Presentation of the Erion 2020 sustainability report for Epta on WEEE management on behalf of the group

search 15 Sep 2021

Epta publishes Italian report on WEEE waste

The data related to the Erion 2020 Sustainability Report for Epta, dedicated to WEEE management (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) has been published.

The Group is a member of Consorzio Erion to comply with Leg. Dec. 118/2020 of 3 September 2020, which implements two of the EU Directives part of the “Circular Economy package”. An initiative that confirms the sustainable commitment of Epta and its desire to become spokesperson for a green future, founded on the principles of the circular economy. Epta, to respond with tangible actions to the principles that regulate the Extended Responsibility of Producer (ERP), promotes the reduction of waste, the recovery of end-of-life solutions and their re-insertion into the production process, through recycling of the materials. The activities implemented include the collection and handling of WEEE by Erion, on behalf of Epta.

The Report highlights three indicators: nominal quantity of Household WEEE managed, namely 463,106 Kg. The Carbon footprint avoided, equal to 9,764 tt CO2eq, which correspond to 3001 less cars that travel 20,000 km in one year. Finally, the recycled raw materials, for a total of 399t, equal to the weight of 1 freccia rossa high-speed train.