For Epta, sharing value is a daily commitment which involves the whole supply chain. It also engages with the people and local communities it operates in, as well as areas where its plants and offices have enabled it to build up a reputation. People are the cornerstones on which the Group is building its future, and social responsibility doesn’t end with initiatives for employees. It also involves projects that strengthen Epta’s bond with the local area to protect its values and the environment, whilst also focusing on the wellbeing of the community, for a socially responsible company.

Partnerships and initiatives by the side of local communities

Epta is a multinational Group. But it also maintains strong ties with the local areas it works in, a fact borne out by the many initiatives it engages in alongside local communities.

Fondo Ambiente Italiano to safeguard Italy’s heritage

Since 2015, the Epta Group has been a Corporate Golden Donor of the FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano (the Italian Heritage Fund), which works to safeguard Italy’s cultural legacy. An initiative that has seen artistic and architectural restoration work on the San Fruttuoso Abbey in Camogli (Genoa) and is now set to continue with its commitment to support work on Villa dei Vescovi, a historical classically-inspired palace in Torreglia (Padua).

Reforestation of the Val Visdende

Epta is supporting the Veneto regional authority’s plan to reforest the Val Visdende, one of the areas worst hit by storm Vaia in 2018. The Multinational Group’s contribution means that 18,000 trees will be planted and tended to by local forestry experts. Its objective is to help restore the area, where Epta is a well-known name thanks to its Costan and Eurocryor brands, to its former glory.

Training projects for young people and promoting Human Resources

Knowledge yields the inspiration to innovate: for this reason, Epta supports projects that foster training for young people and promote Human Resources, helping to boost their technical expertise and get a foothold in the employment market.

Scuola del Freddo at Istituto Salesiano Manfredini

Epta has helped set up the Scuola del Freddo (Refrigeration School) at Istituto Salesiano Manfredini of Este (PD). The partnership has yielded an occupational course for training the refrigerator technicians of the future and a refrigeration laboratory.

School refrigeration workshop Training Center Frigoristi

Working in conjunction with Assocold and Assofrigoristi, in 2019 the Group inaugurated Italy’s first school refrigeration workshop to train up future refrigerator technicians in line with UNI EN 13313 standard. It is also the first school in Europe to recreate an entire small-scale store fitted with innovative transcritical CO2 technology, supplied by Epta. Training Center Frigoristi is named after Luigi Nocivelli, the founder of the Epta Group, who firmly believed in the importance of education and curiosity.

Refrigeration School - Cantau Epta School 4.0

Epta France and Liceo Polivalente Cantau, together with SEPCO (the Association of Installation and Refrigeration technicians) of Bayonne and DANFOSS, have joined forces to create the Cantau EptaSchool 4.0, a refrigeration school which aims to become a point of reference in France for training qualified technicians for the commercial and industrial refrigeration supply chain.

Training for young people, Entrepreneurship and career guidance

Epta sustains Treccani Scuola, in conjunction with Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti and other local companies, in creating a modular training programme designed for high school students in the Belluno area . The training course is vital for acquiring all-round expertise and work orientation. It will cover areas including automation, lean manufacturing and environmental sustainability



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