Handbook for a responsible future: Epta presents its 2nd CSR


Epta is proud to present its 2° Corporate Social Responsibility Report, level C+, certified by the TUV Austria Cert GmbH Institute**, regarding the implementation of the GRI guidelines (Global Reporting Initiative)*. This document illustrates the goals so far achieved by the Company in terms of sustainability and benchmarks for the future.

Epta's figures speak for themselves: + 11% energy savings for the new total glass vertical cabinet named GranVista for Costan and SkyView for Bonnet Névé, compared to closed cabinets and +62% compared to open cabinets with night blinds. +18.000 Euros, is the yearly savings for Retailers, created by the use of Dynamic System technology for the display and preservation of meat, which ensures dramatically lower weight loss (0,12%) compared to conventional serve-overs (3%). 23,000 hours of employee training in 2013 and over 250 professionals trained at the CO2  Training Centre in the UK. Lastly, 2 prestigious awards received by the Group, the “Janus de l’Industrie 2013”, eco-design mention awarded to Bonnet Névé for SkyView and the “Partner to Win Awards”, given to IARP for its proactive contribution to creating value while fully respecting the environment.

After announcing reaching the important milestone of 33% of products in the Group’s range with high efficiency solutions, Sergio Chiostri said: “Pursuing sustainable growth for us means to foster methods and behaviours that may ensure a fair balance between the use of available resources and their impact on the environment. It means a significant improvement in the quality of life of the entire community. In this respect, the Group firmly believes in this shared development path and in the importance of having our achievements certified, so that our promises can be reconfirmed in the most transparent way”.

“Sustainability is the present but especially the future” concluded Sergio Chiostri while outlining the goals for the next three years: “We will keep on in our commitment, we will increase the value of the renewable energy used by the Group up to 33%, and energy efficiency by 5%”.

Epta 2nd Corporate Social Responsability Report

* Non-profit organisation that validates sustainability reports on an international level
** International Company that deals with certification systems for safety, quality, environment and hygiene.