Retrofitting: for the best performances

EptaService retrofitting of refrigerated cases offers the advantage not only of making installed equipment compliant with the current legislation, but also of improving their performance levels in terms of energy efficiency. EptaService replaces and installs doors or covershigh efficiency fans or LED lighting to maximise energy savings. 

Retrofit of existing HFC systems with new low-GWP HFO refrigerants

In order to reduce the environmental impact of existing systems and in line with the European F-Gas Directive, Retailers more and more need a solution to extend the lifetime of their stores. EptaService provides a series of retrofit solutions intervention aiming at assisting the clients in all the phases of the process to retrofit their refrigeration systems. Our professional team proceeds with a first technological assessment of the existing plant, evaluating the most proper solution for the renovation. The intervention foresees the management of the old HFC refrigerant, the improvement of the system with mechanical and software update and the refill and restart of the plant with the new low-GWP HFO refrigerants.

EptaService professional team always works in compliance with the current legislations, in particular for the recovery of the old refrigerant according to the local regulation about chemical waste.

Covers and doors for greater energy savings

EptaService replaces or installs covers and glass doors on negative and positive-temperature refrigerated cabinets of its brands and of all other brands. These solutions make it possible to obtain up to 50% in energy savings and provide better food preservation without sacrificing product visibility. Investment payback time is estimated to be less than two years

The important advantages of covers and doors:
• Energy saving
• Improved stability of temperature inside the unit
• Perfect preservation even for the most delicate fresh food
• Comfortable store environment due to the reduction of cold air in the aisle

LED lights for improving merchandising and lowering costs!

Sales performance is undeniably associated with good lighting in the refrigerated cases. EptaService works with selected partners and uses the most advanced technological LED solutions to translate optimisation of lighting systems into the best business opportunities for clients and into savings in the operation of their stores.
LED light bulbs last over 50,000 hours, the equivalent of ten years: a much longer service life than the average life of a fluorescent bulb (2 years). This guarantees additional savings on maintenance costs and the replacement of bulbs. Also, waste is limited and the visibility of products on display is improved thanks to the ideal intensity, improved beam directionality, absolute stability, absence of interference and optimum performance of LED lighting at low temperatures. Because of the high degree of specialization reached in this domain, EptaService rapidly completes retrofitting without the need to empty cases or close stores.

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