The new combined refrigerated cabinet with sliding doors

CAYMAN, the combined wall cabinet for ice-creams and frozens specially designed for supermarkets, hypermarkets and cash & carrys, is Costan’s new model in the HIGH EFFICIENCY RANGE, a range of products focusing on respect for the environment  and energy conservation.

CAYMAN actually includes, besides a top guarded by glass doors, also elegant and easy-to-use glass sliders (low-emission tempered glass) for the base deck. These ensure significant energy savings while providing high stability in the temperature of the products displayed.

The base covers were devised to avoid the visual impact of structural parts and so guarantee maximum product visibility, also thanks to 125 cm modules. Also, by sliding under the top they create an ever bigger access area.

CAYMAN offers, just like all Costan’s models, a wide range of accessories and optional extras – among which stout steel bumper rail and outer lighting – that makes it possible to adapt the cabinets to the various display requirements. The offer also includes crown heads using which it is possible to make up “back to back” solutions.

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New low refrigerated wall cabinets with sliding glass covers

Multiplexable low refrigerated wall cabinet suitable for the display of ice-creams and frozens (class L) as well as pre-packed meat and poultry (class M). Efficiency and low consumption are this cabinet's foremost features.  Being fitted with elegant and easy-to-use sliding glass covers CROCODILE offers a remarkable reduction in energy consumption – around 40% - not to speak of the savings in running-costs, while yet guaranteeing very stable product temperature. Wide glazing and a noteworthy load limit line (415mm) ensure product visibility as well as an excellent occupied space/volume/display area ratio. Sliders with standard internal lighting (endwalls excluded) The offer also includes crown heads using which it is possible to make up “back to back” solutions. CROCODILE is available in three lengths (1887 – 2500- 3750 mm), two front glazing heights (300-400 mm) and two aesthetic styles (with or without ground stainless steel bumper rail). The range is completed by low consumption motor-fans that guarantee a considerable reduction in running costs.

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