E.Leclerc gave Epta Iberia its remit for the restyling work on the fresh foods area of the Soria store, this year celebrating 21 years in business: guaranteeing first class service with the utmost respect for the environment.

It was a challenge Epta Iberia has managed to exceed by creating a turn-key installation with the store open for business, renewing all the cabinets and cold rooms and introducing a transcritical CO2 system which recuperates heat for hot water, and a gas cooler with mechanical subcooling.

Maximum energy savings and tailor-made visual merchandising solutions: the Client was thrilled with the quality of the Costan and Eurocryor cabinets also chosen for E.Leclerc in Lugo, reserving particular praise for the Eurocryor cabinets with stainless steel door frames, already featured in the assisted service area. In particular, the Butcher’s, Deli and Cured Meats areas were furnished with the traditional Eurocryor Bistrot and semi-circular sections of Rondelle. These see  innovative Dynamic System technology which allows meat to be preserved for several days in the cabinets without being returned to the cold room at night. Inside the Cured meats and Cheeses area, the section dedicated to the Gourmet del Jamón stands out. Here the Eurocryor Tower solution, with its high degree of transparency, helps showcase renowned Spanish ham.

The “Punto Caliente” is also worth noting: created to meet the needs of increasingly active consumers with little time for cooking, it offers ready meals and ready-to-eat dishes. Eurocryor designed a special version of Rondelle, adapting the Hot Food model, ideal for presenting over 10 first and second courses and a variety of desserts every day.

Last but not least, the aisle dedicated to Fruit sees an island installed by Epta Iberia comprising of semivertical Aeria UP Compact Open cabinets made by the Costan brand. These combine a low environmental impact with exclusive aesthetics, which are enhanced by non-refrigerated corners created specifically to increase cross selling. These are used for displaying exotic produce which rounds off the wide range on offer.

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Retail in the face of modern markets and consumers’ smart evolution: this is the topic covered in the #EptaExperience magazine, a section insert made by Epta in collaboration with Largoconsumo, one of the most important retail magazines in Italy.

The dossier, presented at Euroshop but still up to date, provides a comprehensive overview of retail market trends including interviews with European retailers, manufacturers and designers, such as Coop, Carrefour, Electrolux, Lactalis, and also presents the innovative Epta solutions launched at Euroshop.

#EptaExperience magazine is fully downloadable at the following link

Here following the link to each section:

Allée des Fromages - partnership with Lactalis

Restaur-Action in Retail - partnership with Electrolux


Rossini & Maxima Evolution

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Created in conjunction with Electrolux Professional, it has received the Retail Institute Award Italy

The Epta Group has received a new award, the Retail Institute Award Italy 2017, for its Restaur-Action in Retail corner, created in conjunction with Electrolux Professional.

The most important contest for excellence in Retail Marketing and POP was held at The Mall, an exclusive location set in the heart of Milan’s Porta Nuova business district as part of the Shop Expo exhibition-convention. Competing creations were displayed throughout the three-day event and were assessed by a technical jury made up of professionals and experts in the Retail field.

The names of the winners were announced yesterday during a gala dinner organised in the top-flight location of the 31st floor of the Pirelli skyscraper. The award for the Shop-in-Shop category was given to the Restaur-Action in Retail corner devised by Giorgio De Ponti, Designer and Product Strategic Manager of the Epta Group and Silvano Costantini, Retail Sales Manager of Electrolux Professional.

In particular, Restaur-Action in Retail is a format for the catering field which is ideal for commercial premises, airports and service stations. It has been created to provide a response to the trend which is seeing large-scale retail trade embarking on new approaches to catering. More than a fad, the idea devised by Epta and Electrolux is a fully-fledged philosophy to offer a solution which combines two sections within a single closable structure, one of which is for takeaway whilst the other is for dine-in consumption. An example of a retail in-store restaurant, the new concept offers the possibility to be opened and closed with a simple movement of the eat-in part. The corners are completed with the plug-ins of the new Cool Emotions Range by Iarp, the semi-vertical drinks cabinet Joy, and the Glee vertical, already available for ice-creams, drinks and wine, in the special Winery version with shelves which can be set at an angle.

Lastly, through the Electrolux Chef Academy, Electrolux is offering customers the chance to create specialised menus and a training and consultancy service on how to make them.

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Epta received the “Imprese X Innovazione– Andrea Pininfarina” (Businesses 4 Innovation- Andrea Pininfarina) award from Confindustria. This prestigious award was bestowed on the 21 best Italian businesses that have demonstrated the ability to maintain and increase their competitive lead by investing in all-round innovation. Marco Nocivelli, CEO of Epta received the award on May 23rd during the official Confindustria ceremony that took place in Rome.

The IXI Award is organised in conjunction with the Giuseppina Mai Foundation, Intesa Sanpaolo bank and the technical support of the Associazione Premio Qualità Italia (APQI- the Italian Quality Award Association). It has the distinction of being the first in Europe to have adopted the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) innovation parameters

Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and Managing Director of Epta S.p.A, declared: “We are proud to have won this important award. It encourages us even more to continue the growth process we have embarked upon. The award views innovation as a vital competitive lever; and it is in fact a key factor of the Group’s assets and one which should be preserved and enhanced.” He concluded, “It is an acknowledgement of the dedication and successes of our whole team, whose passion, creativity and team spirit have allowed us to pursue ongoing evolution, offer the market new products and services and optimise internal processes, with an end to constantly improving the company as a whole.”

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Epta had a double appointment in the Far East with its brand Misa, at Food&Hotel Vietnam, between 25 and 27 April in Ho Chi Minh dedicated to the Food & Hospitality segment in the Indochina area, and at Hofex, the unmissable biennial trade fair for all Ho.Re.Ca. operators interested in the Asian market, that  took place between 8 and 11 May in Hong Kong.

Misa attended the fair in collaboration with AM Group – a company that has been active in Asia for years in the luxury hotels sector as a provider of catering equipment – to present its flagship solutions, including KLM, the mini Misa cold room available in 35 models with different depths and internal heights, making it ideal for optimising space while always ensuring the best preservation of foodstuffs. 

Finally, in order to improve the food safety of the products being stocked, KLM and all the Misa solutions are treated with the innovative Epta Food Defence antibacterial system that uses silver ions. This technology is able to prevent, combat and eliminate numerous types of bacteria, including the better known and most dangerous species. The antibacterial properties are applied to the sheet metal used to manufacture the cold rooms, providing complete protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the life cycle of the cold rooms.

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With its brand Costan, Epta is helping to provide day-to-day organic groceries to customers at IperBiobottega, the largest organic supermarket in Italy, located in Turin’s Corso Regina Margherita.

The recently renovated store is the jewel in the crown of the Biobottega chain, which for over fifteen years now has been nurturing its dream: to spread the culture of organic food and respect for Nature in order to live in a better, healthier and cleaner world. The brand’s mission is in fact to allow customers to rediscover wholesome food whilst protecting the wellbeing of people and the local environment.

In this respect, Costan has equipped the store with solutions that combine a low environmental impact with the utmost customisation, such as its traditional Rossini Design cabinets featuring high transparency and special wooden front panels. For the Bakery and Deli areas, where delicious Ready Meals can be purchased and eaten in-store, the choice fell to a finish which alternates a dark wood background with lighter vertical sections which recall the colour of golden wheat sheaves. In addition, the Butcher’s, Deli Meats and & Cheese sections feature Rossini Design with beech panels that highlight the wholesome, fresh nature of the products on display.

A further distinguishing feature of the store is the installation of a transcritical CO2 TN system, which harnesses cutting-edge technology to limit the environmental impact of IperBiobottega in Turin, in keeping with the guiding principles of this 100%-natural store.

Lastly, the installation is rounded off with semi-vertical Aeria units, Keplero promotional cabinets, positive vertical Gazelle cabinets, and negative Beluga cabinets.

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A new approach to natural refrigeration: Epta presents FTE to Retail & Food Energy


Epta is a Gold Sponsor at Retail & Food Energy 2017, scheduled to take place on 18 May at the Ata Hotel Expo Fair in Milan. The convention, now in its 5th year, will provide an important opportunity for participants to get up to speed, as well as giving experts and technical managers the chance to exchange research and case studies they will then be sharing with participants. The general aim is to guarantee a sustainable future for the major retail distribution network. 

The programme involves plenary sessions and panel sessions on a given theme, one of which includes Climatization & Refrigeration in Retail and the Food Industry. Epta will be taking part in this round table with a speech by Francesco Mastrapasqua, Refrigeration Systems Marketing Manager, and Alvise Case, Energy Manager at Costan. Together they will illustrate the strengths and main advantages of the transcritical CO2 FTE system, a sneak preview of which will be given at Euroshop 2017.

The innovative FTE (Full Transcritical Efficiency) system (patent pending in Italy and Australia) drives a new approach to natural refrigeration. It combines simplicity with reduced costs and better performance standards in any climate condition when compared with traditional booster units. 

Francesco Mastrapasqua, Refrigeration Systems Marketing Manager at Epta, states: “Industry’s role is to make technological innovations available on a large scale”. He adds: “Our development runs along the lines of Simplifying, Globalising and Industrialising. Over the course of the years we have notched up a vast amount of knowledge and direct experience of all the existing solutions. FTE overcomes all the limitations of traditional transcritical CO2 systems. It is not a technical solution, but instead a new business model to make natural CO2 refrigeration the new technological standard which is accessible and sustainable for everyone”.

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Epta and Med Food together at TUTTOFOOD: an internationally renowned setting, the trade fair scheduled from 8 to 11 May will be a perfect place for presenting this collaboration between two experts of the sector, Epta, a multinational group specialized in commercial refrigeration and Med Food, a company with twenty years of experience in the rental of plug-in units throughout Italy. (Pav. 1, stand T01 S04)

The initiative fits in perfectly with the “#EptaExperience is the way” philosophy, with which Epta once again confirms the company’s ability to combine cutting-edge technology, expertise and reliability to produce excellence, so as to stand out in the market as a trustworthy partner and contribute to the Customers’ success in the Food&Bev, Ho.Re.Ca. and Retail segments. The collaboration with Med Food is an important opportunity for the Group to be able to guarantee service that is more complete than ever. The traditional design and supply of modern and appealing high-performance systems from the IARP and Costan brands is now complemented by consultancy with high added value for the rental of built-in cabinets. First-class service that accompanies the Customer in the choice of the most suitable solution in terms of logistics, delivery and installation, and includes the possibility of availing of specialized technical assistance and collection of the cabinets at the end of the rental. 

The Epta brand solutions conceived as a service: the plug-in units Joy 30 and Glee 45 from the IARP Emotions Range, Valzer Next, Chorus and Festival Costan proposed at TUTTOFOOD are ideal for eye-catching installations at events to launch new products, or for promoting goods in temporary shops. The semi-vertical Joy 30 units and the vertical Glee 45 units – also available in the Winery version – stand out for their elegant, high-tech lines and the special blue LED lighting on the outer profiles, helping to attract the attention of the consumer towards the articles and thus stimulating impulse buying. Furthermore, thanks to the introduction of digital printing directly onto sheet metal, the cabinets can be completely customized, to meet the requirements of every venue, boosting the image and the earning potential of Customers in the Food & Beverage and Ho.Re.Ca. sectors.

Valzer Next Costan is a blend of uncompromising style and state-of-the-art technology, which combines the tremendous aesthetic value of stand-alone cabinets with the flexibility of a plug-in, offering more rational management of the display space thanks to increased capacity of up to + 8 %.

At TUTTOFOOD Costan will also be presenting its promotional islands in the panoramic version Chorus and the semi-panoramic Festival, which have been created to respond to the retailers’ need to increase impulse purchases. Chorus is available in an Open version for displaying fresh food, and a Closed version, which can be converted for positive or negative temperatures: it features modern and minimalist design and a special lighting system with directional LEDs that transform the products on offer, showcasing the goods at their very best; and then there is Festival, offering all-new energy in a package that combines design and innovative technologies, which allow energy consumption to be reduced by as much as 70% (NT) and approximately 50% (LT/NT), compared to the current open range.

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Refrigeration 2030 Conference: with Epta to write the future of refrigeration


This appointment with the future of refrigeration is on 17 May, at Refrigeration 2030 in Paris. A one of a kind event organised by the European association Eurovent, in collaboration with Uniclima, Syndicat des Industries Thermiques, Aérauliques et Frigorifiques.

It is an interactive forum where it will be possible to take stock of trends and recent developments in Commercial Refrigeration and cold chain processes. It will be a seminar dedicated to all players from the sector starting with the targets established by the European Union for 2030: a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990 levels, ensuring that there is a 27% increase in energy coming from renewable sources and a 27% improvement in energy efficiency *. The aim is to present concrete technologies and solutions to meet the challenging targets set by the EU laws while also suggesting amendments to regulations.
In this regard, Epta will be participating in the section “2030 solutions for supermarkets” with a speech by Francesco Mastrapasqua, Refrigeration Systems Marketing Manager entitled “F-Gas: how to move down the equatorial line and increase the refrigeration system efficiency? Challenges, market-ready solutions and new technological developments”. This speech will be an opportunity to illustrate the new CO2 FTE transcritical system launched at Euroshop. Patent pending in Italy and Australia, which guarantees the highest reliability, functionality and efficiency for Retailers from all over the globe, offering energy saving of 10% (compared to a traditional CO2 system) and installation and maintenance costs up to 20% lower.


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