search 16 Jul 2012

<p><strong>A starring role for Innovation Center, on the occasion of the 29th National Congress of the Italian Association of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration</strong>dedicated to the monitoring of the Machines and the air Conditioning System.</p>
<p>An unmissable opportunity, where <strong>Francesco Scuderi had affirmed the excellence of Epta with the project: “Optimization and Control of the energy performances in a supermarket.” which was the only to be released on the AICARR Journal.</strong></p>
<p>This research project was developed for demonstrate how it’s possible to reach a significant energy savings in a point of sale, thanks to the development of forecasting and monitoring tools.</p>
<p>It was an important recognition, that gave a prize to Epta for the ongoing commitment in the development of new technologies for the energy saving.</p>
<p><strong>This recognition is evidence also of the involvement at the Gustav Lorentzen Conference in Deft, from 25 to 27 of June. </strong></p>
<p>The Gustav Lorentzen Conference is one of the major international appointments dedicated to the world of natural refrigerants and their use in the fields of air- conditioning, the industrial and domestic refrigeration, <strong>when the company has excelled for two researches, submitted by Daniele Mazzola and Claudio Ferrandi, about the possibility of use of carbon dioxide in geographic zones characterized by warmer climates</strong>.</p>
<p>This is an important result in an industrialized field, where the consumptions of the supermarkets are the 3-5% of the total consumption of energy.</p>
<p>The European Council had stressed the need to reduce the 20% of the energy consumption of the EU by the 2020.</p>
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