Epta SpA announces the acquisition of King Richard Shop System Inc., longstanding distributor of the Group in the Philippines. King Richard Shop System Inc. is well known in the country for service & contracting in commercial refrigeration thanks to its twenty years of experience and a staff of over 100 people.

With this operation the Epta Group will expand its direct presence in East Asia, where it is already active in China, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Epta is combining its know-how and expertise in the production and supply of technologically advanced systems with all-round service for both Retailers and the Food&Bev segment.

Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta declares: “We are very proud to welcome to our Group all the staff of King Richard Shop System Inc. This operation is perfectly in line with the growth objectives that we set ourselves for the year to consolidate our presence in emerging countries, where we are growing in line with expectations.”

Gennaro Gentile, General Manager of Epta Asia, concludes: “This in an opportunity for both parties which enables us to be more competitive together and emerge as one of the strongest players in the Philippines able to offer a complete service throughout the country. It is an acquisition that enhances our mutual know-how: the quality that characterizes the cutting edge solutions of the Epta brands and the significant experience of King Richard Shop System Inc. in offering unrivalled pre and post sales assistance.”

The agreement has been finalized and will become effective as of 1st July 2017.

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EptAcademy is the training project developed in conjunction with the SDA Bocconi School of Management – the world’s sixth-ranking Business School in the Executive Education: Custom Programs category, according to the league table drafted by the Financial Times in 2016. It is a mid-to-long-term process focusing on management of the Epta Group, to increase the team’s managerial and leadership skills.

In detail, EptAcademy involves two approaches: the Epta Leadership Program and Talent Development, respectively dedicated to more senior profiles and potential talent. The aim is to share academic best practices teamed with work on a business case devised purposely for Epta. The Academy will be a centre for skills which will be developed thanks to training sessions provided by SDA Bocconi lecturers and players from the international stage.

It is a strategic initiative aimed at tackling the challenges posed by the global refrigeration market. The Epta Leadership Program is divided into four (or 3+1) modules, and offers participants a strategic model geared towards leadership of markets and organisations within highly competitive global contexts. The Talent Development, on the other hand, is developed in five modules, each of which focuses on a primary role within a complex organisation.

Following the approach used in a condensed MBA, the programme sets out to give participants the chance to enhance their skills all-round in the various areas of the business process. It also aims to help them develop their talent, including the possibility of taking part in a group project task aimed at consolidating what they have learned.

Marco Nocivelli, Managing Director and Chairman of the Epta Group, on the inauguration day of the EptAcademy, declared: “Pursuing a strategy geared towards guaranteeing the Group’s success is a challenge constantly tackled by Epta, which views leadership of its Team as its most important competitive lever. In fact, people are the pillars our future must be built upon. As a result, I am pleased to present to you the EptAcademy project, developed in conjunction with SDA Bocconi. The course will boost the skills of the Team as key elements that will allow us to reach our ambitious growth targets.

To remain up-to-date on the latest news, follow the EptAcademy showcase page on Linkedin:


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Numeri Primi will be opening a “temple of gastronomy and fine dining” with its new store in the centre of Bari, and has called upon Epta for the fit-out of the fresh food area. This will be an innovative concept, created to safeguard the authentic values of tradition and quality and a place where shopping will offer an opportunity to immerse customers in a process involving all the senses, from sight to taste. This format is reflected perfectly in Epta’s strategic approach, which aims to promote a superior customer experience thanks to bespoke visual merchandising solutions for every Store.

These include the remote Granvista Costan positive vertical cabinets and the  compact Valzer plug-ins, that were chosen for packaged fresh products: full-height glass doors that enhance the local products and are respectful of the environment. sustainability is one of the main strengths of Numeri Primi, as confirmed by the choice of these glass cabinets and particularly GranVista, that is certified by Eurovent, as a guarantee of the highest performance levels even for energy-saving.

Numeri Primi also aims to underline the importance of tradition by promoting a direct interaction between the highly experienced staff and its gourmet customers. In this regard, the Rossini cabinet proved ideal for bringing staff and consumers closer to one another in the serve-over area. The personalisation of the front panel in white ash block-board contributes to highlighting the wholesomeness and freshness of the finest cuts of meats and the generous selection of cheeses.

Finally, to guarantee for its customers an unrivalled service, Numeri Primi has also chosen to use the assistance offered by the specialist brand Epta Service.


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For the first Oasi  Store in Perugia, the Gabrielli Group has overcome two challenges: to offer the city a sustainable point of sale, as well as a welcoming and familiar place, which has always been a priority for the Brand.

The project was accomplished in collaboration with the Epta Group, which contributed towards outfitting the fourth Oasi store in energy class A, thanks to the innovative FTE – Full Transcritical Efficiency system, and the solutions of its Costan brand, with unique design and performance.

The true star of the green revolution is the new transcritical CO2 FTE, connected to an Eco2Small plant. The store is actually one of the first in the world in which the Epta Group installed this system, which in a simple way ensures energy savings of 10% and a reduction in installation and maintenance cost of 20%, compared with traditional booster solutions.

The exclusive Epta Telemonitoring Service completes an assortment of cabinets, from the closed vertical GranVista units for fresh produce to the Elephant UP frozen food counters that avoid dispersal of the cold air and reduce energy consumption, This service allows the constant monitoring of consumption and the adjustment of the operating parameters to real environmental conditions.

Respect for the market and for the community also entails paying the utmost attention to the needs of consumers, which is confirmed by the wide range of products available: 14,000 items, of which 9,000 food, including local, bio, vegan, gluten free... Also worthy of note is the assisted service department, furnished with traditional Rossini Design cabinets, for consumers who like to be advised by experienced operators on the specialities on offer in the Delicatessen, Butchery & Cold Meats and Cheese departments.

Costan solutions have been chosen as a guarantee of better shelf life in produce, helping to reduce food waste. This is a new initiative for the Epta Group aimed at promoting the Zero Waste philosophy, in line with the principles of the food surplus recovery programme agreed between the superstore and the Food Bank.

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E.Leclerc gave Epta Iberia its remit for the restyling work on the fresh foods area of the Soria store, this year celebrating 21 years in business: guaranteeing first class service with the utmost respect for the environment.

It was a challenge Epta Iberia has managed to exceed by creating a turn-key installation with the store open for business, renewing all the cabinets and cold rooms and introducing a transcritical CO2 system which recuperates heat for hot water, and a gas cooler with mechanical subcooling.

Maximum energy savings and tailor-made visual merchandising solutions: the Client was thrilled with the quality of the Costan and Eurocryor cabinets also chosen for E.Leclerc in Lugo, reserving particular praise for the Eurocryor cabinets with stainless steel door frames, already featured in the assisted service area. In particular, the Butcher’s, Deli and Cured Meats areas were furnished with the traditional Eurocryor Bistrot and semi-circular sections of Rondelle. These see  innovative Dynamic System technology which allows meat to be preserved for several days in the cabinets without being returned to the cold room at night. Inside the Cured meats and Cheeses area, the section dedicated to the Gourmet del Jamón stands out. Here the Eurocryor Tower solution, with its high degree of transparency, helps showcase renowned Spanish ham.

The “Punto Caliente” is also worth noting: created to meet the needs of increasingly active consumers with little time for cooking, it offers ready meals and ready-to-eat dishes. Eurocryor designed a special version of Rondelle, adapting the Hot Food model, ideal for presenting over 10 first and second courses and a variety of desserts every day.

Last but not least, the aisle dedicated to Fruit sees an island installed by Epta Iberia comprising of semivertical Aeria UP Compact Open cabinets made by the Costan brand. These combine a low environmental impact with exclusive aesthetics, which are enhanced by non-refrigerated corners created specifically to increase cross selling. These are used for displaying exotic produce which rounds off the wide range on offer.

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Retail in the face of modern markets and consumers’ smart evolution: this is the topic covered in the #EptaExperience magazine, a section insert made by Epta in collaboration with Largoconsumo, one of the most important retail magazines in Italy.

The dossier, presented at Euroshop but still up to date, provides a comprehensive overview of retail market trends including interviews with European retailers, manufacturers and designers, such as Coop, Carrefour, Electrolux, Lactalis, and also presents the innovative Epta solutions launched at Euroshop.

#EptaExperience magazine is fully downloadable at the following link

Here following the link to each section:

Allée des Fromages - partnership with Lactalis

Restaur-Action in Retail - partnership with Electrolux


Rossini & Maxima Evolution

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Created in conjunction with Electrolux Professional, it has received the Retail Institute Award Italy

The Epta Group has received a new award, the Retail Institute Award Italy 2017, for its Restaur-Action in Retail corner, created in conjunction with Electrolux Professional.

The most important contest for excellence in Retail Marketing and POP was held at The Mall, an exclusive location set in the heart of Milan’s Porta Nuova business district as part of the Shop Expo exhibition-convention. Competing creations were displayed throughout the three-day event and were assessed by a technical jury made up of professionals and experts in the Retail field.

The names of the winners were announced yesterday during a gala dinner organised in the top-flight location of the 31st floor of the Pirelli skyscraper. The award for the Shop-in-Shop category was given to the Restaur-Action in Retail corner devised by Giorgio De Ponti, Designer and Product Strategic Manager of the Epta Group and Silvano Costantini, Retail Sales Manager of Electrolux Professional.

In particular, Restaur-Action in Retail is a format for the catering field which is ideal for commercial premises, airports and service stations. It has been created to provide a response to the trend which is seeing large-scale retail trade embarking on new approaches to catering. More than a fad, the idea devised by Epta and Electrolux is a fully-fledged philosophy to offer a solution which combines two sections within a single closable structure, one of which is for takeaway whilst the other is for dine-in consumption. An example of a retail in-store restaurant, the new concept offers the possibility to be opened and closed with a simple movement of the eat-in part. The corners are completed with the plug-ins of the new Cool Emotions Range by Iarp, the semi-vertical drinks cabinet Joy, and the Glee vertical, already available for ice-creams, drinks and wine, in the special Winery version with shelves which can be set at an angle.

Lastly, through the Electrolux Chef Academy, Electrolux is offering customers the chance to create specialised menus and a training and consultancy service on how to make them.

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Epta received the “Imprese X Innovazione– Andrea Pininfarina” (Businesses 4 Innovation- Andrea Pininfarina) award from Confindustria. This prestigious award was bestowed on the 21 best Italian businesses that have demonstrated the ability to maintain and increase their competitive lead by investing in all-round innovation. Marco Nocivelli, CEO of Epta received the award on May 23rd during the official Confindustria ceremony that took place in Rome.

The IXI Award is organised in conjunction with the Giuseppina Mai Foundation, Intesa Sanpaolo bank and the technical support of the Associazione Premio Qualità Italia (APQI- the Italian Quality Award Association). It has the distinction of being the first in Europe to have adopted the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) innovation parameters

Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and Managing Director of Epta S.p.A, declared: “We are proud to have won this important award. It encourages us even more to continue the growth process we have embarked upon. The award views innovation as a vital competitive lever; and it is in fact a key factor of the Group’s assets and one which should be preserved and enhanced.” He concluded, “It is an acknowledgement of the dedication and successes of our whole team, whose passion, creativity and team spirit have allowed us to pursue ongoing evolution, offer the market new products and services and optimise internal processes, with an end to constantly improving the company as a whole.”

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Epta had a double appointment in the Far East with its brand Misa, at Food&Hotel Vietnam, between 25 and 27 April in Ho Chi Minh dedicated to the Food & Hospitality segment in the Indochina area, and at Hofex, the unmissable biennial trade fair for all Ho.Re.Ca. operators interested in the Asian market, that  took place between 8 and 11 May in Hong Kong.

Misa attended the fair in collaboration with AM Group – a company that has been active in Asia for years in the luxury hotels sector as a provider of catering equipment – to present its flagship solutions, including KLM, the mini Misa cold room available in 35 models with different depths and internal heights, making it ideal for optimising space while always ensuring the best preservation of foodstuffs. 

Finally, in order to improve the food safety of the products being stocked, KLM and all the Misa solutions are treated with the innovative Epta Food Defence antibacterial system that uses silver ions. This technology is able to prevent, combat and eliminate numerous types of bacteria, including the better known and most dangerous species. The antibacterial properties are applied to the sheet metal used to manufacture the cold rooms, providing complete protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the life cycle of the cold rooms.

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