A new successful collaboration between Epta UK and Co-op, leading United Kingdom retailer, for the creation of the Horwich retail outlet in Greater Manchester, a store featuring an innovative solution created in accordance with EU FP7 CommONEnergy project. This is a research project promoted by the European Union to transform supermarkets, often thought of as the paradigm of consumer societies, into concrete examples of energy efficiency and eco-sustainability, favoring the adoption of avant-guard methodologies and technologies.

The Contracting Team of Epta UK supplied the retail outlet with an exclusive solution based on EPTA ECO2-Small Transcritical Booster pack. This solution, designed by the Group for the CommONEnergy project, enables the building's refrigeration systems to be integrated and the heat to be reused by exploiting the properties of CO2 in an effort to transform stores into Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB), in compliance with Directive 2010/31/EU.

The installation is completed with George Barker personalised vertical cabinets with sliding doors Lion dedicated to fresh packaged products, wine and beer and Elephant negative vertical counters for ice-cream and frozen products. These refrigerated solutions with glass doors guarantee the maximum reduction of energy consumption and a superior efficiency, as well as ensuring a perfect visibility and a better conservation of the products on display.

This all-in-one solution is already enjoying very positive results and to date it has met and in some cases exceeded the expected performance from both the theoretical calculations, as well as those of the prototype unit. On yearly basis, calculations suggest it can generate extra energy saving of 21% and TEWI reduction of 57% compared to equivalent traditional systems that use HFC refrigerant gases.