Epta Deutschland is one of the 676 companies classified as “Deutschlands beste Jobs mit Zukunft”


The business magazine Focus Money, the Deutschland Test and the Institut für Management- und Wirtschaftsforschung (IMWF) have named Epta Deutschland among the 676 German companies that set themselves apart for the stability of the employment offered.  


The study entitled “The best jobs of Germany in the future” analysed the financial data of German companies with over 250 employees from 2013 to 2017, for an approximate total of 12,000. To be considered “a future-proof company” three criteria had to be met: the same number of employees or in continuous growth compared to previous years, a turnover higher than the relative moving average and a positive EBIT.  


Epta Deutschland fully satisfies these requirements and the recognition received bears witness to its economic stability and secure employment over time. One of the principal reasons behind this solidity is the centrality which the refrigeration sector covers and will continue to cover in the future. The ongoing investments of Epta in innovation contribute to strengthening its competitiveness on the market. Finally, Epta Deutschland, as part of Epta, benefits from the global growth of the Group, ensuring its employees the advantages of belonging to an international company and the working atmosphere typical of medium-sized companies.