Epta awarded at the Digital Transformation Contest of Porsche Consulting


Epta came second in the Corporate category of the Digital Transformation Contest, organized by Porsche Consulting, a company which supports businesses in competitive growth. The award was established to give visibility to SMEs and Large Companies that have already embarked on the digital transformation route to become 4.0-ready.

The initiative was launched by Porsche Consulting in association with Messe Frankfurt Italia during the May 2018 edition of SPS IPC Drives Italia, as the occasion to promote a virtuous network between companies and share technological best practices, to support strategic decisions.

A prestigious award for Epta, which uses innovation and research as fundamental assets to promote growth. The Group has already embraced digital transformation in different business departments. A tangible example of this is the Innovation Centre, a department created at the headquarters in Milan and dedicated to the experimentation of new technologies, processes and materials in association with Universities, Study Centres and Technological Hubs.

The adoption of enabling technologies with a view to Industry 4.0 is of primary importance to Epta, which has recently implemented procedures to coordinate end-to-end processes that allow optimization of efficiency and costs of logistics, production, quality and maintenance, as well as tools to analyze and interpret Big Data, with the goal of conducting predictive analysis, of reports and dash predictive, analytics and dash-boarding used for various activities geared to continuous improvement.

The dematerialization and digitalization of processes is certainly at the root of the different elements that characterize Epta’s digital strategy. This transformation enables countless advantages: greater workflow efficiency, increased information security, accessibility empowered by exploiting mobile devices and lower consumption of raw materials.

For a few years now, paper product catalogues have been replaced by digital supports accessible from websites and mobile Apps, to have updated information and complete data on all the group’s brands in real time. Even in installation processes and after-sales services, growing digitalization has allowed interventions to be managed quickly, with fast searches and requests in real time through the use of a dedicated application.

the new e-commerce platform has allowed the digitalization of the spare parts catalogue of the EptaService brand and made it possible to purchase the products directly online.

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The value of social responsibility: Epta Overall Winner at Best Performance Award 2018 out of more than 500,000 companies


Epta is Overall Winner at the Best Performance Awards, an annual award promoted by SDA Bocconi, J.P. Morgan Private Bank, PwC, Thomson Reuters and Gruppo 24 ORE to reward companies that set themselves apart for excellence in sustainable development. Epta, supporting this approach at its core,  has the capacity to do business and guarantee business continuity, committing itself, at the same time, to create economic, technological, human, social and environmental value.

The “Best Performance Award” honours Italian companies that make a turnover of between 25 million and 1 billion euro which reached financial indicator values, such as EBITDA Margin and revenue growth, above the industry average in the 2015-2016 period.

Out more than 500,000 companies the members of the Jury selected 380 virtuous companies, 76 finalists, awarded 5 categories and one overall winner. Epta, Best Performer Overall, has been selected for the significant results achieved, the outcome of its ongoing investments in R&D, Capex and HR. The Group has allocated 90 million euro over the last 3 years, to design eco-friendly solutions able to anticipate the technical and exhibition requirements of Clients worldwide and the transformation of its plants into "factories of the future" based on Industry 4.0. Epta also believes in the central role of people. It is implementing a pathway to improve the managerial and leadership skills of the team and  promoting projects that support local communities.


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An exclusive refreshment area for Retail: the corner Shop-in-Shop by Epta and Electrolux Professional in ADI Design Index 2018


Epta has been included in ADI Design Index 2018, the prestigious ADI (Association for Industrial Design) publication that gathers the best Italian design products. The designs chosen by the Permanent Design Observatory was presented during an event in Milan on 15th October during Fall Design Week and, subsequently, in Rome.

The first meeting was at the Leonardo Da Vinci Science and Technology Museum of Milan and it was the opportunity to deliver the volumes published by ADI, an edition of 300+ pages that illustrates the outstanding projects selected, accompanied by technical specifications and in-depth information. This is an important event, which has grown considerably in recent years; the last edition welcomed more than 2500 visitors and more than 200 companies.

Epta was included in the ADI publication for its corner Shop in Shop developed in association with Electrolux Professional: a refreshment area, ideal for installation inside large spaces such as airports, stations and shopping centres. True example of retail in-store restaurant, the concept is in line with an important market trend, which sees food consumption outside traditional sales channels take on an increasingly central role. The area sets itself apart for a design that integrates two sections into one re-closable structure, the first dedicated to take away and the second to dine-in. The plug-in cabinets of the Iarp Cool Emotions Range complete the corner: the semi-vertical cabinet, Joy, for beverages and the vertical Glee for ice cream, beverages and, in the special Winery version with tilted decks, also for wines.

The event on 15 October was a great opportunity for Epta which, besides exhibiting a corner in miniature scale inside the dedicated exhibition, will have the opportunity to participate in the Golden Compass Award, the oldest and most authoritative design award in the world, which is intent on highlighting the value and quality of Italian products.

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FTE, selected within the EU’s LIFE17 project - A new standard in CO2 refrigeration in Europe


A new achievement for Epta’s FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency System, which becomes part of the prestigious Life C4R – Carbon Retail Refrigeration project! It is an EU-funded initiative, to define new technologies and standards for natural refrigeration in Retail and contemplated in the European LIFE17 programme.

Intended to boost environmental and climate protection, LIFE 17 promotes more than 35 projects, divided into two areas, Adaptation and Mitigation. The activities feature the actions to facilitate fire prevention in the hottest zones of the Mediterranean, work to reduce coastline erosion and flooding and programmes to attenuate the effects of climate change in cities, through a more responsible management of green areas, with a consequent improvement in the healthiness of air.

FTE technology has been inserted within the Mitigation area of LIFE 17 because the EU has deemed its efficiency worthy of special attention. The over 150 systems installed worldwide bear witness to the fact that FTE significantly reduces gas emissions compared to traditional systems.

The international LIFE C4R project related to the FTE system, previewed at Chillventa, shall last 3 years and be finalized at the development of a management protocol in the technical, marketing and communications area. The strategic 2018-2021 plan includes two pilot projects in Italy and, at the same time four additional installations in Romania, Spain and eventually in Nordic Countries, to validate the results obtained in different climatic conditions and to carry out a full analysis of the lifecycle of the systems, according to LCCP standards. To conclude the path, LIFE C4R will be able to certify FTE technology as a standard industrial solution, throughout Europe, for the future of CO2 refrigeration.

Updates on the development of the project, interesting case studies and promotional materials will be available at the link carbon4retail.eu

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Epta celebrates industry achievements at annual RAC Cooling Industry Awards


On Wednesday the 26th September Epta colleagues attended the RAC Cooling Awards at the Hilton Park Row in London, one of the biggest annual industry events.

The prestigious award evening saw many successes. Epta Group were nominated for "Refrigeration Innovation of the Year" award with the Epta Blue CO2 Water Loop system, a technical solution developed to meet the need of smaller stores as well as seeing Sam Capp up for Student Of The Year Award.

Epta co-sponsored the Student of the Year 2018 award; encouraging new people into the industry, as well as ensuring consistent support and training, are central to Epta's values. 

The biggest celebration of the evening was when John Austin Davies, Group Marketing Project Director Epta,  accepted the RAC Gold Award for service to the industry. John has contributed so much over the years to the development of refrigeration and promoting the industry and is a character recognised throughout the refrigeration world. John attended the awards with fellow colleagues to mark the end of his 38 year tenure at Epta as he goes into retirement at the end of September.

John was described as "Having a seemingly endless technical knowledge" and a visionary who is a "true believer in the Cooling Industry".


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Appointment on 5th October at the Epta plant of Limana:


Epta focuses on the talents and creativity of young people renewing the partnership with FabLab Belluno

Epta, a multinational group specialized in the commercial refrigeration sector, known locally thanks to the Costan brand, will partner with FabLab Belluno, to present the projects dedicated to new generations at Spazio Espositivo Polifunzionale Epta of Limana (BL) on 5th October: Epta Digital Factory and Epta Makers Garden. These two programmes follow the Company’s desire to continue to invest in young people and in the area, enhancing talents and promoting innovation and digital culture.

The event will also be the occasion to reward the best ideas from the last event, listen to talks by key staff within the Group, and explore digital transformation themes. The goal of Epta and FabLab is to make media and knowledge available to young professionals so that they have the opportunity to express their creativity and develop their most ambitious projects. Among the projects from the last event during the exclusive TEDxCortina, were the "Virtual Bob", a simulator able to replicate the experience of a true descent on ice on a bob, "Open RC", for the construction of remote-controlled cars thanks to the sole use of a 3D printer and "Senior Key-Pad", a mouse to simplify the use of the computer for the elderly.

To participate in the event you must register at the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1eZLQqJ77SstbZYZGG9BwfBLhT41qJwcuk5Qmfi2... until all places are taken.

It is a unique occasion to find out more on these new initiatives dedicated to young people. Epta Makers Garden is a based on the theme of digital culture in lower secondary schools. Epta Digital Factory, on the other hand, is a tender open to young workers and students for projects intended for the digital world. The best ideas will be developed inside FabLab and presented at Maker Faire di Roma 2019, an event which celebrates the “DIY” culture in the technological sector.

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A protagonist’s role for Epta Iberia in September


A busy month ahead for Epta Iberia, due to its participation in several conferences in Spain, at which Diego Ortega, Trade Marketing Manager Epta Iberia, will present the Group’s innovation. The Company will be present at three events starting with ATMOsphere Iberica (Madrid, 18 September), a forum dedicated to the new challenges in the natural refrigerant sector, for maximum efficiency and sustainability. This will be followed by Tecnofrío (Madrid, 19 and 20 September), a congress geared to delving into the more significant themes of the refrigeration sector – from energy efficiency, to refrigerants, to the 4.0 Industry - and Eurovent Summit (Seville, from 25 to 28 September), a fundamental event for the HVAC department and the food cold chain.

A great opportunity for Epta; at ATMOsphere and Tecnofrío, it will have the chance to present a preview of the positive data and the measurements on real applications of the innovative CO2 transcritical FTE (Full Transcritical Efficiency) technology to the Spanish market. A new approach to natural refrigeration, FTE by Epta, which currently boasts more than 100 installations, is an industrialized system able to merge simplicity, reliability, functionality, efficiency and best performance, in any climate. The values measured during summer 2018 on the installations of Bologna and Savona in Italy and of Perth in Australia are in line – even in the hottest days - with the preliminary theoretical studies conducted and confirm up to 10% energy saving on average (compared to a standard CO2 booster system).

To confirm the excellence of the solution, within a logic of continuous improvement, FTE is part of the European C4R projectCarbon 4 Retail Refrigeration aimed at defining new technologies and standards of natural refrigeration in the Retail sector.

To conclude, Epta will take part in Eurovent Summit along with AEFYT (Asociación de empresas del frío y sus tecnologías) to illustrate the key advantages for Retailers in choosing a certified partner in a highly competitive market. Eurovent certification guarantees respect for the regulations and defines stringent assessment criteria for products, classified in terms of energy consumption and TDA (Total Display Area) by an independent body.

For Epta, measuring the performance of its own solutions means offering its Clients high quality solutions, tangible evidence of the commitment of the Group to maximum transparency, rigor, safety, sustainability and attention to the “total cost of ownership”.

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Epta and the creation of shared value - the Group presents its sixth CSR Report



Adopt a responsible approach for creating value: Epta’s growth goes hand in hand with its attention for people, the communities in which we operate and the environment, which demonstrates of our desire to be an international group, that also has a focus on the local dimension.” states Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of the  Epta Group We have renewed our commitment this year and are proud to present our sixth Corporate Social Responsibility Report, that was validated at the end of June by the Institution TÜV Austria Cert GmbH.”

Continuing the path it had embarked on with the previous edition, the Group has presented a Report in accordance with the G4 Core Option standards and has further investigated the material aspects and identified the risks, opportunities and crucial elements for its business, thanks to a survey that also involved Customers and Suppliers. This process was essential to make the Corporate Social Responsibility Report increasingly accurate and reliable and to respond effectively to requests from the market, by examining the KPIs deemed most significant by  stakeholders. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, the survey covered most of production in the Group, including 8 production plants as well as the Headquarters in Milan.

The Group’s primary focus are its employees, the nurturing of talents, the improvement of the team spirit and its connection with local communities. This strategy is implemented on a daily basis and translates in to taking good care of the people who have written and continue to write Epta’s history. Guided by the concept “Think globally, act locally” Epta promotes high level training, both externally and internally, for example with the project EPTAcademy that was developed in cooperation with SDA Bocconi School of Management. Finally, this year the Group celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Epta Deutschland and the 90th Anniversary of Epta’s presence in the UK with staff and their families, successes which it considers to be “joint victories”.

The challenge taken up by Epta also consists in developing technological innovations combining aesthetics, performance and respect for the environment. Tangible examples of this approach include GranFit by the brand Costan and SkyEffect by Bonnet Névé: a complete range for fitting-out fresh and frozen food areas with a single family of products , to create infinite compositions with vertical, semi-vertical, open and closed cabinets and ensure a revolutionary presentation of all items and a minimal environmental impact. Epta’s numerous proposals also include the #EPTABricks, refrigerated lockers created to ensure 24h collection of products purchased online on retailers’ websites and designed to successfully respond to the growing success of e-commerce.

The Group’s sustainable approach is also confirmed by the use of low GWP natural refrigerants for its systems. Data show that the adoption of natural refrigerants instead of synthetic ones, generated a reduction of 34% of greenhouse gases, compared to 2016 values. Worthy of note is the FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency, a simple system that is available worldwide on an industrial scale and exceeds the current limits of transcritical technology, guaranteeing excellent performances even in climatic zones with high temperatures, with an average energy saving of 10% compared to traditional CO2 systems.

Even within the plants there is a strategy of constant improvement, in both environmental terms, with the reduction of the carbon footprint and the KOE (kg of Oil Equivalent)/product, and in the transformation of the plant in to a “factory of the future”, thanks to the adoption of Industry 4.0 and the implementation of cutting-edge machinery and robotized production lines.


Click here to download Epta sixth CSR Report

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