Make your life easier with high quality insulation panels

search 25 Jan 2022


A coldroom should store foods and keep them fresh, until they are processed. This is why the insulation capacity of panels is always fundamental.


If the coldroom is not able to meet the required quality standards, your food is going to spoil and, in the worst-case scenario, you will have to bear all the costs for the repurchase. This is why the Epta Group is dedicated to the research and development of innovative coldrooms. With its brand Misa, Epta wants to offer to its clients innovative, reliable, sustainable and high-quality products.


A plus for hygiene

Insulation panels are one of the most important innovations in coldrooms: with the Misa Vacuum System, Epta has developed a technology that allows to produce thinner panels that still have the same insulating capacity as thicker panels. How does it work? Thanks to the Vacuum System, the polyurethane is injected in such a way that the foam becomes very homogeneous, has a very fine cell structure and therefore adheres very well to the panel.


In addition to that, the injected polyurethane makes the panels particularly resistant and their surface completely flat. But it does not end here: unlike panels treated with traditional systems, the working environment is kept perfectly clean thanks to the elimination of polyurethane leaks. Furthermore, no volatile substances are formed with this technology, which is a great advantage for hygiene and environmental sustainability.


Sustainable expansion: a winning solution

Epta exclusively use pentane as an eco-friendly blowing agent for polyurethane. Pentane molecules are easily degradable and have no effect on the ozone layer. Thanks to the uniformly fine foam, the thermal insulation of the panels remains constant in the long term.


More effective and less expensive

Misa panels achieve their high thermal insulation standards also through the application of the DOW Pascal™ technology. Since the cellular structure of the foam injected into the panel is very fine, it has a very high reactivity, which leads to a considerable improvement in the degree of thermal insulation. Here is what it means for your coldroom: 11% higher insulation than with panels without Dow Pascal™ Pro. And one thing is for sure: the less heat enters the coldroom from outside, the less energy is needed to cool it. So, in the end, you also save on energy costs.


More stability

Clearly, the angles that Misa offers for coldrooms also have these excellent insulating capacity. These are also made of plastic-coated sheet metal and polyurethane foam. With a thickness of 130 millimetres, they give stability to the coldroom and help to ensure perfect food storage at the same time.


All these technologies help to improve the performance of your coldroom and reduce its energy consumption – which ultimately benefits you and your business.