#EptaExperience is the way... for preserving Gelato Art


Epta participated in Sigep, the leading trade fair for artisanal ice-cream, pastry and bread making, presenting a whole host of new products from the brands Eurocryor, Iarp and Misa,  personalised projects offered by Epta Concept and Epta’s prestigious partnership with Grom.

Grom, the globally renowned ice-cream brand from Piedmont, has renewed its trust in the Epta Group and attended the fair with an exclusive Corner on the Epta stand, which is the perfect example of the expertise and professionalism of Epta in designing and producing turnkey solutions. The Grom Corner is inspired by the “ingredients” that characterise all its stores,  focusing on quality and the natural world, with simple yet sophisticated aesthetics. Epta has successfully  highlighted the brand’s strengths by creating windows to the  ice-cream product, glass cases to display the main ingredients, characterised by exclusive finishes in high quality solid wood, and a worktop in Carrara marble. These details capture the attention of consumers and reflect the wholesomeness of the exclusive sweet creations that will be presented during the course of the event.

The claim #EptaExperience is the way for preserving Gelato Art underlying the Group’s participation at Sigep is perfectly expressed in the solution PrimoPiano Eurocryor, as well as in the numerous Iarp plug-ins and Misa KLA coldroom.

The five-day event was an opportunity to launch PrimoPiano Eurocryor in the Torre (tower) version, which is enriched by two Teca modules, that are ideal for pastry and chocolate shops. Torre has three completely transparent shelves with LED lighting and stands out for its special display surface with  aesthetics that makes it appear suspended in mid-air. This detail was designed to improve the visibility of products and at the same time draw Customers closer to the patisserie delicacies, whilst  giving an excellent perception of quality and freshness, from all angles.

Iarp presented a wide range of ice-cream solutions that can be personalised thanks to innovative digital prints directly onto the sheet metal. The new Iarp Cool Emotions Range stands out with its high-tech lines and blue LED lighting on the profiles;  the Delight 9 scooping, for people who can’t resist ice-cream by the scoop and Glee, the highly transparent vertical cabinet for packaged ice-cream - perfect plug-ins for guaranteeing the utmost display consistency within an ice-cream parlour. Also on the stand, Excite, a compact countertop unit which can be used to display ice-cream cones or classic packaged ice-cream and Globo Retrò, a cabinet with metallic ice-cream containers, for the best product preservation and a trendier appeal for the whole area. Finally, Iarp presented the vending machine New York dedicated to ice-creams. It stands out for its captivating design and for its extreme ergonomics, improving customer interaction when purchasing.

A worthy mention must also go to the Misa KLA coldroom, that is synonymous with a perfect preservation of delicate ingredients, the highest level of food safety and the finest functionality. The solution is equipped with Epta Food Defence, an exclusive antibacterial treatment using silver ions, that complies with strict MOCA legislation. The strength of this technology is that the antibacterial properties are applied directly to the metal sheets of the cold room, ensuring complete protection of the products in storage from microbes and bacteria for the entire life cycle of the cold room.

On the stand, visitors discovered also the personalised proposals for Ice-Cream Atelier: corners specially designed by Epta Concept. This multidisciplinary team is involved in the creation of evocative spaces with great visual impact. Epta Concept specialists are always on hand for customers and oversee all aspects, from the design to the realisation and personalisation of high-performance refrigerated solutions, transforming stores into “theatres” where the consumer is the key focus.

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Epta, a great example of Agile Digital Governance


Epta is collaborating with the Enterprise Application Governance (EAG) Observatory of the Polytechnic of Milan on the research project “Agile Digital Governance: ready for the digital transformation!”. This interesting partnership aims to provide a clear vision of the path Italian companies are taking to develop their governance mechanisms and make Information Technology a key feature of their business strategies.

Amongst others, one of the main aspects analysed by the Observatory is the management of projects using the Agile methodology. This instrument has already been adopted by Epta and was chosen in particular for the activation of the SAP Finance module even in its Qingdao premises, with the objective of harmonising and centralising all the administrative and financial processes. This important step has made the Group a virtuous Corporate example of successfully exploiting the Agile principles: thanks to an incremental approach it has been possible to drastically reduce the timeframe for the completion of the project.

The introduction of SAP within the Group’s processes started back in 2001, but only recently has it been fully activated even in the Qingdao production premises, where the SAP financial and administrative module was integrated with the Chinese government  instrument Golden Tax System. Using the Agile methodology, in collaboration with ICM and an Asian partner, the ICT Epta team succeeded in completing the job in just four months. A detailed analysis was made of local requirements and potential criticalities were immediately identified, while there was constant monitoring of the state of progress of the activities.

The use of the Agile method will continue to be a useful support to the activities of Epta’s ICT Department and applications are also starting in other departments, thanks to the flexibility of this method and the advantages it offers.

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Epta Deutschland, twenty years of success


Today, Epta Deutschland celebrates twenty years of business activity with an event dedicated to its employees and everyone who has contributed to the company's success. An event to take a look back on this journey, on the growth of the Company and to share together future projects.

The history of Mannheim's branch dates back to the early 1900s. Refrigeration has been the core of this site since the very beginning, as Mannheim has always been a reference point in the cold sector for the whole region. The origins of Epta Deutschland date back to 1997, when the Nocivelli Family founded B.K.T. Bonnet Kältetechnik GmbH, which was part of the emerging Epta Group.

In the following years, a 5,000 square meters logistic center in Brühl and a help desk in Mannheim were opened, in order to provide customers with an excellent service. Technical assistance is one of the core services of Epta Deutschland, combining complete systems with a high level of operational and energy performance with a wide range of after sales activities. Epta Deutschland can count on technical experts who work actively with Retailers to offer professional advice, retrofit solutions and telemonitoring programs.

Among the most important projects carried out over the years, the countless transcritical CO2 installations stand out. Epta Deutschland realized the first transcritical CO2 installations in 2006, contributing to the definition of new and higher standards in terms of energy saving and emission reduction.

Epta Deutschland offers today an essential contribution to pursue the Group‘s strategic goals, endorsing Epta core values.

Dr. Reiner Tillner-Roth, Managing Director of Epta Deutschland states: "I would like to thank all our team: with your passion, competence and motivation you supported Epta Deutschland and Epta group growth. Thanks to your contribution, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner, a pioneer of sustainability. Each of you has his share of success in Epta Deutschland’s story. Your commitment is fundamental to transform the individual accomplishments into shared achievements, enhancing the trust of our clients"

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Marco Nocivelli is the winner of the EY Family Business Award


Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of the Epta Group, has won the 21st edition of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award® in the Family Business category. This is a prestigious acknowledgement reserved for Italian entrepreneurs at the head of companies with a turnover of at least 25 million euros, who have managed to create value, possess an innovative spirit and strategic vision, and contribute to the growth of the economy, in Italy and around the world.

The winners were chosen by an independent panel of judges made up of well-known representatives from the world of economics and entrepreneurship, who awarded the Epta CEO “for the determination and ambition with which he leads the family group every day, always seeking an opportunity to develop, with the goal of consolidating the competitive advantage, focusing on innovation, product design, and the optimization of the processes, creating synergies arising from growth for external lines.”

Marco Nocivelli, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Epta Group, said: “This award is a major accomplishment for the family and for the company, and it attests to the commitment of every single person that has contributed towards the success of our company over the years.” He continued: “It is an acknowledgement that I want to share with all our teammates, who have worked with us to transform Epta into what it is today: the image and symbol of the wealth of the land and the "get-up-and-go" that characterizes Italy. Our real success is the ability to count on our valued collaborators.”

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Rustic brick walls, wooden beams, metallic suspension systems that have been kept visible and large windows: this mix of materials and a major attention to detail are the ingredients that make the new store furnished by Epta Deutschland in Berlin truly unique. It is a retail store with an essential style inspired by an industrial past but which at the same time wants to integrate into the neighbourhood thanks to features that transform the market into a warm and intimate environment.

The Costan and Eurocryor branded Epta solutions won over the client thanks to their high degree of flexibility and personalisation. The new Costan GranVista Next positive vertical cabinets and the Tortuga horizontal cabinets, the traditional Eurocryor Bistrot and the islands Twin and Gemini with finishes that were devised ad hoc, ensure that the refrigerated items of furniture blend in perfectly in this industrial-chic setting.

The Eurocryor cabinet windows contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere: the semi-vertical cabinets Twin and Gemini with wood finishes were chosen for the freshest products and delicacies, while Bistrot was added to the Butcher and Deli area. For this project Bistrot features a special version of the Rondelle stainless steel module with a rotating countertop that make selection from the quality cuts of meat even more simple.

The self-service departments are dominated by the GranVista Next produced by Costan, that provide a touch of elegance and transparency that underscore the overall effect of the project. Indeed, these new cabinets will amaze the store’s customers with their clean lines, a lack of frames and the panoramic ends, for a lightness that makes the space very picturesque..

The store also features the negative Tortuga Costan cabinets, a concentration of high performance and functionality, that alternate glass, wood and black and steel coloured features: like the handles of the lids, that in this case open vertically instead of horizontally, for the added convenience of both the store’s Customers and staff.

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The Epta Group protagonist of the 40th edition of Host, that took place from 20th to 24th October at Fieramilano (Pav. 2 Stand N21), with the five star quality preservation offered by its brand’s solutions: the Misa cold rooms, the Iarp out of kitchen plug-ins and the Eurocryor refrigerated cabinets.

The event was a must for professionals of the  commercial  sector; a privileged place to become acquainted with the new products from the Epta brands for the Ho.Re.Ca sector. The five days were also an opportunity to present “#EptaExperience is the way for five star quality preservation. Interpretation of the concept at the heart of the innovations of Euroshop, this strap line was coined to highlight the excellent preservation guaranteed by the solutions of the Epta brands, which also boast excellent endorsers.

Epta can count on prestigious partnerships with well-established professionals, who support the performance of the systems proposed. These distinguished collaborations are supported by the supply of high-class equipment for important international media events.

Innovations that amaze for their unique design and unbeatable performance in terms of food safety. The stars of the stand have been the Misa cold rooms equipped with exclusive Epta Food Defence technology which prevents, combats and eliminates numerous types of bacteria, thanks to the special silver ion treatment, for life-long protection of the cold room.

The spotlights were also on the Iarp out of kitchen solutions of Iarp Cool Emotions and Realook Smart Screen, which are distinguished by an elegant style with high-tech forms and created to make impulse buying irresistible inside prestigious bars and ice cream parlours. Lastly, Primo Piano Eurocryor made its debut, a refrigerated cabinet which breaks away from traditional schemes thanks to proxemic aesthetics, designed to bring the consumer close to the counter and guarantee a perception of quality and freshness of the products displayed from any angle, making them even more “appetizing”.

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Epta Iberia Silver Sponsor of Tecnofrío 2017


Epta Iberia is a Silver Sponsor for the second edition of Tecnofrío, a congress organised by Comunidad de Madrid in partnership with ATECYR (Asociación Española de Climatización y Refrigeración) and Fundación de la Energía de la Comunidad de Madrid, that is scheduled to take place on 25 - 26 October. Tecnofrío has positioned itself as a forum for contact and debate on business models, new technologies and the international legislative framework. Its objective is that of sharing experiences and best practices and defining the guidelines for the evolution of the refrigeration sector in the coming years. The subject matters that will be addressed include updates on new refrigerants and systems for improving the performance of systems, while significantly reducing energy consumption.

The event represents the perfect opportunity for presenting to the Spanish market the innovative Full Transcritical Efficiency (FTE) during the course of the two addresses by the Group on the first day. Julio Ferradal Mora, Installations and contracting Director of Epta Iberia will be taking part in the round table dedicated to the evolution of the refrigeration sector and new trends and, subsequently, Diego Ortega Trade Marketing Manager of Epta Iberia will be giving a speech to present the advantages of FTE, an exclusive system that is able to accelerate the innovation and overcome the limitations of traditional transcritical CO2 solutions, by ensuring simplicity and performance all over the world. Indeed, FTE offers energy savings of 10% compared to a standard CO2 booster system and a reduction of installation and maintenance costs by up to 20%.

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Epta accompanies the Customers of the new Viaggiator Goloso in Basiglio on a unique cultural and gastronomic journey, through traditional recipes and typical  products, to rediscover the most authentic flavours every day. Having started as a private brand for the Unes Supermercati chain it has now become a Fascia,The stars of the store are the products and the relationship that has been created with customers,

Costan and Eurocryor branded solutions act as narrators for the story of cultures and territories,  where the finest specialities come from.

The strong points of the store include the aisles of self-service fresh and frozen products, with the new GranVista Next with frameless doors and GranBering Costan: full-glass vertical cabinets that will amaze customers with their clearness and perfect distribution of light, designed to place the emphasis on the wholesome and tasty products on display. Characterised by clean lines, these cabinets give consumers the impression of standing before of a wall of products, that the eye is capable of fully taking in and which can be reached with a single gesture.

For foodies, there are also the delicatessen and butchery departments, featuring traditional Eurocryor Bistrot and Torre cabinets, that were chosen for their elegant and refined style. Design in the spotlight: these exclusive items of furniture place the offer of cured meats and cheeses, as well as Italian and international delicacies and quality meats, at the centre of a fit-out where materials meet taste to win over visitors, thanks to a masterful combination of brightly coloured items.

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Along with its partner Techedge, Epta was one of the winners of the SAP Quality Awards in the Innovation category. The award is evidence of the Company approach based on cutting-edge, professionalism and reliability. The ceremony took place on 17 October at the SAP Forum Milan and the award was collected by Epta’s Project Manager Federica Fecchio.

Epta is focused on technological evolution and combines constant investments in R&D with the new project for the implementation of Epta Service’s e-commerce platform dedicated to the sale of spare parts, with more than 25,000 products in its catalogue. The new platform uses Sap Hybris and was created in partnership with Techedge.

The SAP Quality Awards represent an important result for Epta, in line with the fulfilment of the company’s objectives of being even more reactive and closer to its Customers, by contributing effectively to the success of their business.

The Sap Hybris e-commerce platform confirms the concept #EptaExperience is the way and was created to offer a simple, practical and innovative system for the sale of all spare parts: users will be able to check the availability of components in real time through a rapid search process and will receive products within 48 hours of placing their orders.

The Group has chosen to adopt an e-commerce B2B platform that will improve the online shopping experience of its Customers and enable it to make a leap forward in the process of digital transformation.


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