The lifetime costs of a coldroom

search 15 Mar 2022

Maintainance and service for Misa modular coldrooms

When purchasing a new stove or oven for your catering service, restaurant or hotel, it is advisable to know in advance what the total costs will be over the years. You can properly compare different models only if you calculate, in addition to the purchase price, time and installation costs, maintenance costs and energy consumption. Only then will you know what costs you really have to expect. The same applies to the purchase of a coldroom. The purchase price depends on the size of the coldroom and the equipment it should have. But the purchase cost is not sufficient for a valid comparison. Instead, you must also consider the costs for cleaning, maintenance, antibacterial treatments and servicing.


A simple cleaning to save time and money

In order to ensure the proper functioning of a coldroom over time, annual maintenance is essential. The service – and thus the price – can vary considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer. This is why the maintenance costs of your coldroom, just like the time and money necessary for a regular cleaning and energy consumption, must be considered in your overall price calculation.


Modern coldrooms often have rounded internal corners between the floor and the wall as well as between the walls themselves. This makes cleaning much easier and faster, because less dirt is deposited in the corners. Your employees can use the time saved from cleaning for other tasks. Rounded corners are also an advantage when it comes to hygiene: in combination with an antibacterial system in the whole coldroom, they help to prevent the spread of bacteria.


Efficiency pays off!

The maintenance costs of your coldroom crucially depend on its energy consumption. The coldroom operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and continuously consumes electricity. Ask about the energy requirements of your future col room in advance and take this into account when comparing different models. You should also keep in mind that electricity costs will increase rather than decrease in the future, so good energy efficiency pays off in the long run.


Easy to assemble and disassemble

What happens if you have to move your coldroom for organizational reasons or if you have to move your entire business? Most coldrooms are designed to be disposable. They can be assembled, but not disassembled to be used again. Do you really want to spend a great sum of money on a new coldroom, even if the other one is only a few years old? You should also think about these possibilities when purchasing a coldroom. Find out which models can be “reused”: modular coldrooms with a simple assembly system can be easily disassembled and reassembled elsewhere. It is also possible to expand the coldroom with additional modules – a great advantage if your business is growing and you want to expand. There are not many models on the market that are suitable for relocation to another space, so it is worth looking into this.