The butcher’s shop of the future at iMeat 2014 according to Eurocryor, Costan and Misa


The second edition of the trade fair devoted to butchers’ shops, starring Eurocryor, Costan and Misa, yielded a very flattering outcome. IMeat recorded 4,213 participants, professionals and experts from the meat selling business.

The Epta stand registered a large attendance and Epta brands generated interest from a remarkable number of visitors. Eurocryor’s Dynamic System held the scene, the innovative technology especially designed to maximise sales of high-margin items like meat. In addition to the traditional module, with its beautiful aesthetics and modern design, a special tower module with transparent shelves to increase product visibility was presented. On Costan’s side, Armonia ECO was presented, the vertical positive-temperature cabinet with double-glass doors, LED lighting and high-efficiency fans.

These two days also represented an important showcase for Misa and its new mini cold rooms with a 20 cm module. In particular, the new semi-recessed doors were presented, with external panels reduced by 20mm to dimensions as low as 40 mm for positive doors and 100 mm for negative doors, while still providing maximum thermal insulation.

One-of-a-kind, completely customised units that will forever alter the features of the traditional butcher’s shop while ensuring excellent preservation of food specialties and quality cuts. The elegant style of Eurocryor meets Costan’s efficiency and Misa’s continuous innovation.