The first EPTABlue 2.0 Freecooling for counters and refrigeration cells has recently been installed at a prestigious German brand in Hamburg, completely integrated with the shop's heating system. This innovative product was designed by Epta to meet the retailer's need to reduce energy consumption and simplify the installation of refrigeration systems, while simultaneously earning a higher return on investment when compared with traditional centralized systems using R404A cooling gas or transcritical CO2 natural gas.

With this winning product, Epta Deutschland equipped the store's chilled and frozen food departments with vertical-doored Bonnet Névé Viseo Volum Eco 4 and Ampleo UP from the RevUP Family, to provide the best product display while providing maximum carbon footprint reduction. With EPTABlue 2.0, both TN and BT refrigeration is supplied by the refrigeration unit itself. The system transforms every counter from a remote unit into a plug-in by using a water loop that can be cooled by a Dry Cooler unit on the roof of the sales point, or, as in this case, by connection directly to the transcritical CO2 heating pump, supplied by Epta, to fully capture heat and reuse it to warm the shop.

Another of EPTABlue 2.0's strengths is the hermetically sealed circuitry to eliminate 100% of leakages and the cost of replacing refrigerant. EPTABlue 2.0 also provides the retailer with additional savings, eliminating the annual inspections prescribed by F-Gas Regulations to check for leaks.

Cutting-edge technology and environmental protection are at the core of the installation in Hamburg. In fact, using EPTABlue 2.0 guarantees an 80% reduction in refrigerant liquid used inside the shop and a more than 25% decrease in energy consumption.

* Data collected from a store in Hamburg measuring 1100m2. The data have been calculated based on an energy cost equal to 0.17€/kWh and by comparing the system installed by Epta with EPTABlue 2.0 technology with a traditional R404A system.

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Epta will take part in the 12° REHVA World Congress: CLIMA 2016, the HVAC sector's most important scientific symposium, taking place from 22 to 25 May in Aalborg, Denmark. Federico Visconti of Epta's Innovation Center will participate in the workshop called “Coupling HVAC + Refrigeration + Lighting Systems in shopping centers: technological solutions and modeling approach” organized by the IIF-IIR Institute, in collaboration with Eurac Research.

This marks a unique opportunity for Epta to demonstrate the new products and services seen at EU FP7 CommONEnergy to international stakeholders, Energy Managers and industry experts. The goal of this research project promoted by the European Union is to transform supermarkets, often thought of as the paradigm of consumer societies, into concrete examples of energy efficiency and eco-sustainability, favoring the adoption of avant-guard methodologies and technologies.

More specifically, Federico Visconti will present the new solution for transcritical CO2 installed by Epta at the Horwich Co-operative store. This innovation enables the building's refrigeration systems to be integrated and the heat to be reused in an effort to transform stores into Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB), in compliance with Directive 2010/31/EU. The initial results from testing done during the winter are very positive, attesting to the system's validity as an excellent potential all-in-one solution for sales points.


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EPTA AT THAIFEX – World of Food Asia 2016


Epta will participate again this year in Thaifex, one of the most important Asian events in the food&beverage sector, taking place from 25 to 29 May at the prestigious IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Center in Bangkok, in the heart of Thailand (Hall Ch1; Stand QQ-01). This thirteenth edition will be a record event with 38,000 professionals expected to attend and 1,800 exhibitors hailing from 27 nations (+7% more than in 2015) all inside the 80,000 m2 exhibition space that will simultaneously host three events:  World of Food Service, World of Seafood, World of Coffee.

Epta will be present with its brands Iarp, Misa and Eurocryor, which will exhibit a wide range of products designed to meet the specific needs of the Asian market. In particular, Iarp will display its full line of stylish and compact plug-ins, with Realook as its star product. With its appealing and modern style Realook is also surprisingly interactive, equipped with a 47’’ LCD screen integrated into the glass door allowing promotional material to be displayed, actively involving the end customer in an unprecedented shopping experience. The new line of vending machines for ice cream, snacks and drinks, Iarp City Collection, has a captivating design that sets it apart from the competition, as does its capacity for extreme personalization. More specifically, customers personal branding can be digitally printed directly onto sheet metal in response to the consumers' specific requirements, making every vending machine unique and strengthening the promotion of the items displayed. Thaifex will also provide an opportunity to present the new Gondola refrigerated display cases by Eurocryor that, thanks to a perfect blend of transparency and elegance, add a special touch to upscale sales points’ food areas.

Lastly, Epta's commitment to ensuring maximum food safety will be highlighted by the presence of a Misa coldroom. Its antibacterial Epta Food Defense system employs silver ions to prevent, combat and eliminate numerous species of bacteria to guarantee unparalleled freshness for the typical ingredients found in Asian cuisine.

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The shareholders of Epta S.p.A. have approved the Group’s 2015 Consolidated Financial Statements


The Shareholders’ Meeting of Epta S.p.A., a multinational group specialized in commercial refrigeration, was held on May 5th and approved the consolidated financial statements at 31 December 2015, which were drafted in accordance with international accounting standards (IFRS).

During 2015, in an international economic scenario still marked by uncertainty due to the difficult recovery of certain industrialized countries and a slowdown in the growth of emerging countries, the Italian commercial refrigeration industry was vibrant. A recent survey conducted by Anima in fact shows that due to the ability to combine technology with quality, exports in the sector accounted for about 56% of total production. In this regard, increased investments in innovation and services played a decisive role in determining the success of Italian businesses.*

* Source: The Commercial Refrigeration Industry in Italy, ed. 2016 – research sponsored by Anima (Federation of the Italian Associations of Mechanical and Engineering Industries)

“Epta is one of the top companies on the national scene. Results for 2015 are positive and in line with our industrial plan: we have reported growth in consolidated sales revenues and increased net profits compared to 2014. This is primarily due to our strategy, which pursues a policy of internationalization and diversification into foreign markets,” comments Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta S.p.A. He adds: “In this context, the Group has invested in research on complete systems differentiated by segment - Retail, Food&Beverage, and HORECA – for which we have provided sustainable, technologically cutting edge solutions with an advanced design that we plan jointly with our international customers, achieving significant growth in our market share. In addition, participation in Expo 2015, in collaboration with Granarolo, the Thailand pavilion and the Biodiversity Park, strengthened Epta’s image as a major player in the competitive scenario.”


Consolidated Revenues accounted for €767 million, an increase of 15.7% (+€104 million compared to 2014). The figure reflects the geographical structure of sales revenues, with Italy accounting for 15% and foreign markets for 85% of the total. This is due to the Group’s widespread presence all over the world, which is ensured by strategic technical and commercial operations in more than 35 countries and 11 production units.

The reasons for the increase in revenues are both organic and due to the change in the consolidation perimeter that occurred after the Danish company Knudsen Køling A/S was acquired on July 17, 2015.

Operating Profit is €43.3 million, an increase of 29.6% (+ €9.9 million) over the previous year.

The Group’s net profit for the year is €29 million, an increase of 52.6%, that is +€10 million compared to 2014 figures.

The Net Financial Position is €27 million, a significant increase compared to the previous year’s figure of €59.5 million.

The year 2015 ends with Net Equity of €253 million, compared to the previous year’s figure of €221 million.


New composition of the Board of Directors

The Shareholders’ Meeting of Epta S.p.A., which met on May 5, determined the composition of the Group’s new Board of Directors: Marco Nocivelli (Chairman and Managing Director), Piero Triglio Godino (Vice Chairman), Sergio Chiostri (Past Chairman), Alessandro Nocivelli, Enrico Nocivelli, Maria Serena Nocivelli, Daria Triglio Godino (Directors), Marina Mira d’Ercole and Hans Udo Wenzel (Independent Directors).

Marco Nocivelli is also reconfirmed as Managing Director.

Sergio Chiostri, the Past President, states: “On February 17, 2003 I was asked to join the Board of Directors, and during these years the Group experienced strong growth, going from consolidated sales revenues of €363 million in 2014 to €767 million in 2015, with human resources growing from 2480 to 4023. It was an inspiring and exciting process, and the critical factors for its success were innovation and quality, along with collaboration, unity, and mutual trust within the Group. Founder Luigi Nocivelli, resolute, determined, and optimistic, always encouraged me to pursue better results in terms of growth, and his inspirational principles accompany us even today as we overcome market challenges. I would like to thank all staff and management for their professionalism and invaluable contributions, which have allowed me to be productive and fully confident in my work. I now turn things over to the capable hands of Marco Nocivelli, who has been at my side and in the forefront from the very start in sharing the challenges and successes of Epta.” He concludes: “This is certainly the best foundation possible for the Group to continue its growth, which it will accomplish by increasing its international presence, expanding the range of products and services, and pursuing ambitious financial and economic goals.”

Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta S.p.A., comments: “On my own behalf, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the Shareholders, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Sergio Chiostri for his excellent contributions and the guiding role he has played during his term as Chairman. These have been demanding years during which Epta has reported strong growth: these results were achieved due to the support of the entire Board of Directors, which acted with great dedication under the leadership of Sergio Chiostri.” He goes on to say: “Sergio Chiostri has agreed to stay on the BoD and will be responsible for specific projects focused on the development of Epta. I am delighted to reconfirm the Executive Committee as well, which will ensure that processes continue to be optimized and that all Group functions collaborate fluidly. My management will focus on continuity, pursuing every opportunity with a long-term approach and perspective in order to consolidate our competitive position on the market with an eye to innovation, quality, and reliability.

Placement of bonds with Pricoa Capital Group

On March 10, 2016, Epta concluded the issuance and placement of bonds with Pricoa Capital Group – a company in the U.S. group Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE:PRU) and one of the principal players in the private placement market – for a value of €20 million as part of a shelf facility that makes it possible to place additional bond issues up to a total of US $120 million (or equivalent in euros). The securities were issued in a single tranche and have a 7-year bullet maturity, with a fixed rate of 2.30%.

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Epta will be a Platinum Sponsor of the fourth Edition of Retail & Food Energy, scheduled to take place on 25 May at Atahotel Expo Fiera in Milan. The event, organised by the International Institute of Research, will be a unique opportunity for Energy Managers and Directors of Technical Deprtments, who will be able to share best practices and successful cases regarding the reduction of energy consumption and the issue of store design. The event, which in previous editions involved circa 40 sponsors, 90 speakers from major Retailers and an audience of more than 700 experts from the sector, will this year also include two new sectors for the Hotellerie and Fashion segment.

Energy improvements, re-organisation of investments and guidance for environmental sustainability: these areas will be the main focus of the event, in which Epta will be holding round tables dedicated to Retail & GDO and Ho.Re.Ca. Specifically, William Pagani, Group Marketing Director of Epta will illustrate the advantages of the new integrated refrigeration systems developed by the Group, which combine efficiency, performance and respect for the environment with maximum flexibility in the fitting out of aisles of fresh and frozen products. Finally, Simone Salani, R&D Manager of Misa will be discussing the positive results in terms of energy saving and a reduction in carbon footprint obtained in the design and production of Misa cold rooms, through combining new polyurethane foams with the Vacuum technology.

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Iarp will be taking part in the 10th edition of Venditalia, the biennial international fair dedicated to the automatic distribution sector, scheduled to take place between 4 and 7 of May at Fieramilanocity (Pavilion 3 Stand E53 F50). There will be many novelties at this event that is expected to surpass all of its previous records, with more than 230 exhibitors expected in an area of more than 13 thousand m2. The four day event will be animated by an intense schedule of conferences and appointments organised on the main "hot topics" for this market, as well as international discussions, meetings and debates that will be organised within the Auditorium.

The fair will therefore be the ideal moment for Iarp to present its new line of Iarp City Collection vending machines. This brand new range dedicated to snacks, drinks and ice-creams is the result of Plug-in power, an approach that summarises the philosophy and strengths of the brand: a high level of reliability, excellence and innovative capacity. To “switch on” the interest of potential Customers to the products that will be on display and the respective brands, Iarp has focused on an exclusive style able to satisfy the requirements of versatility and flexibility and be used within any display setting, with an attention to quality and the environment, as confirmed by its ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certifications.

The distinctive characteristics of the new vending machines Milano, London, Barcelona and New York are extreme personalisation, an appealing urban design and superior ergonomics. Every detail of the Iarp City Collection has been designed to improve the interaction with consumers, while increasing sales for operators.

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Conad confirms its faith in Epta by choosing equipment from Costan, Eurocryor and Misa brands to fit-out the food court in its new superstore, which was recently unveiled inside the Shopping Centre Azzurro Life & Shopping in Naples Fuorigrotta. Situated in one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in the city this 10,000 m2 store was conceived as a meeting point to promote the area and local specialities.

This Conad retail store is characterised by an impressive range of fresh and ready-made products, 300 of which come from local suppliers. Meat from the Campania Region, cured meats, mozzarella and other typical cheeses are the main attractions in the Butchery and Delicatessen department thanks to the exclusive Costan Rossini Design from the RevUP Family supplied in both the assisted service version, for Customers who prefer to discuss their purchases with experienced staff, and the self service version for those with less time, who still want traditional, wholesome food.

The area is completed by two fully transparent ad-hoc cold rooms: one, by Misa, is used as an area visible to consumers for dry-aging meat, as a guarantee of the utmost freshness and quality of the fine cuts. The other, realized by Costan, provides a superior shopping experience with a wide selection cheese directly accessible to consumers.

In addition the positive GranVista and negative ElephantUP Costan cabinets further increase the appeal of the packaged fresh and frozen products: these total-glass vertical cabinets are prime examples of RevUP Technology and are designed with revolutionary modern display concepts to create a new image for the Refrigerated department characterised by maximum visibility, comfort and energy saving.

As well as the above, the Sapore & Calore [Flavour & Heat] section deserves a special mention as pizza, the food champion, is enhanced by the Eurocryor Bistrot and Torre displays. These cabinets have a contemporary design and a large display surface ideal for creating spectacular presentations and making oven products even more appetising, while contributing a touch of charm to the Bakery area.

Gianpiero Caruso, Italy Sales Director of Costan and Eurocryr comments: “Tradition and innovation merge within this cutting-edge Superstore for which Epta offered a mix of solutions from its brands Costan, Eurocryor and Misa that combine a minimalist aesthetic appeal with a high level of transparency and low emissions, thus responding to the dual requirement that was expressed by its customer Conad of highlighting local products and promoting the territory. In order to further reduce the impact of the store, Epta Service activated a 24 hours a day 7 days a week tele-monitoring service which allows the system’s parameters to be adjusted remotely ensuring energy consumption is rationalised at the most efficient levels.

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Strengthening the environment-store-customer relationship: this is the goal behind the restyling of Unicoop in Bagno a Ripoli, an outstanding store just outside the Chianti Fiorentino area.  

The protection of natural resources is a key point of the Unicoop renovation project, and the store relied upon Epta to provide the closed cabinets for its fresh produce and frozen aisles, and chose an innovative EPTA CO2 refrigeration system (positive and negative temperature), which employs carbon dioxide as a natural refrigerant with a very low GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 1, in order to further reduce the carbon footprint.  

The company’s focus on local sourcing is reflected in the wide selection of local and organic products, which are the mainstay of the sections equipped with the Epta Costan and Eurocryor equipment. Specifically, in order to best display the typical products of the Tuscan culinary tradition, we installed Rev UP Family Costan Rossini Design assisted service display cabinets in the Deli Meat & Cheese and Delicatessen areas: with their special configuration of panoramic end walls and straight glass they maximize the visibility of items, and at the same time give customers a close-up view of the products. In addition, the Butcher section features Eurocryor Bistrot, whose exclusive Dynamic System technology guarantees optimal preservation of the products. The products can remain in the counter for several days, without having to be returned to cold rooms for the night, and will preserve their organoleptic and aesthetic characteristics perfectly.

The traditional Rossini Design Costan and Bistrot Eurocryor serve-over counters also play an essential role in winning the loyalty of customers, who can taste artisanal specialties and receive valuable advice from qualified staff.

In the Fish section, located next to the Butcher section, Gemini by Eurocryor takes centre stage, a semi-vertical cabinet that impresses for the special arrangement of its shelves, which are less deep at the top in order to enable customers to reach the products easily and to always ensure the best possible display of the items.

Finally, in the frozen section, the Costan Chorus closed plug-in cabinets provide an impeccable visual display of frozen products. These new-generation display cabinets, compact and robust, with a modern, sleek design, are intelligent solutions designed to stimulate impulse buying.

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Misa will be Gold Sponsor of the second training day on April 19th organized and led by Antonino Cannavacciuolo. The new edition will be held at the Olympic Stadium in Rome: an exceptional location for meeting restaurateurs from all over Italy, help them to grow, strengthen team spirit and face every challenge with the determination of true champions.

The event “So you want to be a chef, too?” represents an important occasion for sharing and discussing the strategic technical and practical decisions behind a constantly-growing business. Throughout the day Antonino Cannavacciuolo and his consultants will be revealing to aspiring restaurateurs and to entrepreneurs in the restaurant and hotel sector the key ingredients of business success. In order to transform their kitchens into unique spaces, chefs must be able to act as leaders to motivate their staff, have a designer's touch to decorate their environment stylishly and, most importantly, understand and satisfy their customers' requests with excellent dishes. To this end, Antonino Cannavacciuolo will hold a lesson structured into four live show cooking sessions from the stage, equipped for the occasion with a professional kitchen featuring a Misa KLA cabinet with Epta Food Defence, to ensure proper conservation of fine products.

Epta Food Defence is an innovative anti-bacterial system with silver ions available for all Misa solutions, designed to improve the food safety of products stored in cold rooms. A valuable ally of all professionals in the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering sector, Epta Food Defence can prevent, fight and eliminate numerous species of bacteria, including the best known and most dangerous ones, to provide total and permanent protection throughout the useful life of the cold room.

As William Pagani, Group Marketing Director of Epta, explains:  “This new and prestigious collaboration with a starred chef is a further confirmation of Epta's commitment to preserve the culture of food value and of the essential role of refrigeration in the kitchen. The Misa KLA cabinet with Epta Food Defence anti-bacterial system is ideal for ensuring freshness of the delicate ingredients of Mediterranean tradition, which are the basis of Antonino Cannavacciuolo's innovative cuisine. As the expert gourmet will tell you, the secret of every recipe lies in its raw materials: when using quality, perfectly-preserved products, the result can only be a harmony of taste and colour.”

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Epta will be back again this year at the National Convenience Show with its brands George Barker, Cold Service, Iarp, Costan and Misa to present all of the novelties dedicated to retail sector, from convenience, petrol forecourts to cash&carry stores and sandwich shops to cafés. (Stand C39)

The three-day event, which will be held at the NEC (Birmingham) between 18 and 20 April, has confirmed its status as the main English trade fair for the convenience store market. It is an important occasion for understanding recent market trends, changes in consumer trends and for developing new business opportunities. In order to maximise interaction between all the operators within the sector, the National Convenience Show 2016 is scheduled to take place at the same time as another three events: Food & Drink Expo, Foodex, Farm Shop & Deli Show and will involve more than 300 exhibitors.

Adrian Westrup, Cold Service Commercial Director states: “Epta will be present at the National Convenience Show 2016 which is a key event for presenting its innovative, compact and low environmental impact plug-in cabinets for chilled and frozen temperatures. These have been designed to respond to the requirements of the rapidly growing convenience store market in the UK. This is a market that Epta is looking at with great interest as studies have confirmed it now comprises 51,000 retail outlets and had a total turnover in 2015 of £37.7 billion in our Country.*”  

*Source: Local Shop Report 2015

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