The first EPTABlue 2.0 Freecooling for counters and refrigeration cells has recently been installed at a prestigious German brand in Hamburg, completely integrated with the shop's heating system. This innovative product was designed by Epta to meet the retailer's need to reduce energy consumption and simplify the installation of refrigeration systems, while simultaneously earning a higher return on investment when compared with traditional centralized systems using R404A cooling gas or transcritical CO2 natural gas.

With this winning product, Epta Deutschland equipped the store's chilled and frozen food departments with vertical-doored Bonnet Névé Viseo Volum Eco 4 and Ampleo UP from the RevUP Family, to provide the best product display while providing maximum carbon footprint reduction. With EPTABlue 2.0, both TN and BT refrigeration is supplied by the refrigeration unit itself. The system transforms every counter from a remote unit into a plug-in by using a water loop that can be cooled by a Dry Cooler unit on the roof of the sales point, or, as in this case, by connection directly to the transcritical CO2 heating pump, supplied by Epta, to fully capture heat and reuse it to warm the shop.

Another of EPTABlue 2.0's strengths is the hermetically sealed circuitry to eliminate 100% of leakages and the cost of replacing refrigerant. EPTABlue 2.0 also provides the retailer with additional savings, eliminating the annual inspections prescribed by F-Gas Regulations to check for leaks.

Cutting-edge technology and environmental protection are at the core of the installation in Hamburg. In fact, using EPTABlue 2.0 guarantees an 80% reduction in refrigerant liquid used inside the shop and a more than 25% decrease in energy consumption.

* Data collected from a store in Hamburg measuring 1100m2. The data have been calculated based on an energy cost equal to 0.17€/kWh and by comparing the system installed by Epta with EPTABlue 2.0 technology with a traditional R404A system.