Why you can play it safe with a reliable service partner

search 31 Mar 2022

reliable partner in the storage of food in coldrooms

Summer, 40 degrees in the shade: your coldroom is running at full capacity. And this situation has continued for several weeks. Imagine if the coldroom suddenly breaks down, overnight. Are you prepared for this? Can you store the food in another place for a transition period and continue to cool it safely? If your answer is no, you may panic in a situation like this. First of all, you do not know how long this situation will last – or what financial losses you should expect. In addition to that, even if the cause has been identified, spare parts may not be available within a few hours.


A fast help when in need

First of all, you need a hand: who do you turn to if you notice a technical problem with your coldroom? In this case, you should turn to a reliable service partner who will intervene quickly. If, at best, you have a remote monitoring system, your service centre will proactively contact you in case of irregularities. This will allow you to calmly concentrate on your basic tasks and be certain that your food is in safe hands. As far as after-sales service is concerned, you have two options: you can choose a local refrigeration technician or you can opt for the manufacturer of your coldroom. Both offer service or maintenance contracts, carry out regular maintenance and service work. If necessary, they also carry out repairs and replace parts.


Sometimes you need to react fast

At first glance, the refrigeration company next door may seem the “quickest” solution. However, they are usually not able to react as quickly as a manufacturer with a comprehensive service network. A call to the service centre is often enough to get a technician there. The response times of specialized refrigeration companies vary widely: when concluding a service contract, you can specify the response time in it. This gives you some security. However, in many cases this also means that you are committed to minimizing damage, and in the case of a malfunctioning coldroom, you have to store food elsewhere. If you do not have a service contract, you must calculate that it can take a long time to find a technician. Especially in the summer, refrigeration companies have their hands full and longer waiting times are not unusual.


Competence is what matters

If you need to rectify the fault, the technicians of a specialized refrigeration company can carry out the repair properly. However, there are two situations in which they would not be the best choice: if procedures that are specific to the manufacturer are required to solve the problem, or if the coldroom is so old that spare parts are no longer available. The same applies to coldrooms: the manufacturer knows his product best and can therefore handle it in a different and better way.


Spare parts are always available

Do you pay more by relying on the service of the coldroom manufacturer? Not necessarily, because the hourly rates of technicians – whether a refrigeration specialist or a manufacturer – are similar. Travel costs make the difference. If you choose the service of the manufacturer, make sure they have a dense service network and can get to you quickly and cheaply. Original spare parts are also usually cheaper and quicker to obtain from the manufacturer itself. Their technicians usually have everything they need in their vehicle or can easily obtain the necessary spare parts from the nearest warehouse. Therefore, consider what kind of service you need and what aspects are important to you before purchasing your coldroom, so that it works perfectly – even in the summer, when the temperature is 40 °C.