Your coldroom is unique, just like your needs

search 15 Dec 2021


Are you designing a coldroom for your restaurant, hotel or catering company? If you are flexible with the space available to you, you do not need to worry about how much space your coldroom will occupy, or which elements will compose it. You can purchase a pretty standard product. But what if the space at your disposal is limited – in the worst-case scenario, somewhere with many corners and pillars? Does this mean you are forced to install the coldroom outdoors?


The right coldroom for every space

The answer to any problem is a modular coldroom. The modular system helps to maximise the space, so as to make the best use of it. Many corners and pillars are not a problem anymore, they are just an integral part of the project. Thank to modular panels, coldrooms can be installed so that you can make the best use of your space.


Moreover, modularity allows for more flexibility: the most innovative coldrooms can be assembled according to your needs. Just choose the right elements for your floors, doors and windows, and the interior fittings you need. You can find almost anything. In this way, you will find the right coldroom for your installation and your space.


Who can choose...?

If you choose a coldroom, you need to pay attention to the right thickness of the panel insulation. Do you want to store fresh or frozen products? Do you need a floor? What should it look like, what loads does it need to withstand? In coldrooms without an insulated floor, you can enter without barriers, because the walls are directly on the floor of the coldroom. Coldrooms with an insulated floor, however, have a better energy balance. The disadvantage is that a ramp is usually required to reach the coldroom.


The best solution? Everything you need from a single manufacturer

In addition to the right panels and accessories, the refrigeration unit also determines how well the coldroom works and how reliably food is stored. If you do not know exactly how much power your coldroom refrigeration unit needs, ask an expert for help. They will come to you, take measurements and discuss your needs with you, telling you what the available options are. The best solution is to buy the entire system from one manufacturer. This allows you to ensure that all components are perfectly coordinated with each other and that they function smoothly.


An easy assemblage for greater savings

On the other hand, the assembly of the coldroom can be done without the support of specialised technicians. Some manufacturers' panels have such an advanced mounting system that they can be installed quickly and without any problem. You will not need a specialist on site, so you will be able to save money. The system works so well that the panels can also be easily disassembled and reassembled elsewhere. Relocating your company would not be a problem. And all this is possible without any negative effects on the insulation capacity of your coldroom.


It is more complicated outdoors

You must be prepared to face different problems when the coldroom is installed outdoors. In this case, floor ventilation is necessary so that the sheet metal does not start to rust over time. A roof must also be considered to protect the cooling unit from rain and direct sunlight. If the outside temperature is below 10 °C, the cold room must be equipped with a so-called winter control to keep the refrigeration unit running. The condensing water pipes must also be protected against frost. If a positive temperature coldroom freezes for a longer period of time, it also has to be heated to prevent it from freezing.