Specialized, qualified Refrigeration systems


The Group's Core business is the production and sale of complete systems for commercial refrigeration, through the integration of the specific product lines offered by its brands. Epta ensures a vast variety of solutions for the preservation and display of fresh and frozen products, designed for Retailers who want to rely on a single, competent partner for the realization of structured, turnkey systems on a global scale.

Epta creates innovative, sustainable custom-made products

Technological innovation is the hallmark of our production, which is focused on ensuring energy conservation and significant environmental impact reduction through the use of F-Gas compliant natural refrigerants.  In addition, the Group ensures the highest degree of customisation, so that each product stands out, wherever it is installed, in terms of style, modernity and functionality, while adapting to the style and needs of the store. 


Our Offer


Refrigerated cabinets:

• Refrigerated display cases and serve-over cabinets for fresh, unpackaged and packaged products
Positive temperature vertical and semi vertical counters for fresh packaged foods
Negative temperature vertical and horizontal cabinets for the preservation of frozen foods
Plug-in refrigerated cabinets with small to medium sized built-in units

Small, medium and high capacity refrigeration packs

Commercial and industrial cold rooms, developed with a view of a greater energy efficiency, and to satisfy the need to optimize retailer spaces