Once again, the spotlight is on Green Store Stamata in Athens, belonging to the Alfa Beta Vassilopoulus Group, part of Delhaize Group!

Known for being the first Epta CO2 installation in Greece, inaugurated in 2011, today it is again in the news as the first store with a refrigeration system to have obtained BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) certification.

A considerable achievement for Epta, one of the companies involved in the process, considering that BREEAM, the most widespread environmental certification protocol in the world, has also included Eurovent criteria in its evaluation standards. The certification from BRE, UK no-profit organisation also accredited in Greece, will enable Alfa Beta Vassilopoulus  to increase their building index by 10%.

“Another positive result for Epta, which in 2012 passed the two hundred mark for CO2 installations throughout the world – explained Massimo Mercer, General Manager of Epta International – The Athens installation confirms our commitment and attention towards sustainability and safeguarding the environment”.

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Think of a traditional chemist’s… Now forget it!

A new retail concept has arrived – the EssereBenessere City Stores, open 7 days a week and, sometimes, 24 hours a day, ready to satisfy consumer needs at 360°. These unusual stores, in fact, in addition to non-prescription drugs, offer pasta and food, from salads to juices, from sushi to dietetic and gluten free foods.

A revolutionary model that led EssereBenessere to choose Costan for displaying and conserving their products. To be precise, Opera plug-in counters and Blues vertical units for sale and display of frozen foods have been installed in their sales points all across Italy.

Alessandro Bruno, Trade Marketing Manager Costan said: “We are proud to announce our entry into a completely new sector for the group. At the base of our collaboration with the most dynamic network in the sector are two factors of success – the guarantee of food safety and our presence all over the territory”.

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