search 26 Apr 2007


Costan presents Bellavista. L'arte di esporre

Vertical refrigerated cabinet featuring reduced roof dimensions, low front and panoramic endwalls with ample glazing. In other terms, the heyday of merchandising, where the visual impact of the cabinet disappears to the advantage of total product visibility. Bellavista is appropriate for the preservation of sausages and dairies, delicatessens and fresh pre-packed food. It is most suitable in supermarkets and hypermarkets. The special design of the cabinet’s roof and front, and cascade-configured shelves enable the highest performance and efficiency in this category. Available in three lengths (188-250-275 cm) and two heights (200-220 cm), this cabinet features many personalization possibilities. Among these the extra canopy with light is especially remarkable, which ensures better product lighting and valorization. Again among personalization options, it is worth recalling night blinds (manual for standard canopy, electric for extra canopy), 25mm "slim" shelves , high-performance fans for a dramatic reduction in running costs.