An energy-efficiency "oasis" branded Costan opens in Giulianova


At Giulianova a real oasis of freshness was born, offering an assortment of 15,000 products within a sales area of 2,500 sqm which fully respects the environment and energy sources. On June 25th, 2014, the Gabrielli Group opened the new Oasi Hypermarket, joining the previous 334 stores of the SUN consortium already existing in Italy. As the chain’s long-time partner, Costan supplied highly energy-efficient cabinets, meeting the plan’s environmentally sustainable guidelines in support of the environment and of the consumer.

GranVista was surely the unquestioned leader in this zero impact installation by Costan, one of the first examples of its kind. This vertical cabinet turns design and lighting around. LED lighting allows perfect visibility of the products displayed by eliminating shadows to encourage purchases. Manufactured with the best thermal insulation materials, GranVista provides the lowest UG value on the market, i.e. 1,1 W/m2K. Alongside this masterpiece of refrigeration, many other Costan cabinets were installed, among which Rossini, Tortuga 2, round-end unit Lion Cub, Galileo SV, Tradeo and  Cayman stand out for their design and energy saving performance levels in the refrigerated section of the Hypermarket.

Costan’s sustainable technologies proved ideal for the new Hypermarket venue, which was designed as an energy class A building, equipped with a photovoltaic system producing 133,296 kWh year and providing a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 70 metric tons. The installation was complemented by a remote management system, to monitor functional parameters based on environmental conditions and allow up to 20% energy savings for the retailer.