Epta achieves the silver medal in the 2014 ECOCARE, an event promoted by the German magazine “Lebensmittel Praxis” to award the best sustainability concepts offered by retailers, food producers and suppliers of the supermarket business.

Epta, the only refrigeration equipment supplier winner, was awarded the ‘Project’ category second prize, for environmental friendly production of cabinets in the Limana production site (North of Italy).
Specifically, through the installation of a cogeneration plant and photovoltaic technology Epta are able to support 37% of the entire facility’s needs for thermal and electrical energy.
Moreover, further reductions in consumption are also achieved as the hot air produced by the thermoelectric equipment is reused by the painting ovens.
In addition the new painting line that has doubled productivity, allowing a substantial decrease in energy and water consumption.

The jury also appreciated Epta’s proactive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. The Group has set long-term sustainability goals reflected in its environmentally friendly manufacturing process, using natural refrigerants and in the ongoing development of sustainable technical solutions for food retailers.

Epta 2nd Corporate Social Responsability Report

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Temperature drops, visibility is on the rise: thanks to the new Costan and Bonnet Névé Frozen Ranges


The Frozen food range becomes richer with the new Elephant UP/Ampleo UP multidecks and the Cayman UP/Coliseum UP combined cabinets. These are negative-temperature cabinets suitable for the display of pre-packed ice cream and frozen food in supermarkets, hypermarkets and cash & carry stores. Great visibility of the displayed product and high energy efficiency at frozen food temperatures are the two big plusses created by RevUP Technology: best visual display to boost profitability in the department.

These cabinets also feature LED lighting from the IntensLIGHT Advance range, which is perfectly integrated into the cabinet uprights, providing uniform light distribution (4.100K) and minimising shadows while intensifying the colour of packaging to highlight the products on display. Finally, the energy efficiency requirements retailers are faced with inspired the Company to develop the innovative BTH wiring architecture. Offered in two versions, this can reduce energy consumption by between 30 and 50%. The cabinet becomes intelligent: the BTH system fine-tunes the cabinets electrical operation to match store conditions, including seasonal and attendance factors, the cabinet meets the most stringent energy conservation requirements in stores

As Joachim Dallinger, Product & Marketing Manager di Epta Deutschland puts it: “The creation of a welcoming atmosphere in the frozen food area is crucial in the process of gaining customer loyalty. The installation of the new cabinets Ampleo UP (Bonnet Névé) in the Rewe store, in Germany, has actually generated very flattering comments from consumers as it improves their shopping experience”.

Watch the video for the new Frozen Range

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Epta are proud to announce their success in winning the “Convenience Retail project of the Year” award at the tenth annual RAC Cooling Industry Awards in London, where leaders in the cooling industry compete to win awards for the most innovative, imaginative and environmentally friendly products and developments.

This award-winning solution was created for the Cooperative Group who have over 2800 convenience stores in the UK and wanted to include a store within their new head office in Angel Square, Manchester, one of the most environmentally sustainable buildings in Europe with a BREEAM score of 95.32%.  The Cooperative Group are a leader in the introduction of door cabinets in the UK, with over three thousand George Barker sliding door cabinets installed in the UK. These cabinets were used in the new store, reducing energy consumption by 50%. For the refrigeration system Epta designed a dual temperature booster system with CO2 as the operating fluid and a COP of 5.56 which avoided operating the food chiller pack transcritically. The location in the centre of Manchester meant an external heat exchanger to air could not be used, so the innovative solution to reject heat to the building’s cold water system was used.

The Cooperative Group’s Refrigeration Manager, Mr Bill Watson, said “We are very pleased with this installation which meets all our expectations and perfectly complements the high environmental objectives set for the development of Angel Square”

In Luca Lastella words, George Barker General Manager, We are delighted to have been awarded this important prize and to have been a part of the construction of this world class environmentally sustainable building”.  

For more info see also www.coolingindustryawards.com

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"Quality, creativity and a touch of genius": Marco Nocivelli, Managing Director of EPTA, reveals the Group formula for success on RTL 102.5 "L'Azienda Italia, una Grande Azienda", the new radio program that every Tuesday morning presents the story of a leading Italian Company.

See the complete interview https://vimeo.com/106940163


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Handbook for a responsible future: Epta presents its 2nd CSR


Epta is proud to present its 2° Corporate Social Responsibility Report, level C+, certified by the TUV Austria Cert GmbH Institute**, regarding the implementation of the GRI guidelines (Global Reporting Initiative)*. This document illustrates the goals so far achieved by the Company in terms of sustainability and benchmarks for the future.

Epta's figures speak for themselves: + 11% energy savings for the new total glass vertical cabinet named GranVista for Costan and SkyView for Bonnet Névé, compared to closed cabinets and +62% compared to open cabinets with night blinds. +18.000 Euros, is the yearly savings for Retailers, created by the use of Dynamic System technology for the display and preservation of meat, which ensures dramatically lower weight loss (0,12%) compared to conventional serve-overs (3%). 23,000 hours of employee training in 2013 and over 250 professionals trained at the CO2  Training Centre in the UK. Lastly, 2 prestigious awards received by the Group, the “Janus de l’Industrie 2013”, eco-design mention awarded to Bonnet Névé for SkyView and the “Partner to Win Awards”, given to IARP for its proactive contribution to creating value while fully respecting the environment.

After announcing reaching the important milestone of 33% of products in the Group’s range with high efficiency solutions, Sergio Chiostri said: “Pursuing sustainable growth for us means to foster methods and behaviours that may ensure a fair balance between the use of available resources and their impact on the environment. It means a significant improvement in the quality of life of the entire community. In this respect, the Group firmly believes in this shared development path and in the importance of having our achievements certified, so that our promises can be reconfirmed in the most transparent way”.

“Sustainability is the present but especially the future” concluded Sergio Chiostri while outlining the goals for the next three years: “We will keep on in our commitment, we will increase the value of the renewable energy used by the Group up to 33%, and energy efficiency by 5%”.

Epta 2nd Corporate Social Responsability Report

* Non-profit organisation that validates sustainability reports on an international level
** International Company that deals with certification systems for safety, quality, environment and hygiene.
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An energy-efficiency "oasis" branded Costan opens in Giulianova


At Giulianova a real oasis of freshness was born, offering an assortment of 15,000 products within a sales area of 2,500 sqm which fully respects the environment and energy sources. On June 25th, 2014, the Gabrielli Group opened the new Oasi Hypermarket, joining the previous 334 stores of the SUN consortium already existing in Italy. As the chain’s long-time partner, Costan supplied highly energy-efficient cabinets, meeting the plan’s environmentally sustainable guidelines in support of the environment and of the consumer.

GranVista was surely the unquestioned leader in this zero impact installation by Costan, one of the first examples of its kind. This vertical cabinet turns design and lighting around. LED lighting allows perfect visibility of the products displayed by eliminating shadows to encourage purchases. Manufactured with the best thermal insulation materials, GranVista provides the lowest UG value on the market, i.e. 1,1 W/m2K. Alongside this masterpiece of refrigeration, many other Costan cabinets were installed, among which Rossini, Tortuga 2, round-end unit Lion Cub, Galileo SV, Tradeo and  Cayman stand out for their design and energy saving performance levels in the refrigerated section of the Hypermarket.

Costan’s sustainable technologies proved ideal for the new Hypermarket venue, which was designed as an energy class A building, equipped with a photovoltaic system producing 133,296 kWh year and providing a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 70 metric tons. The installation was complemented by a remote management system, to monitor functional parameters based on environmental conditions and allow up to 20% energy savings for the retailer.

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Themed food corners: everybody’s crazy for sushi, the sushi fashion wins retail stores over


Some consider it a passing fashion, others are ready to bet on its steady popularity. One thing is already certain: sushi has arrived in Retail stores, attracting clients and diversifying product selection with in-store food departments.

The sushi corner, developed by Epta in co-operation with KellyDeli, is a mini restaurant already installed with huge success in more than 150 sales outlets across Europe. It is a full service solution re-creating a themed area for the display of the hippest Japanese dish of the moment. Fully equipped and supplied turnkey, the sushi corner offers a payback period of only three months, excellent results in terms of sales and a pleasurable purchasing experience for the consumer.   

Beyond the attraction... a feast for the palate: this result was achieved by combining the cooking expertise of KellyDeli and the efficient solutions of Epta: now chefs can be admired at work even in supermarkets. Fresh sushi is served with Epta.

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Misa brings about the age of innovation


Innovation in the Ho.re.ca industry is lead by Misa, the company that has always been committed to researching and developing state-of-the-art ergonomic solutions. Misa presents a revised portfolio aimed at rationalising space, including a corner cold room and a mini cold room with a 20 cm module. The former is available in a number of different configurations adapting to any type of environment and features internal and external-angle fronts. Similarly the new mini cold room with 20 cm modules provides the same performance level as the 40m version, while using less space and is also available in 26 different sizes.

The new semi-recessed doors also contribute to the space-saving quality of these solutions, through the reduction in depth by 20mm of external door panels from 60mm to 40mm for positive temperature and from 120mm to 100 mm for negative temperature. The new door fame can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to ensure an excellent seal between the frame gasket and insulated panels.

Misa also revolutionises cold room floors. P350 is now fitted with a non-slip surface and ensures more efficient thermal insulation and a higher weight loading capacity. The upgraded PLUS monobloc unit offers 28% more cooling capacity while occupying the same space as the previous model.

Energy conservation is another lead concept in the Misa range, thanks to Misa Silent and the new static converter. Ideal for residential areas, Misa Silent guarantees a dramatic reduction in sound pollution. While the static converter is an electronic device for the optimisation of the systems’ "power quality". It features numerous advantages, including: 30% reduction of the committed power capacity, reduction of electrical input, suppression of electromagnetic noise and the parallel management of multiple same-capacity packs with only one converter, which can also be retrofitted.   

From large to small areas, innovation never stops with Misa’s technology.

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The butcher’s shop of the future at iMeat 2014 according to Eurocryor, Costan and Misa


The second edition of the trade fair devoted to butchers’ shops, starring Eurocryor, Costan and Misa, yielded a very flattering outcome. IMeat recorded 4,213 participants, professionals and experts from the meat selling business.

The Epta stand registered a large attendance and Epta brands generated interest from a remarkable number of visitors. Eurocryor’s Dynamic System held the scene, the innovative technology especially designed to maximise sales of high-margin items like meat. In addition to the traditional module, with its beautiful aesthetics and modern design, a special tower module with transparent shelves to increase product visibility was presented. On Costan’s side, Armonia ECO was presented, the vertical positive-temperature cabinet with double-glass doors, LED lighting and high-efficiency fans.

These two days also represented an important showcase for Misa and its new mini cold rooms with a 20 cm module. In particular, the new semi-recessed doors were presented, with external panels reduced by 20mm to dimensions as low as 40 mm for positive doors and 100 mm for negative doors, while still providing maximum thermal insulation.

One-of-a-kind, completely customised units that will forever alter the features of the traditional butcher’s shop while ensuring excellent preservation of food specialties and quality cuts. The elegant style of Eurocryor meets Costan’s efficiency and Misa’s continuous innovation.

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More value to energy: Eptablue at the GDO and Retail Forum for Energy & Maintenance


Epta took part in the second edition of the GDO and Retail Forum – Energy & Maintenance, organised by IRI (International Research Institute) and held in Milan. Making the most of the store, between cost saving and high performance: this was the core topic of the conference, in which William Pagani, International Sales & Marketing Director at Epta and Alvise Case, Energy Manager at Costan, were lead figures.  

The meeting offered the opportunity to illustrate how refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating systems can be integrated. In this connection the innovative EptaBlue Waterloop technology was presented to a very interested audience. This dramatic solution, in line with F-Gas regulations, provides a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions and converts existing store cabinets from remote to plug-in using plug&play connections to a water loop system to create remarkable advantages: a 43% decrease in the refrigeration system’s TEWI and a 75% reduction in the refrigerant gas charge. EptaBlue became a key topic for this round table discussion and was also referenced in the presentations of other companies specialising in components compatible with this exclusive system.

Innovation and versatility in application: this is Epta’s recipe to support retailing success; offering high performance solutions and a 100% dependable remote management service to monitor all systems, improve their performance and create savings up to 20% on energy consumption.

A video of the event is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKX0kunAEvA

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