Wal-Mart: first CO2 installation in Argentina

Epta Argentina S.A., in cooperation with System Engineering of EPTA, celebrated together with Wal-Mart the set-up of the first store in Argentina with low temperature CO2 systems in the shop located in Caseros in the Province of Buenos Aires.
A successful collaboration between the well-known Retailer and EPTA Argentina S.A, which, thanks to this installation, takes first place in Argentina for having set-up a medium temperature system with indirect refrigeration and a CO2 low temperature cascade powerpack . All this guaranteed by a supply that is fully integrated with the production of refrigeration units on two different production sites of the EPTA group (Rosario, Argentina and Limana, Italy). In addition, cold rooms equipped with insulated panels have been included in the new store for a chilled area of 1200 m2 together with Costan counters, such as Lion remote vertical furnishings and in particular plug-in cabinets such as Beluga and Sound, working with propane (R290), which represent another strong indication of a pioneering environmental investment for South America.
CO2 is one of the most environmentally friendly gases and is currently the most widely used in Europe by key companies, such as Carrefour and Tesco. Opting for this technology reflects the commitment of another large Retail company in safeguarding the environment thanks to the use of high performance solutions offered by EPTA.