display cases, sounds, physical elements to touch and move, touch-screens, apps that interact thanks to the QR code, and smartphone proximity sensors. There are many

options, necessary to create an experience that can awe and stay etched in the customers’ minds.

If you can create a truly engaging experience, the results will be excellent.

To assess the results of the activity, it’s essential to pick the right KPIs: discover them in the in-depth analysis on the benefits of well-made visual merchandising.