Epta accompanies the Customers of the new Viaggiator Goloso in Basiglio on a unique cultural and gastronomic journey, through traditional recipes and typical  products, to rediscover the most authentic flavours every day. Having started as a private brand for the Unes Supermercati chain it has now become a Fascia,The stars of the store are the products and the relationship that has been created with customers,

Costan and Eurocryor branded solutions act as narrators for the story of cultures and territories,  where the finest specialities come from.

The strong points of the store include the aisles of self-service fresh and frozen products, with the new GranVista Next with frameless doors and GranBering Costan: full-glass vertical cabinets that will amaze customers with their clearness and perfect distribution of light, designed to place the emphasis on the wholesome and tasty products on display. Characterised by clean lines, these cabinets give consumers the impression of standing before of a wall of products, that the eye is capable of fully taking in and which can be reached with a single gesture.

For foodies, there are also the delicatessen and butchery departments, featuring traditional Eurocryor Bistrot and Torre cabinets, that were chosen for their elegant and refined style. Design in the spotlight: these exclusive items of furniture place the offer of cured meats and cheeses, as well as Italian and international delicacies and quality meats, at the centre of a fit-out where materials meet taste to win over visitors, thanks to a masterful combination of brightly coloured items.