Marco Nocivelli, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Epta Group receives Le Grandi Guglie della Grande Milano” Prize of Centro Studi Grande Milano, in the presence of Attilio Fontana, President of the Lombardy Region and Gianmario Verona, Rector of Bocconi University. During the evening of 18 September, Gian Domenico Auricchio, Chief Executive Officer of Auricchio S.p.A. and Riccardo Chini, President and Chief Executive Officer of Calvi Holding S.p.A. also received prizes and Alfredo Ambrosetti will be awarded the “Grandi Guglie alla Carriera”.

The prize is given to personalities from all walks of life, who have distinguished themselves for their commitment to the promotion of the economic, scientific, social and cultural fabric of the metropolitan area of Milan. Marco Nocivelli received it “for his extraordinary entrepreneurial career geared to values of internationalisation, innovation and sustainability, which has led him to the prestigious role of President Anima Confindustria Meccanica and of President and Chief Executive Officer of the Epta Group, known worldwide”.

The prize is a sign and synthesis of the founding values of the hardworking city of Milan, as witnessed by the same materials chosen for its construction: a solid wood base, which represents roots and tradition, connecting to an aluminium support, an expression of modernity and technology, from which transparent spires project upwards and to the future.

Marco Nocivelli, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Epta Group states, “I am very proud to receive this prestigious award, which comes with a great responsibility. My father, founder of the Epta Group, taught me that it is an entrepreneur’s duty to commit himself to being a virtuous example for society. Supporting projects based on ethical principles, such as initiatives in favour of the environment, cultural heritage, education and attention to the workers and local communities should be considered a day-to-day practice.” He concludes, “A “lifestyle” to adopt without reservations, with the goal of honouring how much we have received from life and giving the territory back resources and value.”

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Epta SpA announces the acquisition of Sofrico, New Caledonia's market leader in design, sales, service & contracting of systems, cabinets and coldrooms for commercial and industrial refrigeration. With this move, the Group is further expanding its operations in the Asia Pacific Region, where it already has a presence with manufacturing plants, sales branches, service centers and distributors in China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia.

The deal is in line with Epta's internationalisation strategy, which aims to strengthen its global presence with direct coverage in areas of high potential. New Caledonia, a dependent overseas territory of France, is a region where the refrigeration sector is particularly developed. The main French Retailers support the demand for turn-key projects, high quality and technologically advanced systems, with low environmental impact, favoring natural refrigerants.

Gennaro Gentile, General Manager of Epta Asia Pacific: “We are proud to welcome Sofrico to our Group. It confirms our desire to continue to strengthen our market share in strategic areas with high growth potential. This acquisition will make it possible to deliver to the Pacific Region the latest technology in Refrigeration and know-how in the use of natural refrigerants such as CO2. We are expanding our Group's ability to better serve our customers and we are contributing to the growth of natural refrigeration systems in Asia & Pacific."

Jérôme Lajouanie, Engineering Director of Sofrico: “We are excited to join the Epta family. The combined strength of Epta portfolio and Sofrico engineering expertise will boost CO2 technology expansion in Polynesia, Vanuatu, Fiji islands, Samoas and the wide Pacific Region. Our presence and turn key approach can increase reliability of the refrigeration systems and consolidate long term partnership with our clients”.

The agreement was finalized and become effective as of 30th August 2019.

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#EptaExperience is the way... to Fine Food Australia!


Epta Asia Pacific will star in the 35th edition of Fine Food Australia, the annual show that celebrates the food industry, from 9 to 12 September in Sydney (Stand HT40). With more than 1,000 exhibitors and 23,000 visiting professionals every year, the event is the most important Australian meeting between experts of the food world: a launch pad for the products and the exchange of ideas and innovative techniques.

“#EptaExperience is the way” is the leitmotive behind the participation of Epta Asia Pacific in Fine Food Australia, which confirms the Group’s ability to merge cutting-edge technology, professionalism and reliability in favour of excellence, to position itself on the market as a trusted partner and contribute to the success of the Clients in the Retail, Ho.Re.Ca., and Food & Beverage market.   

Inside the stand, it will be possible to admire the Iarp Cool Emotions, a complete range of plug-ins ideal for every context of the hospitality segment, from bars, to ice cream parlours to pastry shops and restaurants. Featuring the right mix of innovation and design, the Iarp Cool Emotions cabinets are designed to create establishments of coordinated aesthetics, thanks to the numerous display solutions that stand out for high-tech shapes and LED lighting on the cabinet exteriors. The solutions on show include Passion, the new well for ice cream and frozen products that amazes for a larger sized Total Display Area and large glazing. The elevated transparency, guaranteed by the cover with soft closing system and panoramic ends, gives a sensation of illumination, whilst promoting maximum product visibility. Worthy of note is the dual temperature top Amaze, a perfect solution for both beverages and frozen products, also available with side glasses. It can be positioned above Passion to create a combined cabinet able to further boost the display ratio.

The stand is completed by Glide and Melo both branded Bonnet Névé, specifically designed for the retail market in Oceania. Glide is a negative temperature well, featuring panoramic glass surfaces, also equipped with the soft closing system. In addition, the combination of original shapes and ergonomics has given birth to Melo the serve-over of Bonnet Névé. Thanks to the numerous versions that can be matched with each other, it is possible to furnish fresh and ultra-fresh departments of every kind of store, from independents, to convenience stores, to hypermarkets. To conclude, the needs of the client and staff is ensured thanks to the positioning of the display level and of contents at the “right height”, to improve interaction with the consumer and facilitate greater product rotation.

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Epta Deutschland is one of the 676 companies classified as “Deutschlands beste Jobs mit Zukunft”


The business magazine Focus Money, the Deutschland Test and the Institut für Management- und Wirtschaftsforschung (IMWF) have named Epta Deutschland among the 676 German companies that set themselves apart for the stability of the employment offered.  


The study entitled “The best jobs of Germany in the future” analysed the financial data of German companies with over 250 employees from 2013 to 2017, for an approximate total of 12,000. To be considered “a future-proof company” three criteria had to be met: the same number of employees or in continuous growth compared to previous years, a turnover higher than the relative moving average and a positive EBIT.  


Epta Deutschland fully satisfies these requirements and the recognition received bears witness to its economic stability and secure employment over time. One of the principal reasons behind this solidity is the centrality which the refrigeration sector covers and will continue to cover in the future. The ongoing investments of Epta in innovation contribute to strengthening its competitiveness on the market. Finally, Epta Deutschland, as part of Epta, benefits from the global growth of the Group, ensuring its employees the advantages of belonging to an international company and the working atmosphere typical of medium-sized companies.

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Show your emotions with Epta ice-cream solutions: Epta and Sammontana at Host 2019


Epta in association with Sammontana – long-standing brand synonymous with “Italian ice cream” – invites you to the 41st edition of Host to discover the infinite solutions to display and store all manner of ice creams, branded Iarp and Misa (Pav. 6, Stand A18 C19). One of the key fairs dedicated to catering and hospitality, and reference point for professionals in this field, Host opens its doors from 18 to 22 October 2019. It is an opportunity for networking among professional players and exploring the latest innovations of this sector in terms of equipment, raw materials, machines and semi-finished products.

“Show your emotions with Epta ice-cream solutions: each type of ice cream corresponds to an emotion and each Emotion finds a new display solution inside its dedicated Iarp cabinet and storage solution in the Misa cold rooms for sweet creations.

Iarp’s ability to design exclusive solutions enhances all varieties of ice cream creating the synergy with an outstanding partner like Sammontana. A successful collaboration with its greatest expression found in the corner of the stand, where Iarp has known how to capture and project the strong points of the brand. Connecting a unique experience with Customers through display solutions conceived to recall memories, perfumes, sounds and desires. Thanks to a combination of style, functionality and maximum personalization, the Iarp cabinets are ideal to present the vast range of Sammontana ice cream.

In addition, within the stand, the guests can discover the most recent additions to the Cool Emotions of Iarp, a complete range of plug-ins with high tech shapes and LED lighting on the exterior profiles creating a family of coordinated aesthetics.

The Misa KLA mini cold rooms for storage at a chilled and frozen temperature, and the double temperature cold room with internal partition wall and threshold that is flush with the floor, complete the stand. A concentration of convenience, flexibility and functionality is based on the combination of different factors: infinite configurations, of a structural and aesthetic nature, thanks to a vast range of finishes available for the panels. In addition, the sliding doors, the presence of all the accessories dedicated to the HoReCa world and the simplicity of assembly, guarantee optimisation of the spaces and fast installation in any environment.

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The Epta Group is among the stars of the 25th International Congress of Refrigeration IIR, which will take place in the exceptional setting of Montreal, the city where the historical protocol was signed in 1987 that has contributed to determining the central environmental policies worldwide.

The event is organised every four years and brings together industrial realities, scientific communities and international researchers, to discuss and exchange ideas on the more recent technological developments and product innovations in refrigeration, air conditioning and sustainable construction.

"Refrigeration for wellness and future prosperity": this is the guiding thread of the ICR  Congress 2019, which proposes to focus on several of the “hottest” themes of recent years, namely energy saving and efficiency, food supply and wellbeing, reduction in global warming and protection of the ozone layer.

Maurizio Orlandi, IC Manager, Stefano Trabucchi and Rosmery Serrao Mendes, IC Engineer in Epta, will take part in the event where the Group, Silver Sponsor of the event, will promote the project Life C4R – Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration, funded by the European Union in accordance with grant agreement n° LIFE 17 CCM/IT/000120.

The goal of this initiative is to define a new standard for natural refrigeration in Retail, thanks to the FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency technology, showing that it is possible to completely replace HCFC and HFC with CO2 transcritical, in any climate or market condition.

Participation in ICR2019 is an important opportunity for Epta to show world famous experts, including many European representatives, the key features of the C4R project. The plan, which covers the 2018-2021 period, involves two pilot installations in Italy and replicas in Romania, Spain and in the rest of the EU, with the goal of validating the theoretical data relating to the performance of the FTE. For further information, visit the website

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Inauguration of the “refrigeration school” Cantau - EptaSchool 4.0


A new initiative that confirms the commitment of the Epta Group to promote training: Epta France and the multifunctional high school of Cantau, together with SEPCO Association of installers-refrigeration technicians of Bayonne and DANFOSS, will inaugurate the Cantau EptaSchool 4.0. on 1 July in Anglet, a town in the south-west of France. The Regional Council of Nouvelle Aquitaine has contributed to financing the project by allocating funds worth €110,000 in favour of this centre of excellence for training, which aims to become a reference point, throughout France, for the commercial and industrial refrigeration chain.


The debut of EptaSchool 4.0 comes a few months after the opening of the Training Center for Refrigeration Technicians Luigi Nocivelli, the only professional school in Italy to train future refrigeration technicians according to UNI EN 13313 and the first school in Europe which reproduces an entire store equipped with the innovative CO2 transcritical technology, made available by Epta. Two initiatives with the purpose of enhancing refrigeration technicians, essential figures for the sector, through specific bespoke courses for young people and professionals of the refrigeration sector.


Continuous training is synonymous with a high degree of professionalism and driving force for the introduction of best practice, in favour of greater competitivity on the market. For this reason, some years ago, Epta set up the EPTAcademy in association with the SDA Bocconi School of Management. It is a medium-long term course dedicated to the management of the Epta Group, to increase managerial skills and team leadership.


The further strategic initiatives promoted by Epta feature the #24EptaTraining dedicated to all Epta Italia employees for an in-depth examination of knowledge in the technical, digital, linguistic, information technology and behavioural areas. Worthy of note is the School of Operation: dedicated to employees of the Operations area, it is projected to be opened to all Epta Italia employees. The School of Operation falls within a wider project aimed at creating different “School of” dedicated to all business departments of Epta Italy with the goal of strengthening the skills related to their specific areas.

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The first edition of World Refrigeration Day is scheduled to take place on 26 June 2019 to celebrate the success and technological progress of the refrigeration sector. The initiative is supported by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and numerous associations and leading companies of the sector have assured their participation.

The date was chosen to honour the birth of William Thomson, also known as Lord Kelvin, who, besides creating the temperature scale, also proposed the first heat pump refrigeration cycle. The 26 June of each year will be the opportunity to reflect and contribute to a greater responsibility for the public on the essential role of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps, in multiple aspects of daily life.

Epta contributes to celebrating this special day by participating in two initiatives, in Italy and Spain.  

Francesco Mastrapasqua, Advocacy & Regulatory Affairs Manager of Epta, will talk at the meeting promoted by the Centro Studi Galileo and by the Associazione dei Tecnici Italiani del Freddo. He will present the state of the art tecnologies in Europe providing an update on the measures imposed by the F-Gas Regulation and on community environmental policies. He will also chart the route of future refrigeration, with a focus on the Ecodesign energy classification, which the European Commission will introduce in 2021. The conference will also be the opportunity for an in-depth examination on the solutions offered by Epta Group in favour of sustainability, and the FTE system stands out among these. This innovative technology is part of the Life C4R – Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration funded by the EU, which aims to demonstrate that it is possible to completely replace HCFC and HFC with CO2 refrigerant, in any climate or market condition.

In Spain, the meeting is in Madrid with Día Mundial de la Refrigeración. Epta Iberia will sponsor this event organised by Asociación de Empresas de Frío y sus Tecnologías (AEFYT), by Asociación de Fabricantes de Equipos de Climatización (AFAC) and by Asociación de Fabricantes Andaluces de Refrigeración. The event includes the participation of leading representatives of the Iberian sector who will discuss themes like the centrality of refrigeration in society, the challenges and the goals posed by the environmentally friendly turning point of the sector.

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Epta will once again be Gold Sponsor of ATMO Europe, a key event dedicated to the most recent innovations in the natural refrigeration sector, on 16 and 17 October in Warsaw, Poland. During an intense two-day event to facilitate networking opportunities, HVAC&R technology producers and end users will take to the stages of the plenary and parallel sessions and have the opportunity to share success stories and best-practice, explore market trends and future challenges.

It will also be an opportunity for Epta to present the LIFE C4R – Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration project in Central Europe. The project is financed by the European Union under grant agreement LIFE 17 CCM/IT/000120. The star of the three-year long initiative (2018-2020) will be FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency, which exceeds current limits of transcritical technology and has been identified by the EU as worthy of special attention thanks to its efficiency, because it allows to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional systems.

Furthermore, Gernot Lasser, Epta Telemonitoring Development and Maintenance Manager, will give a talk illustrating data collected from installations how to obtain, in any climate condition, the best energy efficiency from the synergy between all the elements which make up a modern refrigeration system powered by CO2 exploiting IoT Technology based monitoring systems.

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Epta is among the winners of the prestigious award promoted by Deloitte dedicated to companies, which in 2018 have achieved outstanding financial and leadership performance in their sector. In its second Italian edition, the Best Managed Companies was set up in Canada in 1993 and since then more than 1,200 companies have been awarded, making it a real “quality brand” exported in more than 10 countries worldwide. The initiative was carried out with the scientific support of ALTIS Catholic University and the support of Assolombarda and ELITE, the London Stock Exchange Group programme.

The Award, presented during a closed-doors ceremony on Tuesday 28 May in Palazzo Mezzanotte, the prestigious headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange, is open to all Companies with registered office in Italy and a turnover that exceeds €10 million. After a first screening, the applications considered suitable were assessed by an independent jury of leading representatives of the academic, entrepreneurial and corporate sector, who analysed the 2018 performance and declared Epta one of the Best Managed Companies of Italy 2019.

The purpose of the initiative is to create a stimulation process to foster the continuous improvement of winners and, at the same time, gather best practices which are an example for all Companies of Italy. Entrepreneurial passion, flexibility and ability in managing all areas are what drives the Italian economic system and Epta is perfectly in line with the four success factors identified by Deloitte: Strategy, Expertise and Innovation, Commitment and business culture, Governance and Performance Measurement.

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