Presentation of the results of the Digital Innovation Observatory in Retail conducted with the contribution of Epta Group


On 7 February, Epta took part in the conference to present the results of the Digital Innovation Observatory in Retail conducted by the Management School of the Milan Polytechnic. The study, carried out with the contribution of Epta Group, saw the involvement of the market’s key players, including Top Retailers, medium-small Retailers, Start-ups, digital and non-digital users.

The event, entitled “The store of the future. The place to be!” was the occasion to illustrate the data that emerged from the research, developed in three main areas, Digital Strategy, Impact of Digital on the Innovation&Design processes and its influence on Marketing Strategies for customers.

According to the Observatory, the retail channel records a delay in the digitalisation process: the innovation expenditure is just 21% of annual investments of top Italian Retailers. Nevertheless, the interest in developing systems dedicated to in-store customer experience is extremely high. 100% of stores have adopted at least one front-end innovation (in-store Wi-Fi, evolved cash desks or mobile POS, payment methods, couponing and digital loyalty, digital signage and online selling in the store). 91% have implemented back-end solutions (in-store client monitoring, electronic invoicing, CRM, and business intelligence analytics), with the goal of improving process efficiency whilst offering customers increasingly immersive and personalised experiences.

The focus points of the research include an exploration of the omnichannel approach of Italian retailers, which are beginning to direct themselves towards digital as support, for example, for the pre or post-sales phases. Worthy of note, among the systems chosen by the Stores, are the digital refrigerated lockers.

The day included a rich programme of speeches, which were completed by the screening of a series of double interviews, an important moment to exchange opinions and explore possible future scenarios of the Retail sector.

The speakers included Giorgio De Ponti, Product Strategy Manager of Epta, who said: “The change in the consumption models poses numerous challenges for Retailers. To satisfy new Customer needs, the stores will be designed to be even more welcoming: small spaces in which to enhance the relationships between the consumers and expert staff” He continues: “Innovation in the Retail channel must be part of an omnichannel approach. Epta anticipates the change and presents stores with its refrigerated lockers #EPTABricks to store fresh, frozen and dry products. Designed to offer the option to pick-up 24/7 shopping purchased on line from the websites of the Retail purchasing groups. The lockers can be installed in different strategic locations, such as close to stores, stations or company premises.”

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Epta at Refrigera 2019: solutions and services to guarantee best performance


The Epta Group participated with its brands, Costan, Misa and EptaService, in Refrigera (stand B14-C13-C14-D13), the only Italian trade show dedicated exclusively to the industrial, commercial and logistics refrigeration sector, from 20 to 22 February. This event was a meeting point for professionals, industry associations and political and economic institutions, as well as an opportunity to learn more around the new role of refrigeration technicians and, in particular, on how to successfully tackle the challenges of a constantly changing market.


Epta attended the event as an integrated and reliable partner, illustrating its approach focused on natural, simple and ingenious refrigeration, as highlighted by the concept “In what way can natural refrigeration be as simple as it is ingenious? #EptaExperience is the way”.


Refrigera was the opportunity for Epta to promote EptaService, a service designed to guarantee maximum efficiency of systems and plants in addition to cabinets and cold rooms. It includes a rich after-sales portfolio, providing a first-class technical assistance, thanks to teams of experts who actively work with Clients, to ensure consulting expertise, retrofit solutions and remote monitoring programmes.


The wide range of systems presented, perfectly integrated with the rich offer of EptaService, will highlight how the after-sales services ideally complete the range of Epta branded products.


#EPTAbricks was showcased at the three-day event. These Epta branded refrigerated lockers have been designed to guarantee Consumers the highest level of flexibility, by offering a 24/7 pick-up service for fresh, frozen and dried foods ordered online during the day, through the stores’ e-commerce platforms. To add to the system, EptaService provides an exclusive remote monitoring service that is highly flexible and customisable to be able to connect to #EPTAbricks through remote access and analyse the parameters of the lockers, such as the temperature, opening of the doors or number of orders.


Velvet Costan, the range of traditional cabinets of the OutFit family, was on show at Refrigera. Showcased in the Design aesthetic, Velvet features rich options available from the catalogue, to mix together and furnish the area dedicated to fresh and ultra-fresh products strengthening product visibility. To simplify work on the cabinet, EptaService offers a new APP, available for mobiles and tablets, exclusively to field technicians.


The special attention that Epta focuses on sustainability was a central theme. The Group presented the FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency together with the Eco2Small pack. This system exceeds the limits of transcritical technology, ensuring high performance in any climate condition, up to 10% energy saving compared with a standard CO2 booster pack and 20% lower maintenance and installation costs. To confirm its excellence, FTE is part of the LIFE17 CAR – Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration, financed by the European Union according to the Contract n°. LIFE 17 CCM/IT/000120.

To support FTE, EptaService provides the possibility of access to performance analysis from the web, useful for monitoring the system’s energy saving.


On show at Refrigera were also the Freeblock monoblocks and DropIn Air-cooled Misa both high performing and sustainable, thanks to the use of refrigerant R290, to satisfy an increasingly eco-friendly market. Finally, worthy of note are also the non-toxic steel-PVC plastic coated panels of the Misa cold rooms, which, thanks to several patents, certify the highest performance on the international market, with a thermal conductivity value of λ = 0,0205 W/MK. They also distinguish themselves for their reduced environmental impact, modularity and better food safety of the products, thanks to the Epta Food Defence antibacterial system.



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Iarp solutions are ready to host the finest ice creams at the Ice Cream and Gelato Expo


From 12 to 14 February a rich programme awaits you at the 2019 edition of the Ice Cream and Gelato Expo, for the second time featuring solutions from Iarp at the Epta UK stand (no. 37). The Yorkshire Event Centre in Harrogate will be the setting for this event, which will host suppliers, dealers, catering operators and craftspeople from the ice cream industry.


The event will be an opportunity for Epta UK to present solutions dedicated to the Food&Beverage segment and Ho.Re.Ca., such as the Glee, Delight, and Vic Creamy plug-in units and the New York vending. These products deliver a high degree of customizability thanks to digital printing, to meet the demand for versatility and flexibility of display in every environment. The Glee vertical cabinet and the Delight scooping unit from the Iarp Cool Emotions range stand out for their innovative capacity, flexibility, reliability and aesthetics, characterized by blue LED lights on the external profiles enhancing the family feeling of the collection.


The star of the show is the New York vending machine for the sale of ice cream cones, tubs and lollies. The great display, choice of the LEDs, luminous keypad and the touch display are strengths of the vending machine dedicated, meticulously designed to stimulate impulse buying.


Lastly, special mention goes to Vic Creamy, the plug-in unit for scooping ice cream with 5/6 or 8 flavours configuration and a sneeze guard. This solution allows the temperature to be monitored and adjusted with a high-precision electronic controller.


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#EptaExperience is the way: ingenuity and simplicity at the Climatización y Refrigeración Trade Fair


From 26 February to 1 March 2019, Epta will be participating in the 2019 Salón de Climatización y Refrigeración at the IFEMA exhibition centre in Madrid, dedicated to international professionals from the HVAC&R world and presenting an approach orientated towards refrigeration that is simple yet inspired. A concept expressed by the claim “How can natural refrigeration be as simple as it is ingenious? #EptaExperience is the way”, which is translated into the wide range of proposals under the Epta and Costan brands displayed on the stand, dedicated to points of sale of all sizes (Hall 8 8B23).


Among the principal Epta systems for supermarkets and hypermarkets, special mention goes to FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency, a solution that overcomes the limits of transcritical technology ensuring high performance in all climate conditions. Energy savings of 10% in a year and a reduction in installation and maintenance costs of 20% compared to other traditional CO2 booster solutions are just some of the benefits guaranteed by FTE, which have contributed towards ensuring its entry into the LIFE17 C4R project, financed by the European Union, under the LIFE 17 CCM/IT/000120 convention agreement.


Further eco-sustainable proposals for large stores are the Costan-branded Eco2Large Transcritical CO2 power plant and GranVista Next, the vertical chiller from the GranFit family, which combines full glass doors and increased capacity for a captivating display for packaged fresh produce.


For small and medium-sized stores, Epta proposes self-contained solutions operating with natural fluids such as CO2 and hyrocarbons. An example exhibited at the 2019 Salón de Climatización y Refrigeración is the GranBering vertical freezer cabinet, proposed in two versions: equipped with EPTABlue Natural, with water condensation, and in the Integral version with air condensation. These are efficient solutions that are ideal in reduced spaces, where there is no machine room on site. 


The salon will also be an opportunity to present a preview of the most compact solutions in the range of SlimFit built-in counter units, under the Costan brand, dedicated to local shops and convenience stores. The Tango Next Narrow vertical chiller

 and the Twist Next semi-vertical freezer, on show as prototypes, are the perfect testimony to the Group’s innovative approach, always attentive to meeting the demands of a market in continuous evolution.

Completing the offer is the traditional Velvet Costan display case, from the OutFit family, in the Integral version with a built-in propane 290 engine.


Lastly, the four-day event will illustrate the ample portfolio of the EptaService brand, which boasts a team of highly specialized professionals, on hand to support customers with technical consulting, advice on turnkey installations, and to provide after-sales assistance with high added value.

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Epta UK solutions on display at the Foodservice and Professional Kitchen Show


Epta UK participates in the Foodservice and Professional Kitchen Show presenting the Iarp range and other smart solutions for the Ho.Re.Ca. world. The show, scheduled to take place at the Birmingham NEC on 22 and 23 January, is an important opportunity to network and meet buyers in search of high quality equipment for professional kitchens.  

The Epta UK stand (n° 408) will feature the New York vending machine dedicated to the sale of packaged ice cream and the Glee plug-ins for ice cream or beverages. The solutions set themselves apart for their unique design, which feature clean lines and maximum personalisation, thanks to the digital print directly on the sheet metal. An unmistakable style, which associates straight glass doors and total transparency with LED lighting. A further strong point of the Iarp solutions is  the guarantee of superior performance and reduced consumption, thanks to the use of propane R290. Finally, the stand will also present a selection of rear cabinets in stainless steel to complete the range for the Ho.Re.Ca. and Food & Beverage world.

Foodservice Show will also provide entertainment thanks to Salon Culinaire, the UK’s most prestigious cooking competition, which sees 300 major Chefs battle it out armed with creativity and gourmet ideas. Epta UK will be directly involved in the event: the kitchens will be equipped with Epta supplied plug-ins, including the Tango Next, ideal to enhance a vast range of fresh and frozen products in reduced spaces. Epta show the greatest respect for the environment with the use of natural refrigerant R290, whist the refrigeration technology ensures all products are stored at the optimum temperature to preserve quality. The all-glass doors also guarantee total visibility of the products.

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The new catalogue APPs of the Epta brands are now live


The Costan, Bonnet Névé, Eurocryor and Iarp APPs are changing face from January 2019, with a new release for smartphones and tablets. The Epta Group brands will always be just a click away, to enable users to stay constantly updated on the latest product innovations and discover the upcoming events, anytime and anywhere.


Available in five languages (Italian, English, French, German and Spanish) these APPs welcome customers with new graphics, which are more intuitive and attractive, guaranteeing better use and a heightened user experience.


The APPs will also be available on the public e-stores - Apple Store for iOS, iPad and iPhone devices, and Google Play for Android, tablets and smartphones. Users outside the Group can download the APPs onto their device, for immediate access to the Epta world!



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FTE, a new approach to natural refrigeration


Multiple prize-winner at international level,  part of the Life-C4R project


200 installations around the world and numerous awards are confirmation of the reliability of FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency by Epta. The system is already highly appreciated all over Europe, winning the RAC Cooling Award 2017 – Refrigeration Innovation of the Year, key English event for the HVAC&R sector, the German Refrigeration Award 2018, which rewards the development of innovative and energy-efficient technologies, the Italian award Sustainable Development 2018, which celebrates success in the green economy and, finally, the Perifem Award 2018, organised by the French association of Retail technical producers.

FTE is an innovative technology and available on a large scale, the result of a new approach to natural refrigeration, which merges simplicity, reliability, functionality, energy saving and better performance, in any climate condition.

Analysis of the results recorded in South America, Europe and Australia, is evidence of the excellence of the system and confirms a 15% energy saving (compared to a standard CO2 booster plant) and up to 20% lower installation and maintenance costs.

For the important and positive contribution it makes to lowering the greenhouse effect by reducing consumption and the exclusive use of CO2 as refrigerant, FTE has been identified as the key technology to protect the environment and the climate. It has been inserted into the prestigious three-year project entitled LIFE17 C4R –Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration financed by the European Union, which aims to define the new standards and the technologies of the future for natural refrigeration in the Retail sector.

Presented at Chillventa 2018, the LIFE C4R project is a 3-year long initiative (2018-2021), which is aimed at developing a management protocol in the technical, marketing and communications sector. The strategic plan includes two special projects in Italy, four in Romania, Spain and subsequently in Nordic Countries, to verify the performance in different climatic conditions and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the lifecycle of the systems. A great opportunity for Epta, which thanks to LIFE C4R can propose FTE technology as a standard industrial solution throughout the European Union.

Click here to browse FTE (only Chrome browser and iPad)

Discover how FTE works

Discover the FTE installations around the world



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The best Ho.Re.Ca solutions of the Epta brands, showcased at Sirha 2019


Sirha, a key event in the Ho.Re.Ca. world, returns from 26 to 30 January 2019 in Lyon, at the Eurexpo exhibition park. The event will be the ideal opportunity for Epta to present new Iarp-brand products (stand 5C102) to the French market. In the wake of the 2017 edition, which recorded 208,000 visitors, from 132 countries, the 2019 edition already promises to be a success with 2,984 exhibitors, 7 halls and 12 sectors.

Innovative ability, maximum flexibility and elevated reliability: these are the strong points of the Iarp Cool Emotions on show. A full range of plug-ins with a coordinated and high-tech design composed of the semi-vertical Joy, the vertical Glee, the scooping Delight, and the new compact Excite for countertops. Other products, featuring minimalist aesthetics, high performance and attention to sustainability, will also be on show at Sirha. Rugiada Wine&Beer, designed for lovers of wine and beer, EKO42 ideal for beverages, dairy products, fruit and vegetables and, finally, New York of the Iarp City Collection, a vending machine designed for the sale of ice cream, fully customizable thanks to the ability to digital print directly on the sheet metal, all stand out among the vertical cabinets. Iarp also presents the promotional island Svaba Glass 150, a combination of transparency, efficiency and reduced consumption.

The event will be the opportunity to illustrate the characteristics of Iarp’s “Fleet management” service dedicated to the French market for all-round management of refrigerated cabinets on behalf of third parties. The numerous services offered include the supply and storage of multibrand solutions, delivery to shops, preventive maintenance, on-site intervention, withdrawal at end of service life and reconditioning.

#EPTABricks, the refrigerated lockers that enable customers to conveniently pick up 24/7 the shopping purchased online on the shop’s website during the day, will also be presented and complete the offer for Sirha 2019.

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#EptaExperience is the way for your 2019: Epta supports Treedom for the reforestation of Veneto


A gift for the community under this year’s Christmas tree, which will start bearing fruits in late 2019. In line with its policy of social responsibility, implemented with the Corporate Social Responsibility Report, Epta is committed to creating a business forest to support the planting of woods in the Veneto region of Northern Italy. The Group is historically present in the area with the Costan and Eurocryor brands and the production sites of Limana in the province of Belluno and Solesino in the province of Padova.

The region was struck by a violent storm in November, which damaged 100,000 hectares and brought down millions of trees. The project is implemented in association with Treedom, an Italian platform set up to finance small-scale agro forestry systems with native trees, respecting biodiversity and responding to ten of the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the UN.


Epta joined the Treedom initiative creating a business forest of 100 indigenous plants. Upon conclusion of the site verifications, in association with Veneto Agricoltura to cover the areas of greater priority, the planting process will begin.


With the reforestation of woods in Veneto, Epta invests in the protection of biodiversity and in the contrast of soil erosion, safeguarding the ecosystem and landscape heritage, inheritance for the generations to come.


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