Epta and Conad have embarked on a successful new partnership. Conad has placed its trust in Costan and Eurocryor’s experience to furnish the fresh and frozen foods area of the recently opened Conad Superstore at Clusone. The store includes solutions that combine outstanding efficiency with product enhancement and improved food safety.

In particular, the positive temperature vertical Costan GranVista cabinets and Elephant UP frozen food cabinets, the finest expression of the RevUP Family, were picked for presenting packaged items. Minimalist style and elegant transparency feature in these full-height refrigerated cabinets, guaranteeing the highest visibility of displayed products. As a result, they are perfect for the Brands preferred by consumers for a quick shop.

The meat area features the serve-over Bistrot cabinet by Eurocryor. Equipped with an exclusive Dynamic System, this show-stealer has been designed to heighten the appeal of the specialities on offer. Its innovative technology preserves meat so effectively it can be left in the Bistrot cabinet for several days without needing to be returned to  refrigerated storage overnight. At the same time, the meat retains its visual appearance and customer appeal.

The Bread & Pastry section is also worthy of note. Here, Eurocryor proposed Impact: a solution designed to suit the need to present fresh, self-service packaged products alongside ultra-fresh items which shoppers are served over the counter. All in a single cabinet with an outstanding appearance and unbeatably ergonomic design. In fact the height of around 1.30m makes it easier for staff members to refill the cabinet, whilst at the same time ensuring even consumers with limited mobility find it very convenient to use.

The range supplied is rounded off with the transcritical CO2 Eco2Large system, which makes it possible to incorporate the cooling system into the building’s H&V system. This ensures heat is entirely reclaimed and that the Epta Service telemonitoring system, operative h24 7/7, allows the system’s parameters to be regulated and energy consumption to be promptly rationalised.