The adoption of technologies and new shopping tools, made available through digital connectivity is growing steadily. The consumers are increasingly in search of innovative solutions to make purchases safely and easily, minimising travel and queues. A concept that is now, more than ever, strengthened by the restriction obligations that are encouraging its rapid spread. The current situation is also leading to the emergence and affirmation of alternative solutions, to serve users. In this context, a concept worthy of note is that devised by the Italian start-up FrescoFrigo (www.frescofrigo.it), which has made its service healthy food close to you available for offices and gyms, realised with Iarp cabinets, in the first condominium supermarket.

Supported by Epta technology, FrescoFrigo installs Iarp branded refrigerated cabinets dedicated to the 24-hour automatic sale of fresh and healthy food at the entrance to housing complexes. Consumers can view the products and, through an App on their smartphone, open the fridge to buy and pay for general foodstuffs that range from ready-made dishes to smoothies, from fruit and vegetables to cured meats and cheeses, from basic ingredients such as eggs, milk, flour and bread to beverages, without having to leave their building. The new Iarp intelligent cabinets used by FrescoFrigo, designed to facilitate consumers in doing their shopping and to contribute to differentiating the possibilities of making purchases, can be installed anywhere by simply plugging them in.