“We opted for Epta Deutschland because of its expertise in furnishing top-flight stores, as well as the unique design and outstanding performance of the solutions the brand produces. We particularly like the Bistrot counter and the Torre and Rondelle modules designed specifically by the Eurocryor brand, which showcase the freshness of our meats and the selection of fine international cheeses. These solutions really make the difference and attract the customer’s attention to the products on display, encouraging purchases,” comments Sven Stiegler, owner of Edeka in Frankenthal. Opened in 2015, the store keeps growing: last year turnover was up +30% on the previous business year, and a further expansion of the sales area totalling around 700 m2 is in the pipeline.

The store features refined furnishings, a vast range of around 20,000 products and a welcoming atmosphere. The assisted service departments stand out: they are the perfect example of the art of customisation which Epta Deutschland offers. Combinations of sophisticated colours and materials underscore the quality of the dairy produce, meats and deli meats available inside the Eurocryor cabinets. The elegant front panels in light wood of the traditional Bistrot cabinets alternate with the fully-glazed Torre cabinet, which has suprisingly transparent surfaces. Room has also been made for the exclusive Rondelle sections in steel: this ingenious solution with a rotating top has been designed to promote cross-selling of snacks and sauces, to be served as an accompaniment to cheeses.

The stars of the self-service area are the Bonnet Névé SkyView and Proxima positive vertical cabinets. The SkyView is a special corner version: highly simplified forms and flawless illumination guarantee a high-impact yet neat effect, heightening appeal and the bright colours of the cans and bottles on display.

A further strong point of the store is its entrance, dominated by a Proxima cabinet which welcomes customers with the ingredients for a quick meal such as cold pasta dishes, salads, grilled cheese and the new vegan range. The 5-metre cabinet has been designed with the modern consumer in mind; those in search of satisfying meals but with little time to dedicate to shopping and cooking.

The installation is rounded off with a transcritical CO2 unit with heat recovery, guaranteeing the Frankenthal Edeka heating and hot water 365 days a year, as well as the remote monitoring service provided by EptaService to guarantee that consumption rates are optimised to best effect.

Watch the gallery on Bonnet Névé and Eurocryor products!

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With its brands Costan and Misa, Epta will again be the supplier for this year’s edition of Top Chef Italia, the renowned culinary talent show produced by Magnolia for Discovery Italia that will be aired every Thursday on NOVE (Channel 9 on the digital terrestrial platform). Sixteen professional chefs will compete against one another under the watchful gaze of the dreaded Michelin-starred judges Annie Féolde (Enoteca Pinchiorri, three Michelin stars), Giuliano Baldessari (Aqua Crua, one Michelin star) and Mauro Colagreco (Mirazur, two Michelin stars), for the sought-after title in this second edition of Top Chef Italia and a prize of 50,000 euro in gold coins. The contestants will have to face four challenges during each exciting episode, where they will try their hands at both their own personal creations and in reinterpretations of traditional Italian classics: little works of art that are able to generate a harmony of the senses, including through the precious contribution of the Epta branded solutions!

The Group provided the Costan Opera and Sound Green cabinets and the Misa KLM cold room with Epta Food Defence. As “allies” of the contestants, these systems contribute to maximising the experience of the chefs while, at the same time, making the tasting experience of the judges truly unforgettable. This is thanks to the Opera vertical plug-in and the Sound Green Costan cabinet, which combine a high level of performances with superior protection of foodstuffs, a large display area and the  highest level of ergonomics. The result is the perfect visibility of the food items, which assist chefs in one of the most critical phases in the preparation of a recipe, i.e. the choice of the right raw materials.

Moreover, the Misa KLM cold room ensures the preservation of the nutritional qualities, colours and aromas of the foods, for ingredients that are always extremely fresh and dishes fitting of real top chefs. All of this is guaranteed by the exclusive Epta Food Defence technology, an antibacterial system designed for the highest food safety of the items stored inside the cold room, for a complete protection lasting for their entire shelf life.

This prestigious collaboration with Top Chef Italia is further testimony of the fact that the creations of Epta’s brands are designed and manufactured with the utmost focus on the value of the experience. This concept is summarised appropriately by the claim “EptaExperience is the way”, through which the Group confirms once again its ability to skilfully combine expertise, innovation and personalisation of the systems offered by its brands, to offer a truly unparalleled experience and engaging experience for all users of its solutions.

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Epta provides a new look for Nordiconad La Rotonda in Modena


Style and high performance welcome customers in the food area of the recently refurbished Nordiconad La Rotonda in Modena. For the restyling of the hypermarket, the fascia chose to rely on Epta and the flagship solutions of its brands Costan, Eurocryor and Misa. The main objectives of the refurbishment were, to give the sales spaces in the hypermarket a strong harmonious identity, reflecting the display format that characterises Conad stores and, at the same time, to achieve a major reduction in energy consumption.

The solutions offered by Epta proved to be the winning choice in ensuring the right balance between design, functionality and performance. The undisputed star of the fresh food area is the new GranVista Next of the Granfit range produced by Costan, provided in a Closed version within the aisles and in the new Open version in the end units. This sophisticated cabinet was chosen for its unrivalled visibility – thanks to full-height windows, panoramic ends and frameless doors – as well as its intrinsic versatility, that makes it ideal for highlighting all types of products; from dairy products and cheeses, to fresh pasta, to cold cuts and meats. A further advantage of GranVista Next is its high level of sustainability: it is in fact the first remote cabinet to be certified in class A+ by the Eurovent-Certita Certification programme.

With their play of contrasts in volumes, materials and transparencies, the traditional Rossini Design by Costan are perfect for emphasising the depth of the range and quality of the items in the Cold Cuts & Delicatessen and Butcher’s area. The windows stand out for their minimalist style and greater ease in identifying items, in both the serve-over and self-service areas., The utmost attention to detail that Epta demonstrated in this project is underlined by a special glass cold room produced by Misa in the meats area, used for the maturation of the highest quality cuts for true gourmet.

Finally, another touch of class in the fresh foods area is Impact by Eurocryor, which was customised for the Nordiconad Patisserie. With its  delicate forms and discrete light wood finishes, it embodies and enhances the conceptual spirit of the store. The solution is designed to  integrate  the presentation of self-service, fresh, pre-packaged foods with extremely fresh serve-over products, in a single piece of furniture that offers the highest aesthetic and ergonomic value.

The supply and fit-out was completed with the tele-monitoring service offered by EptaService, which is operational 24/7. This highly flexible and personalised system ensures predictive diagnostics and prompt interventions in the adjustment of the system’s parameters, to offer the highest level of energy efficiency in the running of the Modena store.

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The Epta Group’s contribution to the European CommONEnergy project


Epta is in Brussels for the final conference of the CommONEnergy project which, funded by the European Union, proposes to transform supermarkets from paradigms of the consumer society into concrete examples of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. “Cost-competitive deep renovation of shopping centres: technologies and drivers for EU policies” is the common thread of the addresses that will be given on 7 September with the goal of presenting the main results of the last five years of research. Epta’s Innovation Centre Manager Maurizio Orlandi will be among the speakers to illustrate the technologies and systems developed by the Group in the framework of CommONEnergy.

It is thus an opportunity to introduce the advantages of Epta’s latest innovations, including FTE (Full Transcritical Efficiency), an industrialized refrigeration system suited to any climatic condition that combines simplicity and performance, ensuring an energy savings of 10% (compared to a standard CO2 booster system) and up to 20% lower installation and maintenance costs.

Epta’s role in CommONEnergy is also seen in its promotion of a systematic approach aimed at ensuring a drastic reduction of energy consumption, as was the case at the Coop Alleanza 3.0 of Modena Canaletto. In detail, the Group proposed CO2 solutions able to integrate refrigeration with store systems, making the sales outlet a concrete model of n-ZEB (nearly-Zero Energy Building).

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The Group is celebrating a new milestone: our LinkedIn community now has 10,000 followers!

A special thanks goes to all the people that follow us every day: the increasing number of “Likes” encourages us to share information on quality, provide talking points, comment on the trends within the sector, details on the latest news within the company and on new special ventures. These include the regular appearance of #eptaroundtheworld, a selection of the most significant fit-outs from all over the world, fascinating videos and interviews with the management of the Group, as well as the recent addition of news relating to the EPTAcademy training programme that was developed in collaboration with SDA Bocconi School of Management.

Roberto Piccinelli, Epta HR Director declared: “We are very happy to have reached this important target; 10,000 followers is an exceptional result that we have reached in a short period of time and reflects our increasing brand awareness within the biggest professional network in the world.” and he continued “For us LinkedIn is an ideal platform for promoting our initiatives and the  growing attention towards our internal human resources and the constant investments on the development and training of our staff. It also enables us to come in contact with the most talented profiles in the network and supplement our team with new resources to support us in overcoming the challenges presented by the refrigeration market”.

If you haven’t already done so, join our community today and find articles from #eptaroundtheworld, #eptaexperiencequality, video interviews and events all over the world!


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Epta is preparing for important events with the future of natural refrigerants as the Group was the Gold sponsor of ATMOsphere Australia in May as it will be at ATMOsphere Asia and ATMOsphere Europa in September.

These are acknowledged internationally as being the most influential events in their respective geographical areas and will represent an opportunity for meeting all of the operators of the HVAC&R sector, as well as Representatives of the Governments of numerous countries to discuss the latest technological targets and smart-green success stories.

William Pagani, Group Marketing Director of Epta stated: “Guaranteeing for Retailers complete solutions, that are 100% natural and able to combine high performances, maximum energy saving and the best promotion of products is the challenge that commercial refrigeration has to overcome in order to establish itself as the “invisible and integrated partner”. Retailers need to continue to be competitive.” He added: “It is a challenge for the market, but an opportunity which Epta has been able to seize. The Group offers a wide range of CO2 solutions that were designed to surpass the current limitations of transcritical systems, sized for any store format and suitable for use in any climate. After its launch at Euroshop 2017, the ATMOsphere congresses will be another chance to present the advantages of our exclusive transcritical CO2 FTE (Full transcritical Efficiency) - that is patent pending in Italy and Australia.

Read the news dedicated to the FTE for more details

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Epta Iberia launched its new brand Epta Concept, that made its debut by working on a very special store: the covered market in Calle Clara del Rey in Madrid, which demonstrates Epta Concept’s ability to offer ad hoc fit-outs, where the solutions from Epta’s brands integrate perfectly with store layouts.

The first step involved was outlining the requirements of the customer before proceeding with the design of unique shopping environments that  surprise consumers as soon as they walk through the door, thanks to the close collaboration between the Sales, Marketing and Merchandising departments. The market is a charming open space with no visual barriers, that almost beckons you to discover the day’s fresh specialties. The most striking feature is the personalization of every area, despite them all fitting harmoniously into the space.

The fresh food acts as a “catalyst”: Epta Concept has designed numerous areas, each of which has its own personality. The presentation of fish, meats, cold cuts and desserts stand out as a result of constantly changing details: the seafood is positioned on a special cabinet designed by Costan with a shelf for unpackaged products and a fully equipped back counter in stainless steel, while the exquisite Jamons, cured meats and cheeses are displayed in Rossini Costan cabinets with clean lines and curved glass. Another  noteworthy feature is the Patisserie, that has  a sophisticated appearance thanks to the choice of Eurocryor Spring B solutions with straight glass, double shelves and the Torre tutto-vetro [full-glass Tower] with 5 shelves. These bespoke cabinets make the “sweet creations” truly irresistible, thanks to their full transparency and the warm colour of the briar-root that was chosen for the front panel and the back wall of the department.
Another stand-out feature is the area dedicated to fruit with wooden display cabinets, where the promotion of the items combines with the utmost focus on ergonomics and functionality.

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Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of the Epta Group, was one of the speakers at the Open to Innovation! Conference, that was organised by Federazione Anima in the exclusive setting of Milan’s "Leonardo da Vinci" National Museum of Science and Technology. The common theme of the event was the present and future developments of Italian technology from a 4.0 perspective.

The event was attended by key political and institutional representatives, including the Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda, the Chairman of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia and the chairman of Anima Alberto Caprari, who were involved in debates with entrepreneurs on the meaning of “new competitiveness” and real instruments to help companies grow. The session also benefited from the experience of specialists and entrepreneurs who offered their own evidence during an engaging and insightful round table and illustrated “their” vision for Industry 4.0, the strategies they have implemented and the guidelines for the coming years to transform plants into smart factories and contribute even more tangibly to Italy’s cultural and economic evolution.

Marco Nocivelli – Chairman and CEO of the Epta Group stated:We started this Revolution back at the start of the new millennium. The process that took us from the installation of the first industrial robot to the automated production lines we have today in all our plants has been long and complex, but time has proven us right and nowadays it is evident that innovation really is the future for a manufacturing industry that wants to win the challenge of international competitiveness.” And he concluded “As entrepreneurs we have to allow ourselves to be driven by curiosity and we must look for new ways and new solutions to continue to improve. Adopting Industry 4.0 does not simply mean buying new machinery, as it must involve changing the way we manage procedures and factories and changing the way we see things.”

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“The protection of the environment, attention to workers and local communities and the promotion of projects based on ethical principles should be considered a daily practice and “lifestyle” for every entrepreneur that should be adopted unreservedly” declares Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of the Epta Group. These were the guiding principles for the drafting of our fifth Corporate Social Responsibility Report, that was recently validated by TÜV Austria Cert GmbH in line with option Core G4.”

The Group has reviewed the material aspects of the Report in accordance with the new G4 requirements: thanks to a survey involving a sample of internal stakeholders that identified the risks, opportunities and the most important aspects for the business, while establishing a list of KPIs which were then examined in depth in the CSR. Marco Nocivelli commented: “Our objective for next year is that of also involving external stakeholders in this process to make our Corporate Social Responsibility Report even more thorough and reliable and respond even more effectively to market requirements.”

Competing in a world characterised by constant technological challenges, with a combined focus on the utmost quality in terms of aesthetics and the best performances in the market: this is the “must” driving Epta in the production of refrigerated solutions that guarantee an innovative experience for consumers and the simultaneous reduction of their carbon footprint. The new GranFit  range of the  Costan brand and Bonnet Névé’s SkyEffect are the finest expression of this, with a line of efficient refrigerated cabinets for the fit-out of fresh and frozen food areas with a single family of products, to create infinite compositions and aisles with a modern appeal,  ensuring a revolutionary presentation for all food items.

Epta’s wide range of solutions to make stores “naturally” green includes the new FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency system that overcomes all the limitations of traditional transcritical CO2 systems, combining simplicity and performance for energy savings of 10%.

Factories designed for the protection of resources and the utmost efficiency: Epta chooses cogeneration plants, solar panels and the implementation of Industry 4.0 processes to guarantee a reduction of 5.7% in KOE (kg of Oil Equivalent)/product despite the increase of units it manufactures. The new technologies it has adopted have enabled it to reduce the per unit consumption of water by 7.5% compared to 2014.

The ventures promoted by the Group include the EPTAcademy, training project that was developed in collaboration with SDA Bocconi School of Management. This a medium-long term process dedicated to the management of the Epta Group that includes two separate branches, the Epta Leadership Programme and the Talent Development, to increase the team’s managerial and leadership skills in order to support the significant development plan.

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Epta is taking part in the redevelopment of the former Manifatture Cotoniere Meridionali owned by Gianni Lettieri. This an area of more than 31,700 m2 over three levels where the first major shopping centre in Salerno was recently unveiled.

The Cotoniere has about 100 shops and a Conad store of 2,500 m2, where the solutions of the Epta brands Costan, Eurocryor and Misa contribute to promoting the fascia’s philosophy, based on unrivalled quality and product assortment.

To guarantee the  highest level of freshness and the best energy saving, Epta proposed its new transcritical CO2 FTE with remote tele-monitoring. This is an exclusive system that combines the possibility to use natural refrigeration even in hot climates, with the highest simplicity of installation and management: this innovative technology was developed by Epta to establish its position with Retailers as the invisible and integrated partner they need to continue to remain competitive.

As a new generation supermarket, the Conad at Le Cotoniere  offers something special in the Gastronomy, Bakery and Pizzeria areas which feature the traditional Panorama cabinets by Eurocryor, truly “panoramic” displays, that are enhanced by Torre, to highlight the wholesomeness of the constantly changing dishes that Conad’s chefs prepare with great skill. As a concrete expression of the claim “Buono perché fatto in casa Conad” [Good because it is home-made by Conad], the local specialties and the classics of Italian cuisine can be consumed in a dedicated area within the store, or at home.

The fine Scottona meats, along with the cuts that are most popular with consumers, are the stars of the Butcher’s area thanks to the Rossini Design by Costan, that really highlights the food’s freshness. The choice of cream coloured end cabinets and the white led lighting in the lower part of the panel, increase the contrast with the black wall of the department and attract the attention of consumers towards the products on display.

In the aisle of packaged products there is an explosion of colours, thanks to the Costan GranVista positive vertical cabinets. These glass cabinets are able to combine excellent performances in terms of energy saving with the highest visibility for food items, to promote a higher rotation of the  rich selection of fresh products.

An additional distinctive element of the store, in line with the aim of making the Conad at Le Cotoniere “a store with something extra compared to traditional shops”, is the open cheese factory, where Masters of the art of cheese-making produce on a daily basis delicacies like buffalo mozzarella, fiordilatte and crescenza, that are displayed like products in a jewellery store within a special Misa glass cold room that has three panoramic walls.


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