Saturday, June 13th, Epta participated in the XVI European Conference on the most recent new technology in the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry at Expo 2015. The event, organized by the UN, FAO and UNEP in collaboration with the International Institute of Refrigeration (Paris), the Centro Studi Galileo and the Association of Italian Refrigeration Technicians, featured over 50 speakers, world experts and 200 companies from 25 countries, who presented the most innovative and sustainable solutions, in line with the F-GAS and ECODESIGN directives. This was the only event on the cold chain at Expo 2015 and focused attention on methods of preserving food using modern refrigeration technology, fundamental for fighting world hunger and regularly feeding 7 billion people with quality food.

The Conference was divided into five Sessions, scheduled between Friday, June 12th and Saturday, June 13th. The first four sessions were held at the Polytechnic University of Milan and focused on new legislation concerning the gradual reduction in the use of fluorinated refrigerant gases, with special attention on new components developed to guarantee maximum energy savings.

The Fifth Session, on “The Revolution in Refrigeration Systems for Feeding the Planet”, was held in the official Conference Centre of the Universal Exposition, at 3:00 pm. During this session, Maurizio Orlandi, Manager of the Epta Innovation Center, presented two innovative technologies developed by the Group for reducing energy consumption and, consequently, indirect emissions: the first uses a water circuit connecting single units featuring variable speed compressors, while the second is a refrigerated cabinet using adaptive air-flow created by the use of variable speed fans. Both systems adapt to the needs of the cabinet - which change according to environmental conditions – and optimise performance even in “off-design” conditions, contributing to a significant decrease in energy consumption and improving the environmental impact by reducing the TEWI (Total Energy Warming Impact).

The solutions presented by Epta align perfectly with the central themes of the Convention, aimed at promoting sustainability through the correct conservation of food, to guarantee reasonable, quality nutrition. In fact, the Group, with its responsible approach expressed in the concept “The Epta Way UP: preserving food value”, takes inspiration from the principles of ethical consumption, ensuring maximum authenticity, freshness and food safety, through innovative technology designed to fully support local resources.

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