Important milestone for Misa, who is awarded CE Marking


Misa has been awarded CE Marking by ITC (Construction Technologies Institute), Evaluation Report no. ETA 11/0201 for commercial cold rooms. This certification means that the company can offer a product with the following characteristics:

- Control of components and raw materials used

- Production process according to regulations

- Cold rooms do not emit substances dangerous to health, are easy to clean and do not encourage formation of condensation or dirt.

- Absolutely safe to use

- Energy saving and heat retention, thanks to the quality of insulating materials, so that heat dispersion is reduced to a minimum.

- Excellent resistance to chemical and external agents, remaining functional for a long time.

Francesco Micheletti, Misa’s managing director says: “We have worked extremely hard, carrying out a great number of lab tests, because of the complexity or our cold rooms and the materials they are made of. We are confident that the end result is a guarantee for our clients and will enable us to reinforce our market leadership.”

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Who is Eurovent?

Eurovent is a non-profit association grouping together, at a European level, the main industries in the refrigeration and AC sectors. Founded in 1993, it represents over 180 manufacturers from 23 countries.

Scope of activity

To bring in objective evaluation criteria for defining energy classes of products, guaranteeing a level playing field for operators. To do this, Eurovent uses an independent certification body, TNO, who follows international legislation.

The value of Eurovent for Epta

Measuring the effective energy consumption of cabinets, for Epta, means offering clients high-quality products with guaranteed performance.

Complete transparency and professionalism for the company, supplying all necessary technical documentation to make sure it reflects the results of laboratory testing.

A case of success

Energy savings of 45% above market average were found for Proxima Volum by Bonnet Névé, in class A - and Epta is pleased to guarantee this to its clients.

The companies Costan S.p.A. and Bonnet Névé S.A. participate in the ECC programme for: Refrigerated display cabinets (RDC); Check ongoing validity of certificate online: or using:

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HOST 2011


International showcase for Eurocryor and Misa

The Group’s two star brands will take part in Host 2011 from 21st to 25th October. 

Host is the world-level event of excellence for hospitality. A lot of sectors are involved, where business is the key player: Professional Catering, Bread/Pizza/Pasta, Bar/Coffee machines, Ice-cream/Confectionery and Hotel&Spa Emotion.

Internationality is the keyword of this edition. With 1300 exhibitors coming from 40 countries and more than 125,000 visitors expected, it will be a unique opportunity to broaden business horizons. Eurocryor will have a stand in Hall 18, Ice-cream & Confectionery sector, while Misa will be in Hall 1 (Professional Catering and Horeca) - in all, over 340m².

In both exhibition spaces the connecting thread will be Eptology, in line with the Group’s new positioning and image presented at EuroShop. Elegance and a high level of customisation - these are the guidelines of the Eurocryor stand, while quality and food health are musts of Misa’s promotion.


Visit the stands:

Eurocryor Hall 18 Stand F95 G102

MISA Hall 1P Stand M22 P21

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The Costan flagships “cool down” Centro Sicilia.


“Centro Sicilia” – the biggest and most futuristic shopping facility on the island of Sicily – opened on 10th June. We are talking about a platform of services that extends more than 56,000 m2 with a user basin of 900,000 residents.

Specifically, Costan furnished the space dedicated to the Iperspar brand: Rossini straight glass serve-over displays, Lion vertical cabinets (High performance version), Tortuga horizontal freezers and Cayman 2 combined freezer-refrigerator with  covers and condensation-proof glass. Lastly, EptaBerg Multispeed normal refrigerating systems and EptaGreen with CO2 cascade unit for low temperatures.

So, high performance and eco-sustainability are musts for Costan, in keeping with the concept of the ambitious multifunctional centre in Catania. "A green island on the island" constructed according to the most modern principles of the green economy and combining design, technology, energy saving and respect for the environment.

Mr. Michele Vitali from Costan states: “The installation in “Centro Sicilia” is confirmed as a point of reference in the market due to the technological innovation and efficiency of our solutions. Furthermore, the concept of the approach to the entire shopping complex aims at safeguarding resources and protecting the eco-system – perfectly in line with our corporate values”.

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5000 m² of Costan units

28th June, the spotlights were on Iper Esclat in Malla, the first shopping centre in Spain constructed in energy class A. The Costan solutions were selected on the Iberian peninsula by virtue of their performance, which can safeguard energy resources and the environment.

Gazelle, high performance Lion for fresh meat, Lion Cub Large, Aeria with sliding doors, Elephant, Sound Green Energy run on propane are just some of the units installed in the brand new Spanish store.  State-of-the-art in terms of reducing consumption: indeed, all the units come with electronic reactors and low-powered fans, while the systems are fitted with inverters. The supply is completed by the semi-industrial coldrooms and Costan doors.

Since 1998, the Group has been repositioning itself in Catalonia and uses two separate formats to distinguish the brands: on the one hand the Bon Preu brand local supermarkets and on the other the Esclat brand hypermarkets.

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