Innovation never stops at the Limana production plant


Limana, 9 April 2018Epta, the multinational group specialising in commercial refrigeration, today unveiled its Multi-Purpose Exhibition Space in its Limana production plant. The event was attended by the press and Local Authorities, represented by the Mayor of Limana Milena de Zanet, and the Chairman of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti, Luca Barbini.

The development of this Space is part of wide-ranging strategy involving major investments for the company with the aim of improving its presence in the market. By positioning itself as a benchmark for Customers, Suppliers and Employees, the new showroom will be a showcase for “touching by hand”, discovering and appreciating the technology and quality that have always characterised products from Epta’s brands.

Today’s event will be an opportunity to look back at all the recent accomplishments. The plant has continued to receive major investments, totalling approximately 10 million euro in the last two years, with the aim of adopting Industry 4.0 technologies and improving the production processes. The new Glassware Department, which opened in 2016, generated 80 new workplaces and will help us to achieve a further increase in production capacity by the end of 2018. The aim of the plan is to achieve a continual improvement in both environmental terms through maximising the safeguarding of resources and energy efficiency, as demonstrated by the 50% reduction in energy consumption per unit produced, and in terms of the development of our staff. Indeed, it is through the commitment and desire of all our employees and co-workers that we can now celebrate this important result: the production of one and a half million units since the opening of the Limana premises in 1972.

This success deserves to be celebrated, thanks also to the Multi-Purpose Exhibition Space: this is a modern and dynamic environment of 600 m2 that is broken down into a main building, which serves as a showcase for new releases from the brands Costan, Bonnet Névé, Eurocryor, Misa and Iarp, a Training Centre & Test Space and a Conference Hall. It also has an area for the presentation of the most recent technical and technological innovations and Epta Service, the Group’s brand that specialises in post-sales services, to offer Customers a fully comprehensive service.

Marco Nocivelli, the Chairman and CEO of the Epta Group commented: “We are proud to share this important production target and our new project with our guests. With this multi-purpose space we wanted to create an environment that would reflect the identity and values of the Company.” and he concluded “Our objective is to contribute to transforming Limana into an internationally renowned hub, in which to meet Customers and professionals from the sector and discuss the latest technological targets and success stories.”

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Quality and excellence have always been at the forefront for Epta, on a par with its commitment to responsible social progress and environmental protection: concrete values that have underpinned its participation, since 2015, in the membership programme Corporate Golden Donor of FAI Italian Environment Fund – to protect the national heritage.

A virtuous initiative which finds new expression in supporting the three-year plan 2018-2020 of Villa dei Vescovi, an elegant early 16th century building donated by Maria Teresa Olcese Valoti and Pierpoalo Olcese to FAI in 2005. Inspired by classical themes and surrounded by the landscape of the Euganean Hills, it communicates with the frescoes of the rooms to create harmonious fusion between nature, art and architecture.

Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta declares: “I am proud of our new collaboration with FAI which contributes to preserving our cultural heritage. The choice of Villa dei Vescovi is based on the desire to strengthen the bond between Epta and these areas, where the Group is historically present with the production facilities of Solesino in the province of Padova and Limana in the province of Belluno”. He concludes “In this way, we confirm our commitment by participating with FAI in the multidisciplinary research project which awards scholarships for the University of Padua".

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F-gas Regulation, Epta is ready to beat the challenge


January 1st 2018 marked the second step to reduce fluorinated gases (HFC) by reducing availability – leading to significant reduction within Europe compared to 2014 levels, as established by EU regulation 517/2014 of the European Commission (F-gas Regulation). This measure has effectively decreed the progressive elimination of HFC with the highest GWP, including R404a, used throughout  the refrigeration sector. The F-gas Regulation, as well as scheduling the next phase down dates for the final overall 80% emission reduction by 2030, states additional requirements to drive significant reductions  in the number of  gas leaks and  suitable treatment when the systems reach the end of their useful operating life.

The exclusive FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency, with which the company opens the way to a new standard in natural CO2 refrigeration, stands out among the most innovative solutions offered by Epta, a multinational group specialised in commercial refrigeration. This is a simple system, available on a large scale, which extends the current limits of transcritical technology, ensuring the best performance in any climatic condition  FTE can lead to upto  10% energy saving when compared to a traditional booster systems and up to 20% reduction in maintenance costs.

To further confirm the sustainable approach of Epta and its commitment in supporting Customers in adopting HFC free solutions, 100% of the remote cabinets of the Group’s brands are already available in CO2, a natural refrigerant with minimal global warming potential (GWP) of 1. Epta has also renewed the ranges of plug-ins of all its brands with versions powered by R290 propane, or other refrigerants with low GWP.

To update the systems already installed and to respond to the European F-gas directives, Epta  offers professional retrofitting with the replacement of old pollutant refrigerant gases in favour of modern lower environmental impact refrigerants, entrusting themselves to the EptaService brand. Epta Service boasts the best support teams: expert technicians that offer all-round consulting, proposing remote monitoring programmes and maintenance, an e-commerce platform for spare parts and a high value-added Customer Service.

The brand presents a package of targeted interventions to extend the life of the systems and supports Customers in all stages of the process. Following an accurate assessment of user needs and the choice of the most suitable solution, Epta Servicesets up the new system and relative hardware and software updates on the store, fills it up and switches it on again, with specially developed low GWP blends to best match the systems,  as well as recovering and safely disposing of the old HFC used.

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Marco Nocivelli, guest at Edicola 2.0 Bistrot


Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta, was a guest at Edicola 2.0 Bistrot, a new modern and multimedia format which offers a space dedicated to debates, meetings and cultural events, as well as information.

The mechanical industry as spokesperson for Made in Italy around the world: this was the heart of the round table moderated by the journalist Chiara Rizzo, which saw the presence of Marco Nocivelli, Alessandro Durante, external relations manager of ANIMA, and Daniela Mainini. The latter, a lawyer by profession, is outgoing regional councillor and candidate with the Gori list; she has more than thirty years experience in industrial law and was President of the Grande Milano Study Centre and the Anti-counterfeiting Study Centre and, from 2013 to 2016, head of the Anti-counterfeiting Council of Milan.

With exports worth 440 billion Euro, Italy is among the worldwide leaders: Made in Italy, generally associated to food, design and fashion, actually owes its major achievements to the mechanics sector, which presents the best results in terms of export.

Epta can be cited as an exemplary case: an Italian group which has always invested in Italy, considered strategic in terms of development, which boasts four production sites and a 1,800-strong workforce, exporting Italian expertise to 120 countries worldwide.

The Industry 4.0 Plan, a long-term plan which puts the business back at centre stage to revive the economy by focusing on entrepreneurship, is crucial for supporting Italian companies. The debate was the opportunity to explore the needs of the Industrial policy, and one of the key elements to emerge was the importance of making suitable infrastructure available, both physical and digital, necessary to ensure the best region-wide coverage. It is also essential to commit to education, to encourage initiatives like work-related learning programmes and the preferential choice of technical institutes, to guarantee companies professional figures that meet the needs of Smart Factories.

The focus of the round table then shifted to the protection of Made in Italy, and how it is able to bring extra added value to the national and international market. Patent copying and counterfeiting of spare parts or mechanical components have a very significant impact. For Companies like Epta it becomes crucial to protect themselves from counterfeiting and from the consequent unfair competition when operating internationally. This causes considerable image damage for those who see their brand or products exploited, and generates a high level of economic damage and loss in overall competitiveness for the country.

Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta, concludes: “As entrepreneur of a family-run business it is crucial for me to maintain the cultural heritage and commit myself to continuing to let it be experienced. This is also closely related to the importance of giving back to the local area and the community what we have received.” He continues, “To do so, it is necessary to invest in logistic and digital infrastructure, as well as young people. We ask for concrete initiatives in favour of culture and education, so that Italian know-how remains in our country and that "4.0 young people, lifeblood of the manufacturing industry of the future, can be inserted into the workplace."

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Epta is ready to take part as Gold Sponsor in the first edition of ATMOsphere China 2018, which will be held on 11th and 12th April in Beijing. A unique opportunity for the experts of the HVAC&R sector to share best practice and expertise, with a focus on the new opportunities open to natural refrigerants in the Asian markets. China, to respect the restrictions introduced by the Kigali Amendment, has recently begun phasing out R22 refrigerant ; trials of systems that are more energy efficient, and using low GWP refrigerants such as  CO2 system are underway.

John Austin-Davies, Marketing Project Director of Epta will take part in the event. He comments:”The Group, which has always been committed to manufacturing high-performing systems with a minimal environmental impact, has developed solutions and technologies able to respond effectively to the European F-gas regulation and to the conditions imposed by the Kigali Amendment." and continues "The transition of the Chinese market towards more sustainable refrigeration is a great opportunity for Epta to establish itself on this market as quality partner for , Food Retail Multiples, also in the Ho.Re.Ca. and Food&Beverage sectors

The exclusive FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency system, is one of the most innovative Epta products, with which the company paves the way to a new standard in natural CO2 refrigeration, and will be presented at ATMOsphere China. A simple system which is available worldwide on an industrial scale, that extends the current limits of transcritical technology, guarantees best performance in any climatic condition; typically an energy saving of 10% compared with a simple transcritical system and lower installation and maintenance costs.

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Order, humility, balance, harmony, resilience and the ability to delegate: these are the values that always guided Luigi Nocivelli, founder of the Epta group.

His practical approach underpinned his many initiatives, both as an industrialist and as a man. To pay tribute to his memory, his children recently set up the website The project is divided into two sections: the Biography, which leads readers on a journey through his story - a story also turned into a novel published by Mondadori titled Luigi Nocivelli, A Story not to be Forgotten – and The Legacy, which describes the steps the family has taken to remember him.

It is a faithful portrait of one of Italy’s great entrepreneurs of the eighteenth century. Born in the plains of Brescia, he went on to lead top-flight companies through resounding successes and moments of difficulty. These such success stories included the family’s electrical appliance business, Ocean, and Ercole Marelli, before Epta was founded in 2003. He was an entrepreneur who was passionate about beauty and culture, and spent his whole life seeking to give back what he had received from life for future generations to enjoy. Combining his love of mechanics with art, industry with agriculture, and architecture and literature with technological innovation, he managed to create his own future, and created countless projects for the benefit of society.

In addition to the Epta Group, the greatest  symbol of his legacy, he has also left behind his collection of literary works, which are now available at the Ugo da Como Foundation in Lonato (Brescia). There is also the Botanical Park and the restored Basilica Minore in Verolanuova (Brescia), the Angelo Nocivelli Foundation for scientific research into genetic childhood diseases, and initiatives promoting Italy’s FAI (Italian Heritage Fund). The projects all bear witness to his values and his close ties with the local area. The family continues to keep them alive to this day, with further projects such as the recent conservation work on the FAI’s Abbey of San Fruttuoso and the Nocivelli Award for contemporary art.

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#EptaExperience is the way... for preserving Gelato Art


Epta participated in Sigep, the leading trade fair for artisanal ice-cream, pastry and bread making, presenting a whole host of new products from the brands Eurocryor, Iarp and Misa,  personalised projects offered by Epta Concept and Epta’s prestigious partnership with Grom.

Grom, the globally renowned ice-cream brand from Piedmont, has renewed its trust in the Epta Group and attended the fair with an exclusive Corner on the Epta stand, which is the perfect example of the expertise and professionalism of Epta in designing and producing turnkey solutions. The Grom Corner is inspired by the “ingredients” that characterise all its stores,  focusing on quality and the natural world, with simple yet sophisticated aesthetics. Epta has successfully  highlighted the brand’s strengths by creating windows to the  ice-cream product, glass cases to display the main ingredients, characterised by exclusive finishes in high quality solid wood, and a worktop in Carrara marble. These details capture the attention of consumers and reflect the wholesomeness of the exclusive sweet creations that will be presented during the course of the event.

The claim #EptaExperience is the way for preserving Gelato Art underlying the Group’s participation at Sigep is perfectly expressed in the solution PrimoPiano Eurocryor, as well as in the numerous Iarp plug-ins and Misa KLA coldroom.

The five-day event was an opportunity to launch PrimoPiano Eurocryor in the Torre (tower) version, which is enriched by two Teca modules, that are ideal for pastry and chocolate shops. Torre has three completely transparent shelves with LED lighting and stands out for its special display surface with  aesthetics that makes it appear suspended in mid-air. This detail was designed to improve the visibility of products and at the same time draw Customers closer to the patisserie delicacies, whilst  giving an excellent perception of quality and freshness, from all angles.

Iarp presented a wide range of ice-cream solutions that can be personalised thanks to innovative digital prints directly onto the sheet metal. The new Iarp Cool Emotions Range stands out with its high-tech lines and blue LED lighting on the profiles;  the Delight 9 scooping, for people who can’t resist ice-cream by the scoop and Glee, the highly transparent vertical cabinet for packaged ice-cream - perfect plug-ins for guaranteeing the utmost display consistency within an ice-cream parlour. Also on the stand, Excite, a compact countertop unit which can be used to display ice-cream cones or classic packaged ice-cream and Globo Retrò, a cabinet with metallic ice-cream containers, for the best product preservation and a trendier appeal for the whole area. Finally, Iarp presented the vending machine New York dedicated to ice-creams. It stands out for its captivating design and for its extreme ergonomics, improving customer interaction when purchasing.

A worthy mention must also go to the Misa KLA coldroom, that is synonymous with a perfect preservation of delicate ingredients, the highest level of food safety and the finest functionality. The solution is equipped with Epta Food Defence, an exclusive antibacterial treatment using silver ions, that complies with strict MOCA legislation. The strength of this technology is that the antibacterial properties are applied directly to the metal sheets of the cold room, ensuring complete protection of the products in storage from microbes and bacteria for the entire life cycle of the cold room.

On the stand, visitors discovered also the personalised proposals for Ice-Cream Atelier: corners specially designed by Epta Concept. This multidisciplinary team is involved in the creation of evocative spaces with great visual impact. Epta Concept specialists are always on hand for customers and oversee all aspects, from the design to the realisation and personalisation of high-performance refrigerated solutions, transforming stores into “theatres” where the consumer is the key focus.

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Epta, a great example of Agile Digital Governance


Epta is collaborating with the Enterprise Application Governance (EAG) Observatory of the Polytechnic of Milan on the research project “Agile Digital Governance: ready for the digital transformation!”. This interesting partnership aims to provide a clear vision of the path Italian companies are taking to develop their governance mechanisms and make Information Technology a key feature of their business strategies.

Amongst others, one of the main aspects analysed by the Observatory is the management of projects using the Agile methodology. This instrument has already been adopted by Epta and was chosen in particular for the activation of the SAP Finance module even in its Qingdao premises, with the objective of harmonising and centralising all the administrative and financial processes. This important step has made the Group a virtuous Corporate example of successfully exploiting the Agile principles: thanks to an incremental approach it has been possible to drastically reduce the timeframe for the completion of the project.

The introduction of SAP within the Group’s processes started back in 2001, but only recently has it been fully activated even in the Qingdao production premises, where the SAP financial and administrative module was integrated with the Chinese government  instrument Golden Tax System. Using the Agile methodology, in collaboration with ICM and an Asian partner, the ICT Epta team succeeded in completing the job in just four months. A detailed analysis was made of local requirements and potential criticalities were immediately identified, while there was constant monitoring of the state of progress of the activities.

The use of the Agile method will continue to be a useful support to the activities of Epta’s ICT Department and applications are also starting in other departments, thanks to the flexibility of this method and the advantages it offers.

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Epta Deutschland, twenty years of success


Today, Epta Deutschland celebrates twenty years of business activity with an event dedicated to its employees and everyone who has contributed to the company's success. An event to take a look back on this journey, on the growth of the Company and to share together future projects.

The history of Mannheim's branch dates back to the early 1900s. Refrigeration has been the core of this site since the very beginning, as Mannheim has always been a reference point in the cold sector for the whole region. The origins of Epta Deutschland date back to 1997, when the Nocivelli Family founded B.K.T. Bonnet Kältetechnik GmbH, which was part of the emerging Epta Group.

In the following years, a 5,000 square meters logistic center in Brühl and a help desk in Mannheim were opened, in order to provide customers with an excellent service. Technical assistance is one of the core services of Epta Deutschland, combining complete systems with a high level of operational and energy performance with a wide range of after sales activities. Epta Deutschland can count on technical experts who work actively with Retailers to offer professional advice, retrofit solutions and telemonitoring programs.

Among the most important projects carried out over the years, the countless transcritical CO2 installations stand out. Epta Deutschland realized the first transcritical CO2 installations in 2006, contributing to the definition of new and higher standards in terms of energy saving and emission reduction.

Epta Deutschland offers today an essential contribution to pursue the Group‘s strategic goals, endorsing Epta core values.

Dr. Reiner Tillner-Roth, Managing Director of Epta Deutschland states: "I would like to thank all our team: with your passion, competence and motivation you supported Epta Deutschland and Epta group growth. Thanks to your contribution, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner, a pioneer of sustainability. Each of you has his share of success in Epta Deutschland’s story. Your commitment is fundamental to transform the individual accomplishments into shared achievements, enhancing the trust of our clients"

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