This was a prestigious collaboration for Epta in the restyling of COOP ALLEANZA 3.0 store in Modena Canaletto designed by renowned Venetian architect Paolo Lucchetta, the founder of + RetailDesign srl. The project fits within the town planning and social requalification programme of the entire neighbourhood currently being promoted by the Local Council. It is an example of the revitalisation of an area where businesses and local institutions have come together to create a meeting place and strengthen the sense of community amongst local citizens.

The renewal of the COOP ALLEANZA 3.0 store was partly funded by the European Union, in partnership with CommONEnergy, an EU research project aiming to transform supermarkets into tangible examples of energy efficiency and eco-sustainability, by promoting the take up of cutting-edge methods and technologies. In this regard, the innovations include the integration of refrigeration and HVAC plant, natural lighting with solar tubes and the implementation of thermal insulation for the building.

To help transform the store into a model of n-ZEB (nearly-Zero Energy Buildings), Epta offered an all-in-one solution based on a transcritical CO2 system. This exclusive system completely satisfies the store’s thermal energy requirements by adjusting the cooling and heating capacity according to demand and through the use of a heat recovery module.

The renewal of the COOP ALLEANZA 3.0 store in Modena Canaletto involved the entire store layout, which was also designed by Paolo Lucchetta. The fresh and frozen foods areas were transformed into a market square where colours, flavours and aromas blend together to bring to life a space that places the customer at the centre of an innovative shopping experience that truly stimulates the senses. The solutions adopted include GranVista, the Costan branded vertical cabinet, Elephant UP freezers and the semi-vertical Aeria UP with panoramic ends, chosen to draw attention to the rich assortment of fresh and frozen products and the organic veg selection. And then, we see the “artistic touch” of the great architect in the mosaics using different species and thicknesses of wood for the finishing touches of the traditional Eurocryor cabinets, Bistrot and Torre, in the Butcher’s, Cold Cuts & Cheese department and the unique Impact cabinet for the Deli. The latter combines self-serve and serve-over sections, to present the range of specialities prepared every day by Coop’s chefs.





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Costan, an Epta Group brand, is amongst the winners of the Marco Polo Award. The award, which is now in its 26th edition, is assigned by Unioncamere and the Foreign Trade Centre of the Chambers of Commerce of Veneto. It aims to nurture and promote the business activities of companies from Veneto that contribute significantly to the regional development of foreign trade in the industry, craftsmanship, agro-food, tourism and service sectors respectively.

The ceremony will take place in the headquarters of the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce on 14 December and William Pagani, Group Marketing Director for Epta will attend the event to collect the prestigious award.

Specifically, Costan was chosen for its excellent performance in the Veneto economy through its strong export focus and the impressive results obtained abroad during the course of 2015. Moreover, the Jury appreciated the constant growth of a brand that has been an international benchmark in the refrigeration sector since the ’70s. In this regard, exports are a key driver for Costan, as confirmed by the figures: 80% of 2015 turnover comes from trade with European and non-European countries. These results were made possible through the Epta Group’s constant investment in innovation with the objective of combining the excellence of its products with low environmental impact growth and, on the other hand, by the presence of a widespread sales network comprising branches and distributors all over the world.

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There was more success for Epta UK, which was amongst the winners at the RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2016 - the prestigious event for the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector - following on from the awards it picked up in the 2006, 2009 and 2014 editions.

Specifically, the Environmental Collaboration of the Year award went to Trailblazer Employers Group and was collected by John Austin-Davies, the Commercial Director of Epta UK in his capacity as Chairman of the Employers Group, along with Miriam Rodway, CEO of the IOR (Institute of Refrigeration). This is a programme funded by the UK government that involves the cooperation of companies from different sectors in the development of new guidelines for training apprentices to a defined standard. For the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector the IOR invited 11 Companies to take part in the Apprenticeship Trailblazer Project, including Epta UK. The objective is that of setting high standards of training for apprentices based upon real market requirements and promoting technological development, while improving attention to environmental issues.

The feedback from the judges for the RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2016 on this venture was very positive: “The project represents one of the most significant developments in our market segment. This collaboration is the most important of its kind and will have a relevant impact in the promotion of a new approach towards environmental sustainability, and in its contribution to honing the skills of future generations of engineers.”

Moreover, the Jury also had a high regard for the collaboration between Epta UK and The Co-operative Group - a leading retail chain in the UK – for the creation of the retail store in Horwich (Greater Manchester). The collaboration stemmed from the EU FP7 CommONEnergy project and was one of the finalists in the categories, Retail Project of the Year and Low Carbon Achievement.

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Epta is the official supplier for the first edition of Top Chef Italia, the renowned cooking show that has been gripping millions of viewers all over the world for 50 seasons in 21 countries. It is a compelling contest between professional chefs, produced by Magnolia for Discovery Italia with a prime time broadcast on Channel 9.

Passion, experience, manual dexterity, creativity and excellent ingredients: these are the secrets of the Top Chef Italia competitors. To ensure the perfect execution of their gastronomic masterpieces, the set was fitted-out with professional equipment, including Epta solutions from Costan and Misa brands. Cutting-edge refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms that are a testament to Epta’s responsible approach, as expressed by the concept “The Epta Way UP: preserving food value”.

Specifically, the vertical and horizontal plug-ins Opera and Sound Green Costan were chosen, as they combine impeccable presentation and the best preservation of the organoleptic qualities of foodstuffs, with the highest respect for the environment, through the use of green technologies. Moreover, the utmost freshness, wholesomeness and food safety of the sophisticated ingredients is ensured by the Misa KLM cold room, equipped with the exclusive Epta Food Defence. This is an innovative antibacterial system with silver ions available for all Misa solutions and devised to improve the food safety of the products stocked within the cold rooms.

William Pagani, Group Marketing Director for Epta, comments: “This is a new collaboration through which Epta contributes to promoting the centrality of refrigeration as an essential resource for safeguarding foodstuffs and contrasting food waste. In conformity with the Gadda law on the management of surplus food, that came into force in September, Top Chef Italia donates the fresh and high quality products stocked inside the Costan and Misa solutions that are not used during filming to a Milan based charity. This same charity provides more than 2,500 meals every day to people in need, through an agreement with the food bank.”

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A partnership based on an eco-sustainable philosophy: this is the common thread underlying the integrated solutions provided through systems produced by the brands Costan and Eurocryor from the Epta Group for the new Migross store in Caprino Veronese.

A store with a “green heart” through which the Brand wants to highlight its attention to the requirements of the local community in Caprino Veronese, where it has been trading for more than 20 years. Migross’s respect for the area can be seen in original choices like the use of dark stone cladding for the external façade of the store which successfully integrates the building within the mountainous landscape. Moreover the supermarket, which has a surface area of circa 1,500 m2, has a class A energy certification, thanks to its choice of state of the art refrigeration solutions, the use of LED lighting and, last but not least, the installation of solar panels on the roof (42 Kw).

More specifically, in order to respond to Migross’s requirement to reduce the building’s carbon footprint, Epta proposed a CO2 cascade system along with Costan and Eurocryor cabinets, which combine high efficiency with improved product presentation. These include GranVista and Aeria UP Closed, the vertical and semi-vertical chillers, the traditional Rossini Design Convertible cabinet, also available in the Tavola Calda version for hot food and the Cayman UP vertical cabinet for frozen food from the Rev UP Family. It is an exclusive range that enabled the whole store to be fitted-out with a single family of products, thanks to a winning mix of style and technology: from the bakery to cold cuts & cheeses, to deli products and the butcher’s department, through to the fresh and frozen foods area, for a high impact end result that also ensures the highest level of energy saving.

Moreover, to enhance the appeal of the self-serve cold cuts, Epta went for the Eurcoryor branded Twin Mini: a display island with extensive customisation possibilities characterised by a transparent back panel that helps to attract the attention of consumers with natural lighting that highlights the freshness of the products. The special design of Twin Mini also enables fresh foodstuffs to be presented inside the cabinet along with dry items on top of the cabinet, in order to increase cross-selling.

Finally, Epta installed Costan branded promotional islands, the panoramic version Chorus and the semi-panoramic Rhapsody. These compact and efficient plug-ins were designed to respond to Retailer requirements to increase impulse purchases while ensuring a lower environmental impact, thanks to the choice of propane R290 as a natural refrigerant. Propane R290 offers a high performance coefficient and a GWP that is about 1300 times lower than synthetic gases like R404A.

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On 14 October Costan celebrated its 70th anniversary and unveiled the Glass production department in the Limana factory, in the province of Belluno. The event was attended by members of the press and representatives from local and national authorities who gave speeches during the course of the event: MP Gianclaudio Bressa, Undersecretary for Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Gianpaolo Bottacin, Councillor for the Environment and Civil Protection for the Veneto Region, Daniela Larese Filon Chairman of the Province of Belluno and the Mayor of Limana, Milena De Zanet.

It was an event for looking back at Costan’s history and evolution and confirming future projects for the brand - an historic component of the Epta Group - founded in 1946 when brothers Mario and Alberto Costan from Val Comelico set up their first artisans workshop for the production of ice-boxes and refrigerated cabinets in Turin.

Costan is synonymous with quality, first class service, technologically advanced and highly reliable solutions, where innovation is the true strength. In keeping with Epta’s policies, Costan combines product excellence with low environmental impact growth. In the last 10 years the drive towards renewal has been even more pronounced with an average of 5 million euro set aside every year, a total of 50 million between 2007 and 2016. The aim of this strategy is a continual improvement in environmental terms - reducing Costan’s carbon footprint - and in the transformation of its plant into a “factory of the future”, thanks to the introduction and implementation of cutting-edge machinery and automated production lines.

In particular, the most recent investment involved the creation of the Glass production department, a project started at the end of 2014. This strategic plan worth approximately 10 million euro has enabled the Group to acquire the necessary technology and skills to produce up to 250,000 monolithic glass and insulated glass units every year and creating 60 new jobs in the Belluno area. The opening of the Glass production department, occupying an area of 4,800 m2, has also led to an enlargement of the site, which now has a covered area of 70,000 m2.

Marco Nocivelli, CEO and Chairman of the Epta Group stated: “We are proud to celebrate two major goals with our illustrious guests: Costan’s 70th anniversary and the unveiling of the new Glass production department, that has recently started operating at full capacity” and he continued “Costan, one of the Group’s historic brands, fully embraces the Epta philosophy, by combining innovation, excellence and growth with environmental sustainability and the development of the local community. We would like to thank all of our workforce for their support and active commitment through which they have contributed to Epta becoming one of the leading 300 companies in terms of size in Mediobanca’s league table of Italian industrial and service companies.”

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Epta is at the Eurovent Summit 2016, the most important European congress for decision-makers operating in Indoor climate control (HVAC) and food industry cold chain cooling Processes and Technologies, organised in Krakow by the Eurovent Association, Eurovent Certita Certification and Eurovent Market Intelligence. In keeping with its claim “Beyond HVACR” the event is a unique meeting platform for more than 300 top players from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, with more than 40 meetings, seminars and events.

The main feature of the event is the Eurovent Innovation/Hub, where William Pagani, Epta’s Group Marketing Director, delivered the opening speech on the subject: “The future of commercial refrigeration”. His keynote address was followed by more speeches from other personalities from the HVACR industry, who illustrated the sector’s growth prospects in an original and evocative setting, the former Stara Zajezdnia tram depot.


William Pagani, Group Marketing Director commented: “The Eurovent Innovation/Hub was an opportunity for examining in depth the trends and technologies that are contributing to the evolution of refrigeration. The market is increasingly opening towards integration with other sectors, by adopting a comprehensive approach that combines investment in R&D – for example, with the aim of responding to the regulations on the reduction of F-Gas and promoting the transition of stores to Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB)while maintaining a watchful eye on the IT world in order to understand the challenges that have been set by the ongoing IT revolution.

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The Boards of Directors of Epta S.p.A. and its subsidiaries Costan s.r.l., Iarp S.r.l.  and Misa s.r.l. approved the Merging Project of those companies into Epta S.p.A. on 22/09/2016. The decision is aimed to simplify Epta Group’s company structure in Italy and its Governance model accordingly. The aim of the project is to improve the administrative efficiency, reducing the burden of statutory and fiscal obligations to be met. The merger will also allow to achieve significant benefits thanks to faster decision-making processes.

We will continue to operate with our long-standing Italian brands”, stated Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and Managing Director of Epta S.p.A.Costan, Iarp and Misa are leaders in their respective sectors and have always been recognized for innovation, reliability, outstanding design and quality. They are among the pillars of the Group’s tradition and values. The synergies between each brand allow Epta to offer well-balanced, turn-key solutions to meet the market needs in Retail, HoReCa sector and in the Food & Beverage industry”.

For all those concerned, the merger will be effective from the date of the last registrations stipulated  as per the article 2504-bis of the Civil Code, and presumably from 31 December 2016.

The accounting and fiscal effects of the merger will be retrospectively dated to 1 January of the business year in which the legal effects of the merger were enforced (presumably from 1 January 2016).


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Epta Iberia is taking part in Tecnofrío 2016, a prestigious conference organised by the Community of Madrid together with ATECYR (the Spanish Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Association) and the Energy Foundation of the Community of Madrid. The aim of the two-day event, scheduled to take place on 28 and 29 September, is to share the technologies and best practices most affecting the way the refrigeration sector is evolving. The speeches and round tables featuring experts, producers and retailers will focus on six different fields: Coolants, Commercial Cooling, Industrial Cooling and Transportation, Energy Efficiency, the Cold Chain and Further Applications.

Julio Ferradal Mora, Installations and contracting Director of Epta Iberia, will be taking part in the debate dedicated to “New technologies and energy efficiency in refrigeration. Trends of producers, components and renewable energy”. He commented: “The event will provide an opportunity for sharing experiences with the sector’s main players concerning the latest innovations from the Group’s R&D department.” He went on, “Our approach is geared towards constant improvement, and it allows us to offer complete F-Gas compliant systems featuring high functional and energy performance, whilst at the same time achieving savings on HFC taxation currently applied in Spain. In addition, the expertise it has accrued over the years has enabled Epta Iberia to guide its Clients in choosing and customising the eco-compatible system that best suits their needs. It also guarantees that every system is installed to perfection, thereby ensuring management costs are cut and that the environment is respected in full”.

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Responsible growth, a focus on human resources and participation in ventures for the promotion of ethical principles: these are the issues that are dealt with in Epta’s fourth Corporate Social Responsibility Report. It is a document of crucial importance for the Company that aims to share with Stakeholders and Customers the most significant economic, environmental and social results for 2015 and define future strategies, in line with a sustainable social progress. The extreme reliability of the Report is confirmed by TÜV Austria Cert GmbH who certified the Group’s CSR in line with the Core G4 option of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives) international standards.

A tangible example of Epta’s sustainable approach is its commitment towards the implementation of increasingly green solutions: to date more than 50% of its plug-in models work with R290 propane gas and 100% of remote cabinets are also available to operate on CO2. The offer is further extended with CO2 plant and systems - which can also be personalised - enabling refrigeration systems to be integrated with the existing building systems and to reutilise heat in the transition towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB). Thanks to this “total solution” Epta is able to work with Retailers to create ecostores in any climatic zone, whatever the size of their stores.

Safeguarding of resources and the utmost energy efficiency for its factories: the installation of cogeneration systems, photovoltaic panels and the technological improvements introduced in the production process have resulted in a reduction of 12% of KOE (Kilograms of Oil Equivalent) per product in the last three years, while significant technical improvements have also enabled a reduction in water consumption by 32% per unit produced compared to 2013 levels.

Finally, Epta believes in the importance of continuous training, to ensure a high level of professionalism for internal and external staff alike, thus promoting the introduction of best practices and the latest technologies available in the market. Specifically, in order to share the know-how it has acquired over time at a global level in the design and installation of CO2 refrigeration systems, the Group created the Epta CO2 Training Centre. The centre, which is located in Bradford in the United Kingdom, provides training and refresher courses to encourage the adoption of CO2and to date it has trained more than 600 engineers with practical and theory lessons in their respective native languages.

Marco Nocivelli, CEO of the Epta Group stated: “I would like to thank all of our workforce, as their active involvement plays a crucial role in bringing forth our certified process of continual improvement and making our business model more sustainable. The culture of social responsibility is a very important factor for the Company as it proceeds towards an ever-greater overlap between sustainability and strategic choices and continuedIt is a process we embarked on five years ago and which has led to us reaching and surpassing the ambitious goals we had set ourselves during the course of the last three years. We have exceeded a level of 50% of high efficiency solutions within our product range and have reduced energy consumption by 12% in the last four years. Our next goal will be that of obtaining a further reduction in energy consumption in the next three years.”

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