Conad confirms its confidence in Costan and Eurocryor for its new Sapori & Dintorni sales outlet in Parma, measuring around 1000 m2: a charming location inside the premises of a former covered market. The project is an important one and marks Conad’s contribution to the revitalization of an area located in the city’s heart, renewing the concept of the neighbourhood store. Parma’s new Sapori & Dintorni flanks innovative services, which also include a quick service restaurant, with the area’s rich offering of DOC, PDO and PGI certified traditional specialities produced by small and medium sized local companies. The goal is to satisfy the demands of the growing numbers of consumers in search of high-quality, tasty foods.

With this in mind, Epta proposed to Conad an array of Costan and Eurocryor brand solutions that complement the outstanding qualities of the Emilia region’s agri-food heritage and promote respect for the environment. One particularity of the installation is the innovative EptaBlue Waterloop, an ideal system for sales outlets like this store in Piazza Ghiaia, in the city’s centre, where the available space is extremely limited. It is a solution that, connected to all the refrigeration units like freezers and display cabinets, transforms them from remote cooled to plug-ins by exploiting a closed water circuit. The result is extreme efficiency and sustainability for this installation which uses water as a green refrigerant, thereby slashing emissions.

In addition, the layout conceived by Costan promotes both fresh and frozen products to the maximum thanks to the Rossini serve-over, chosen in the Ultra version for displaying meats and in the SV version for charcuterie, milk products and cheeses, and to ElephantUP, a horizontal freezer that is ideal for ensuring superior visibility and easy access to the displayed products.

Finally, Eurocryor adds a touch of elegance to sustainability with its Panorama and Twin Midi solutions Featuring a minimal, modern design characterized by straight lines and hints of transparencies, these horizontal display cases become elements of an architectural composition able to give a sophisticated lightness to the complexity of the whole, for a high-impact effect in the Pastry & Bakery and Gastronomy area.

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In line with its social responsibility policy and commitment to environmental protection, also confirmed within its Third Corporate Social Responsibility Report, Epta takes its place alongside FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano - to become one of the foundation’s Corporate Golden Donors.

With this initiative Epta makes a firm contribution to safeguarding Italy’s heritage. Thanks to the support of its many members, both private citizens and companies, for 40 years now FAI has been protecting and managing 50 cultural assets: important historic settlements and artistic and scenic treasures, rescued from neglect and restored and opened to the public to make Italy a more beautiful place to live, work and raise children.

Epta Chief Executive Marco Nocivelli commented: “Epta shares FAI’s mission and its ambitious challenge to make accessible to everyone the splendid jewels of our land, a fundamental resource in which to invest in order to make our country flourish again. Promoting public awareness and respect for the environment is an important goal reflecting the social commitment that has always characterized the Group’s brands which actively implement strategies for achieving sustainable progress.” Nocivelli went on to say, “For this reason we are pleased to announce Epta’s entry among FAI’s Corporate Golden Donors, a group of around 350 companies that, day by day, choose to act decisively on behalf of a more beautiful Italy.”

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Epta’s Managing Director, Marco Nocivelli, is the winner in the “Internationalization” category of the 2015 edition of “Di Padre in Figlio – il gusto di fare impresa” (From Father to Son – The Pleasure of Entrepreneurship), a prestigious award devoted to an entrepreneur who has been able to meet the challenge of generational transition by further enhancing the work of his father, Luigi Nocivelli.

The award – promoted by N+1 in collaboration with Borsa Italiana, Banca Albertini SYZ, Deloitte, the international private equity fund H.I.G. Capital and Studio Legale LCA – was announced on Saturday, 28 November at Palazzo Mezzanotte (headquarters of Borsa Italiana) during a ceremony featuring entrepreneurs and many outstanding Italian businesses.

Epta Managing Director Marco Nocivelli declared: “For both the family and the company the Father to Son Award represents an important recognition of our characteristic commitment and determination. It is an accomplishment that acknowledges the growth path we have followed over the years with our eyes on the future, in full respect of the ethical and cultural bases laid by my father, Luigi Nocivelli, who primarily believed in the importance of internationalization and growth, also achieved through external action.” Nocivelli went on to say, I believe in strength through unity: it is very important to feel supported by the family and, in our case in particular, to be able to count on the international experience of carefully chosen managers and the commitment of all our employees, who strive every day to make our company’s story even more unique.”

With Gian Luca Rana, chief executive of Pastificio RANA, overall winner of the 2015 edition of the award, honours also went to nine entrepreneurs who were awarded prizes in the categories “Small Enterprise”, “Made in Italy”, “History and Tradition”, “Young Entrepreneur”, “Opening to Capital”, “Innovation”, “Financial Performance”, “Women in Command” and “Brothers in Command”.

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Epta is a main sponsor of Retail Question Time, the annual event promoted by the British magazine RAC (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning), hold on 1st December at Burlington House in Piccadilly, the London headquarters of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Retail Question Time is an opportunity for industry experts and major supermarkets to meet and exchange views on the objectives and issues linked to the developments in refrigeration. Numerous topics have been dealt with this year: from the effects of forthcoming F-Gas reduction to HFC refrigerants, as well as equally crucial subjects such as the decrease of power consumption through heat recovery, the design of new convenience stores and innovative transcritical CO2 systems.

Epta presented to RAC's Retail Question Time its new transcritical CO2 solution, successfully installed in the Cooperative store in Horwich (Manchester). This solution, designed as part of the EU FP7 CommONEnergy project, uses the properties of CO2 to optimise heat recovery.

John Austin-Davies, Commercial Director of Epta UK, commented: “RAC's Retail Question Time was an excellent opportunity to show end-users, consultants and suppliers, how Epta’s participation in the CommONEnergy project has allowed development of a combined refrigeration, cooling, and heating system. A solution which contributes to the ambitious objective of the European project to transform convenience stores and supermarkets into practical examples of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.”

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Epta will participate as Gold Sponsor in ATMOsphere Europe 2016, the industry event bringing together HVAC&R (Heat Ventilation Air conditioning Cooling & Refrigeration) operators, on 19th and 20th April 2016. With over 300 stakeholders expected to attend, the two-day conference is dedicated to the world of natural refrigerants and for its seventh year is expecting the highest attendance ever.

Next year's event will bring great changes, starting from the location.  In 2016 Barcellona will succeed Brussels, original venue of ATMOsphere Europe, reflecting the evolution of the green gas market and the increasing interest in the design of solutions dedicated to warmer climates. There will also be sessions on "hot" topics such as: HVAC applications, training, Horeca industry, commercial and household refrigeration.

William Pagani, Group Marketing Director of Epta commented: “ATMOshpere 2016 is an important occasion for getting up-to-date with the industry, exchanging views with experts and with representatives from the European Commission and governments of numerous EU countries. The conference will also give us the opportunity to share our success case histories on the installation of natural refrigerant systems with suppliers, end users and leading HVAC&R experts with a view to developing new synergies."

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Epta looks forward to meeting you at Gulfood, the world’s biggest and most important annual food and hospitality show, also dedicated to the restaurant industry, scheduled for 21-25 February 2016 at the Dubai World Trade Centre (Hall: Za'abeel, Sector: Foodservice Equipment, Stand: Z5-E21).

With almost 5,000 exhibitors participating from over 120 countries, Gulfood is a natural meeting place for international flavors and business with the leading trade operators in the world. The show, now in its 21st edition, will provide an important platform for the exchange and sharing of the latest products, services and trends in the hospitality industry.  

Over the course of the five-day event, Epta will participate with its Costan, Eurocryor, Misa and Iarp brands, to introduce the new refrigeration solutions that these brands are about to launch onto the market, demonstrating the desire to transform bars, restaurants, hotels and specialist stores into social spaces where people gather and interact, while ensuring maximum food safety and complete respect for the environment.  

Costan, a specialized brand in the international retail sector, will be presenting its systems, which combine aesthetics and technology and ensure optimum visibility and respect for the environment: the epitome of top quality and reliability, in addition to contributing towards flawless product display, Costan cabinets also guarantee exceptional performance both in terms of food preservation and of energy efficiency. Eurocryor will exhibit its custom-built cabinets, the result of the brand’s creativity and passion, designed to present each product at its very best and stimulate extra sales for prestige outlets. Misa will present its approach to promoting Quality & Technology, defined as technology in the service of quality and healthy food, as part of the brand’s commitment to the design of cold rooms capable of promoting Food Value. Specifically, all Misa solutions are equipped with Epta Food Defence, the innovative antibacterial system that uses silver ions to prevent, combat, and eliminate several species of bacteria, including the best-known and most dangerous. Finally, Iarp will present its plug-in cabinets, which are the result of Plug-in power. The distinguishing feature of its glass cabinets and vending machines is the ability to combine an eco-friendly spirit with exclusive style, while enhancing the visibility of the products displayed with different colors, lights, materials and high-tech solutions.  

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Three video clips outline all the stages of the partnership between Epta and Granarolo. A partnership dedicated to innovation and summed up in videos that aim to convey the Milk Experience within its area at Expo 2015.

The clips, filmed at the Granarolo stand in the Italian Pavilion, are in interview-form to illustrate the challenges posed and the results of an alliance which have yielded two refrigerated cabinets specially designed and produced by Costan and Iarp.

In detail, William Pagani, Epta Group Marketing Director explains how the partnership came about, before unveiling Epta’s “secrets” when it comes to creating and customising cabinets for major food producers and the main Major Retail brands. Designed to make the utmost use of available space, the refrigerated equipment of the Group’s brands combine unbeatable visibility and accessibility to products with the utmost food safety, in line with the concept “The Epta Way UP: Preserving Food Value”.
Giorgio de Ponti, Designer at the Epta Innovation Centre, describes the technical and aesthetic characteristics that render the solutions designed for Granarolo, both of which are patent-pending, unique. The combination of natural materials and cutting-edge technologies teamed with an original display layout make it possible to enhance Granarolo’s products, improve interaction with Customers whilst at the same time ensuring the highest food safety standards.

Last but not least, Myriam Finocchiaro, Head of Communication & Corporate Affairs at Granarolo, explains that “With Epta and Granarolo, Italian produce has a winning card to play at Expo 2015”. She goes on to state how satisfied she is with the resulting Costan and Iarp cabinets, which combine outstanding performance with an original design whose unusual characteristics arouse Customer curiosity, thereby contributing towards increased purchases.

Watch the videos and find out more about the project!

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On Thursday 8 October, Epta will be taking part in the “Energy requalification of shopping centres: technologies and methodologies” round table, organized within the framework of the European CommONEnergy project, which will be held at the Coop Forum in Expo 2015 starting at 5:30 pm.

The European Union-funded CommONEnergy project aims to transform supermarkets, which are often conceived as paradigms of our consumer society, into concrete examples of energy efficiency and eco-sustainability. The programme involves 23 partners, including the Epta group, which represent various Companies, as well as the research centres and academia of ten European countries.

Benefits for the environment and for society: the project has several objectives, which range from a drastic reduction in energy consumption in stores to a significant mobilization of investment, and will create around 20,000 new jobs. CommONEnergy is seeking to develop a systematic approach to revolutionizing the retail outlets of the large supermarket chains, adopting innovative methods and technologies.

Epta’s role in CommONEnergy ranges from developing CO2-based solutions for the integration of refrigeration with existing systems in buildings with a view to moving them towards “near-zero” energy impact, to the manufacture of installations designed to exploit the synergies offered by Smart Grids.

In the context of the round table, the Group, represented by Maurizio Orlandi, Manager of Epta Innovation Centre, will discuss the topic: How to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact, always a fundamental pillar of the company’s approach.

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The Epta Group has presented its third Corporate Social Responsibility Report, providing last year’s key economic, social and environmental results to stakeholders and Clients. It also defines future objectives, promoting sustainable growth and enhancing human resources. Epta set a high standard for the reiability of this report which has accordingly been certified by the TÜV Austria Cert GmbH Institute which applies the GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives) guidelines, obtaining an assessment of C+.

In addition to high-performance energy saving solutions, Epta’s focus on safeguarding the environment is also borne out by measures geared towards optimising energy and water consumption in establishments: the installation of cogeneration systems and photovoltaic panels has, in one year, led to a 14% reduction in the KOEs (Kilograms of Oil Equivalent) per product made, whilst consistent technical improvements have also reduced water consumption at a rate of 31% per unit produced.

Further confirmation of the Group’s dedication to protecting the global climate balance comes in the form of the many awards it has received. In particular these include Ecocare 2014 for the environmental sustainability of Costan’s plant in Belluno, the RAC Cooling Industry Award 2014, the Eco-conception 2015 award and the prestigious Janus de L’Industrie 2014 and 2015, with a mention for Eco Design.

Epta also aims to create a positive and safe workplace, and in doing so intends developing the skills and competences of its human resources. In particular, with regard to the health and safety of its workers, the Group has drafted the “Epta for safety” project, which has guaranteed an 18% reduction in the number of accidents per work hour over the last twelve months.

Marco Nocivelli, Epta’s CEO, declared: “The third Report is tangible proof of our commitment to continue the process which got underway four years ago to demonstrate and implement strategies geared towards achieving sustainable social progress.” A responsible approach effectively summed up by the concept “The Epta Way UP: Preserving Food Value”, which takes tangible form in the ongoing Research & Development work for ensuring food is preserved and displayed to excellent standards, with full respect for the resources of the local area.

Epta 3rd Corporate Social Responsability Report

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Thanks to its innovative and eco-friendly technologies Epta has once again been nominated amongst the finalist of the eleventh edition of the RAC Cooling Industry Awards, the most prestigious event for the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector, which the Group has already won prizes in 2006, 2009 and 2014. The awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday 23 September, during the course of a gala evening at the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane, in London.

The refrigeration and air-conditioning industry is today facing the challenge of reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, to protect the planet’s resources and prevent change of its delicate climate balance. RAC Cooling Industry Awards was first held in 2004 run by the eponymous sector magazine, to award companies that set themselves apart in terms of solutions that are sustainable and respectful of the environment.

Specifically, this year Epta is a finalist in two categories: Environmental Collaboration of the Year and Refrigeration Product of the Year. With regard to the former, the Group was nominated alongside the English company Aerofoil Energy and Sainsbury’s, the UK supermarket chain who have a strong drive towards reducing the environmental cost of refrigeration, for the installation of an aerodynamic profile fixed to the front of shelves to maximize maximise energy saving. The vertical GranVista, the flag-ship of the Rev UP Family, will be competing for the award of Refrigeration Product of the Year: a refrigerated multi-sensorial cabinet, characterised by a surprising design and by innovative use of materials of the quality, to ensure the maximum level of thermal insulation and a significant reduction of energy consumption. In addition, thanks to this design, Epta has already received a prestigious eco-design award from the Institut Français du Design.

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