The Biodiversity Park is a unique place in which Nature and Culture meet, celebrating Italian environmental highlights as well as agricultural and agri-food fine products.
This sensory itinerary starts with a trip in the Italian biodiversity world, arranged in the outdoor gardens which span from the Alps to the Islands. It ends in the Organic and Green Pavilion, where the Organic Food store is set up through the joint effort of NaturaSì and Costan. In this sales point, located at the core of the theme area, the shopping experience becomes reality enabling the visitor to embrace the values of a sustainable future by choosing food according to ethical rules and supporting the protection of local specialties.

This responsible attitude is perfectly in tune with Epta's concept, “The Epta Way UP: preserving food value”, which ensures masterly presentation of products, superlative food freshness and safety, thereby enhancing food value, by the installation of cutting-edge technology solutions like the new GranVista from the RevUP Family. Epta's commitment to preserve food value extends into environmental protection, demonstrated by the equipment chosen. On this occasion low-emission cabinets and a CO2 transcritical cooling system providing near zero environmental impact, especially in terms of global warming contribution.

William Pagani, Group Marketing Director at Epta says: “The alliance between Costan and NaturaSì to set up the Biostore is one more opportunity for both companies to present a virtuous system for safe and sustainable growth. The green solutions selected, running on natural refrigerant, complete the installation and perfectly suit a broader project, one in which we partner up with  NaturaSì to promote environmental protection as well as a more rational use of resources.”