EPTA, with its brands Costan, Bonnet Névé, George Barker, Eurocryor, Misa and Iarp, confirms its attention to quality in the cold chain by becoming a sponsor of Plataforma del Congelado, founded in Spain in 2003 and which has sustained the development of the frozen food industry since 2009, through close collaboration between producers and distributors.

This Platform is a permanent year long initiative promoted by the most important companies in the frozen product sector and coordinated by the AECOC, a non-profit association bringing together more than 24,000 Spanish companies with the objective of increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the entire supply chain, thus creating added value for the consumer. Moreover, AECOC is a member of GS1, one of the most important International organizations dedicated to the development and implementation of world standards and solutions for effective, safe management of the distribution chain in numerous sectors.

The main objectives of the Plataforma del Congelado range from circulating information on the strengths of frozen products, to improving the perception of this product category and identifying the most recent trends in purchasing and consumer needs, all to guarantee a more satisfying shopping experience. Lastly, the Platform aims to optimize all aspects of the cold chain, thus promoting effective training for all workers in the sector.

As a sponsor of the initiative, Epta will be a sounding board for the needs and requests of producers and retailers, making its knowledge and most recent innovations available for the growth of the entire sector. In fact, through its technically advanced systems, Epta ensures perfect conservation and display of foods, promoting their value and safety, as effectively expressed in its slogan: “The Epta Way UP:  preserving Food Value”.

Finally, with an eye on improving the Frozen food area, Epta looks to new solutions through the Rev-UP Family, a Costan and Bonnet Névé range that ensures easy access to products and elevated performance in terms of energy savings. In particular, the ElephantUP/AmpleoUP negative temperature wall cabinets and the CaymanUP/ColiseumUP vertical and horizontal units stand out; they are all marked by full glass doors with anti-mist film and built-in LED lights, for maximum visibility.