Misa will be Gold Sponsor of the second training day on April 19th organized and led by Antonino Cannavacciuolo. The new edition will be held at the Olympic Stadium in Rome: an exceptional location for meeting restaurateurs from all over Italy, help them to grow, strengthen team spirit and face every challenge with the determination of true champions.

The event “So you want to be a chef, too?” represents an important occasion for sharing and discussing the strategic technical and practical decisions behind a constantly-growing business. Throughout the day Antonino Cannavacciuolo and his consultants will be revealing to aspiring restaurateurs and to entrepreneurs in the restaurant and hotel sector the key ingredients of business success. In order to transform their kitchens into unique spaces, chefs must be able to act as leaders to motivate their staff, have a designer's touch to decorate their environment stylishly and, most importantly, understand and satisfy their customers' requests with excellent dishes. To this end, Antonino Cannavacciuolo will hold a lesson structured into four live show cooking sessions from the stage, equipped for the occasion with a professional kitchen featuring a Misa KLA cabinet with Epta Food Defence, to ensure proper conservation of fine products.

Epta Food Defence is an innovative anti-bacterial system with silver ions available for all Misa solutions, designed to improve the food safety of products stored in cold rooms. A valuable ally of all professionals in the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering sector, Epta Food Defence can prevent, fight and eliminate numerous species of bacteria, including the best known and most dangerous ones, to provide total and permanent protection throughout the useful life of the cold room.

As William Pagani, Group Marketing Director of Epta, explains:  “This new and prestigious collaboration with a starred chef is a further confirmation of Epta's commitment to preserve the culture of food value and of the essential role of refrigeration in the kitchen. The Misa KLA cabinet with Epta Food Defence anti-bacterial system is ideal for ensuring freshness of the delicate ingredients of Mediterranean tradition, which are the basis of Antonino Cannavacciuolo's innovative cuisine. As the expert gourmet will tell you, the secret of every recipe lies in its raw materials: when using quality, perfectly-preserved products, the result can only be a harmony of taste and colour.”