Refrigeration System Engineering according to Epta

Choosing our Group means choosing refrigeration systems designed and built to client specifications. In fact, Epta uses specialized teams to meet the needs of clients by designing the perfect solution for every refrigeration system.

The first step is an analysis of the specific needs and environmental conditions, followed by the design, development and installation of refrigeration systems that fully respond to the desire to curb energy consumption and ensure the best performance levels.

Epta is known for its ability to produce and install CO2 refrigeration systems all over the world, its experience increasing over the years with the many transcritical, subcritical and pumped systems built and installed: a truly significant expertise, considering the current need to comply with increasingly stringent restrictions on the use of synthetic refrigerants as opposed to natural systems like carbon dioxide.

Within this environmentally friendly landscape Epta developed a revolutionary transcritical system: CO2 FTE (Full Transcritical Efficiency) that matches simplicity and performance, with installation and maintenance costs that are 20% lower compared with traditional CO2 systems. Simple, Global, Industrialized and Reliable: these are the features of the new system that guarantees utmost efficiency for Retailers worldwide thanks to its outstanding performances in any climate.

The Group has made innovative choices in professional training as well; each year, at the Epta CO2 Training Centre in England, courses are organised to train refrigeration professionals from many countries. Moreover, thanks to an e-learning platform, Epta provides 23,000 hours of training to Group employees each year.


"EPTA Full Transcritical Efficiency" 
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