Il Gruppo Epta alla scoperta di nuovi talenti


A conferma della centralità delle persone, pilastro per l’Azienda per raggiungere i propri ambiziosi obiettivi, Epta partecipa al Career Day del Politecnico di Torino, in programma per l’11 aprile e al Career Day del Politecnico di Milano del 14 maggio.


Si tratta di interessanti opportunità di confronto tra Aziende, studenti e neolaureati dei Dipartimenti di Ingegneria, organizzate per incentivare l’ingresso dei giovani nel mondo del lavoro. Questi eventi si configurano, inoltre, come un importante momento di incontro per le Imprese, che avranno la possibilità di far conoscere la propria realtà ai nuovi potenziali candidati.


Epta aderisce al progetto per presentare le posizioni aperte nelle sue sedi italiane ed estere. La partecipazione di Epta si inserisce all’interno di un panorama più vasto di iniziative, che ha visto il Gruppo già protagonista di altri format simili, come il 1° e 2° Forum de l’Emploi in Francia, il Networking Forum del MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business, la seconda edizione del Career Day dell’Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design (IAAD) in Italia e IOLAVORO Alessandria, presso il Dipartimento di Scienze e Innovazione tecnologica dell’Università del Piemonte Orientale DiSIT.

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Epta presents the LIFE C4R project at the 8th Conference of the International Institute of Refrigeration


Epta is sponsoring the 8th edition of the Conference dedicated to cold technologies organised by the International Institute of Refrigeration and scheduled from 11 to 13 April in Ohrid, Macedonia. The main focus of the event will be a comparative analysis of the global growth in the use of natural refrigerants such as R744 and ammonia.


Taking part in the event will be Maurizio Orlandi, Epta Innovation Centre Manager and Helene Bigaran, Epta System Engineer, while Stefano Trabucchi, Innovation Centre Engineer, will take to the floor to address the session dedicated to CO2 refrigeration, with a speech that will examine success stories relating to the optimisation of transcritical water loop technology for freezer cabinets, guaranteeing excellent performance.


The conference will also be an opportunity for Epta to present the Life C4R – Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration - project, featuring FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency, to the expert audience. This initiative, funded by the European Union in accordance with grant agreement no. LIFE 17 CCM/IT/000120, is aimed at defining a new standard for natural refrigeration in the Retail environment. The project intends to demonstrate that it is possible to completely replace HCFCs and HFCs with CO2-based refrigerantsin any climatic or market conditions. In addition to the development of C4R technologies based on laboratory tests carried out by EPTA, the plan for the two-year period 2018-2020 also envisages the installation of two pilot prototypes to be trialled at the premises of end users in Italy and at least four replicas in Romania, Spain and the rest of the EU, for the purpose of validating the performance of FTE, for an expected result of 15% in terms of energy savings, compared to a standard CO2 booster plant.


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Epta makes its entry in the north and central American markets with the acquisition of Kysor Warren



Epta S.p.A. has acquired Kysor Warren - the third-largest US manufacturer of refrigerated display cases and compressorized systems for commercial refrigeration, which has been operating for more than 135 years - previously as a part of Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, Lennox International Inc.’s refrigeration business. This acquisition will result in the creation of the new company Kysor Warren Epta US Corp.

The transaction is in line with Epta’s expansion strategy, which aims to grow through a combination of organic expansion on one side, supported by a broad product and service offering, with continuous investments in innovation and efficiency, and M&A on the other, with acquisitions of leading brands in their respective countries.

Marco Nocivelli, President and CEO of Epta states: “The establishment of Kysor Warren Epta US Corp. is a milestone for the Group. We have risen to the challenge and we are ready to enter a geographical area that is highly competitive, innovative and with significant numbers: North and Central America are worth over one third of the world refrigeration market.” He continues “This operation will allow us to accelerate our growth plans thanks to the reputation of the Kysor Warren brand that boasts a prominent role nationally, innovative natural refrigerant systems such as those operating with CO2, structured and efficient production facilities and a strong team of motivated experts.

Parke Adamson, General Manager of Kysor Warren states: Epta and Kysor Warren have a shared vision and highly compatible cultures, founded on similar values, such as quality, sustainability, innovation, design and efficiency. The across-the-board skills of the Epta Group and its know-how in the development of natural refrigerant systems will dovetail with our long-established experience serving North American Retailers. This is a synergy that will further strengthen the Kysor Warren brand, which will allow us to grasp, with renewed strength, the opportunities in a dynamic, continuously evolving market.”

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Epta looks to the future with the CRIT partnership


Epta confirms the central role of innovation and technology as fundamental levers to sustain the Group’s growth and enters into partnership with CRITa company specialising in the research and analysis of scientific technical information and the development of pioneering projects. An initiative to build on collaborative innovation and share knowledge and expertise with other prestigious international companies associated to this body.

CRIT operates as a technological development centre for companies, fostering discussion among participants to explore technical and management matters through the exchange of specific best practices and benchmarking. The activities organised by the body include seminars, conventions, training sessions and intercompany collaborative workshops. CRIT also makes available to its members an exclusive network of suppliers, NFA (Network of Approved Suppliers), which has developed into a proper business network over the years. The affiliated companies are directly involved in programming the activities and contribute to the choice of issues to address, which are always tackled with a collaborative approach and the production chain.

Epta has recently taken part in the seminar dedicated to the Digital Twin model which, combining IoT technologies, AI and data analytics with simulation tools, paves the way to the development of new business models aimed at servitization, including predictive diagnostics of systems and machinery, monitoring the quality of manufactured products, design optimisation and product customisation.

On 7 February, the Group will take part in the event on 5G and digital transformation, to explore opportunities and technological challenges posed by the fourth industrial revolution.

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Inauguration of the first school laboratory of refrigeration in Italy, dedicated to the memory of Luigi Nocivelli


On Friday, 8 February, in Magenta, the Training Center for Refrigeration Experts, the first school laboratory for refrigeration in Italy, was inaugurated in the presence of the press and local authorities, who were represented by the Lord Mayor of Magenta, Chiara Calati. This is the only professional school in Italy to train future refrigeration technicians according to UNI EN 13313 and the first school in Europe in which an entire small store has been set up equipped with innovative transcritical CO2 technology, made available by Epta.

The Training Center for Refrigerator Technicians has been named after Luigi Nocivelli. The successful twentieth-century entrepreneur was distinguished by his inquiring mind and firm belief in the importance of proper training, and always felt it his duty to give more back to the community than he had received.

The Training Center, the fruit of investments and donations totalling over 500,000 euro, has been set up by the professional institute ASLAM together with the Assocold and Assofrigoristi associations to satisfy the growing need in the market for skilled experts, and to manage new natural refrigerants, which are the solutions of the future. The laboratory will also hold skills updating courses for professionals.

Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta and Chairman of Assocold, stated: “We are very proud of what we have achieved with this inauguration. Italy boasts a wealth of technical expertise in refrigeration and climate control: passing that expertise on to young people will make a positive contribution towards increasing the success of the national System as a whole.” He continued: “The creation of the Institute bears tangible witness to our social commitment and our faith in the younger generations. It will allow them to achieve preparation of a high standard for a profession which is increasingly in demand. The training is geared towards the future and will allow young people to become successful expert technicians that can provide effective responses to the challenges posed by constant technological progress, and by European and international regulations”.

Carlo Montanari, EptaService Manager at Epta commented: “Epta firmly believes in training, in terms of the process of individual and professional development, and establishing this institute confirms it. Inside the school itself, students will be able to put themselves to the test. They can make use of a workshop equipped with a complete refrigeration system boasting all the very latest natural cooling technologies. The aim is to help train refrigeration professionals, who are vital for the sector. When it comes to ensuring a system runs properly, it is necessary to ensure that maintenance is carried out to the highest standards.”

The courses started in September 2018. ASLAM, Assocold and Assofrigoristi have been giving 24 young people the chance to embark on training for “Thermal system technicians – installation and maintenance of systems containing heat-transfer fluids” and “Technician for civil and industrial systems – Expert in refrigerating systems and heat pumps”, giving rise to a practical joint venture between schools and businesses. From the coming academic year, youngsters finishing their third year of secondary schooling will be able to enrol in the course for “Operator of thermal-hydraulic systems” and follow the entire course until they have achieved the Technician’s diploma.


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Epta attends the National Conference of FAI Delegates and Volunteers


From 15 to 17 February, Epta will take part in the 23rd edition of the National Conference of Delegates and Volunteers organised by FAI, the Italian Environmental Fund, and entitled Alp project – Italy above 1000 metres. Teatro Grande of Brescia will stage the event, which intends to explore national cultural themes and to plan the roadmap to follow for 2019. The event will be attended by 800 people belonging to the top management of FAI, civil authorities, representatives of the Institutions and entrepreneurs.


Founded in 1975, the goal of FAI is to preserve and enhance the historic-artistic and naturalistic heritage of Italy through projects designed to rediscover numerous sites of this country. These principles are shared by Epta, which commits itself to social responsible progress and a greater protection of the environment and, since 2015, it has been Corporate Golden Donor of FAI. The Group has promoted multiple recovery activities over the years: in the area of Brescia, for example, restoration work has been completed with finance by the Company, bearing witness to the connection of the Nocivelli family, originally from Verolanuova, with the area.


The other initiatives made possible thanks to the contribution of Epta, include the triennial plan (2018-2020) to return Villa Vescovi, a 16th century building of astounding prestige on the Euganean Hills (PD), to its former splendour. The artistic and architectonic restoration of the facades of the San Fruttuoso Abbey (GE) inside the Portofino Natural Park, is also of particular importance. The support in carrying out these works, confirms the constant commitment of the Group towards the community and the territory, to leave future generations a rich monumental and natural heritage of inestimable value.

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Presentation of the results of the Digital Innovation Observatory in Retail conducted with the contribution of Epta Group


On 7 February, Epta took part in the conference to present the results of the Digital Innovation Observatory in Retail conducted by the Management School of the Milan Polytechnic. The study, carried out with the contribution of Epta Group, saw the involvement of the market’s key players, including Top Retailers, medium-small Retailers, Start-ups, digital and non-digital users.

The event, entitled “The store of the future. The place to be!” was the occasion to illustrate the data that emerged from the research, developed in three main areas, Digital Strategy, Impact of Digital on the Innovation&Design processes and its influence on Marketing Strategies for customers.

According to the Observatory, the retail channel records a delay in the digitalisation process: the innovation expenditure is just 21% of annual investments of top Italian Retailers. Nevertheless, the interest in developing systems dedicated to in-store customer experience is extremely high. 100% of stores have adopted at least one front-end innovation (in-store Wi-Fi, evolved cash desks or mobile POS, payment methods, couponing and digital loyalty, digital signage and online selling in the store). 91% have implemented back-end solutions (in-store client monitoring, electronic invoicing, CRM, and business intelligence analytics), with the goal of improving process efficiency whilst offering customers increasingly immersive and personalised experiences.

The focus points of the research include an exploration of the omnichannel approach of Italian retailers, which are beginning to direct themselves towards digital as support, for example, for the pre or post-sales phases. Worthy of note, among the systems chosen by the Stores, are the digital refrigerated lockers.

The day included a rich programme of speeches, which were completed by the screening of a series of double interviews, an important moment to exchange opinions and explore possible future scenarios of the Retail sector.

The speakers included Giorgio De Ponti, Product Strategy Manager of Epta, who said: “The change in the consumption models poses numerous challenges for Retailers. To satisfy new Customer needs, the stores will be designed to be even more welcoming: small spaces in which to enhance the relationships between the consumers and expert staff” He continues: “Innovation in the Retail channel must be part of an omnichannel approach. Epta anticipates the change and presents stores with its refrigerated lockers #EPTABricks to store fresh, frozen and dry products. Designed to offer the option to pick-up 24/7 shopping purchased on line from the websites of the Retail purchasing groups. The lockers can be installed in different strategic locations, such as close to stores, stations or company premises.”

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