A new approach to natural refrigeration: Epta presents FTE to Retail & Food Energy


Epta is a Gold Sponsor at Retail & Food Energy 2017, scheduled to take place on 18 May at the Ata Hotel Expo Fair in Milan. The convention, now in its 5th year, will provide an important opportunity for participants to get up to speed, as well as giving experts and technical managers the chance to exchange research and case studies they will then be sharing with participants. The general aim is to guarantee a sustainable future for the major retail distribution network. 

The programme involves plenary sessions and panel sessions on a given theme, one of which includes Climatization & Refrigeration in Retail and the Food Industry. Epta will be taking part in this round table with a speech by Francesco Mastrapasqua, Refrigeration Systems Marketing Manager, and Alvise Case, Energy Manager at Costan. Together they will illustrate the strengths and main advantages of the transcritical CO2 FTE system, a sneak preview of which will be given at Euroshop 2017.

The innovative FTE (Full Transcritical Efficiency) system (patent pending in Italy and Australia) drives a new approach to natural refrigeration. It combines simplicity with reduced costs and better performance standards in any climate condition when compared with traditional booster units. 

Francesco Mastrapasqua, Refrigeration Systems Marketing Manager at Epta, states: “Industry’s role is to make technological innovations available on a large scale”. He adds: “Our development runs along the lines of Simplifying, Globalising and Industrialising. Over the course of the years we have notched up a vast amount of knowledge and direct experience of all the existing solutions. FTE overcomes all the limitations of traditional transcritical CO2 systems. It is not a technical solution, but instead a new business model to make natural CO2 refrigeration the new technological standard which is accessible and sustainable for everyone”.