Great enthusiasm for the first Epta Think Tank Quality Breakthrough summit: a cross-function meeting that entailed participants from several business divisions carrying out a complete analysis of the management of certain fundamental processes within the Group, together drawing up an action plan that will allow the company to guarantee ever-greater quality and efficiency in the services it offers its Customers.

The initiative responds perfectly to the “#EptaExperience is the wayphilosophy. Epta once again confirms the company’s ability to unite cutting-edge technology, expertise and reliability with innovative and excellent service. This positions Epta as a trustworthy partner for Retailers looking for a single point of contact for creating complete, turnkey projects on a worldwide scale that can transform any store from a Point of Sale into a Point of Experience, contributing to Retailer success.

This three-day cycle of meetings saw the Quality, Installation, Service, Commerce, Purchasing, Marketing, Research & Development and Industrial teams come together to tackle two challenges: planning a concrete strategy for reducing non-conformities to zero in the products entering the market, and creating best practices for responding rapidly in the event of any problems encountered by the Customer.

For each macro goal, intermediate targets have been identified and assigned to the seven working groups. The unique combination of the across-the-board expertise and skills of the members of the teams has led to the development of strategies and operating methods, and defined a shared road-map over the course of the sessions.

The next meeting is envisaged at the end of 2017 or early in 2018: it will be an opportunity to evaluate the progress made by all the teams.